Meet Princeofthegram: The Photographer Behind Some of Hip-Hop’s Best Nightlife Photo-Ops

Ruben Glimpse, known professionally as “Princeofthegram,” is the talented man behind the lens capturing some of your favorite artists and celebrities in their elements.

Born and raised on the East Coast in Massachusetts, it would not be until he moved to Los Angeles and started as a promoter in popular clubs that Glimpse would even begin taking photography serious. “At first I took my camera to the club for recreational photos as a hobby,” he shared. “One thing led to another and I started taking my craft seriously. Every day and night studying more about my passion, fire grew more inside me to the point that my growth became exponential.” Now in the present day and he has now worked with major artists such as Bleu Vandross, Trey Songz and the late Pop Smoke.

While Ruben also offers photographer and videographer services for other types of clients and events, he has a special connection to hip-hop and its artists stating that he has been enamored with the genre and the culture it has created since 5 years old. “I always imagined working with high profile artists and celebrities especially due to the fact that my peers complimented my personality for being unique and personable. Watching artists perform on stage and having dope content taken of them really inspired me to create photos and to be a part of history by creating memories that are everlasting.”

Always striving to evolve and elevate in his profession, he is currently in the process of his next business venture: an OnlyFans management company that he partnered with Trey Songz to create called “Angels and Angles” as well as being the R&B artist’s personal photographer. Coming from one of the toughest cities in his home state where most do not ever make it out of to now flying private to handle his business is something Glimpse does not take for granted. “Invest in yourself and everything will be great in the end,” he replies when asked what he hopes readers will take away from his story. “Stay locked in and focus on humble growth daily. Small achievements add up to big rewards.”

Keep up with him on Instagram @princeofthegram.

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