Meet OT9 Beno, The First Artist to Debut Out of Foreignside Records & Has Taken the World of Drill Music by Storm

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By Kim Coco

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Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from and how we all know you!

Yo, it’s your boy OT 9 Beno from Brooklyn, NY, East Flatbush to be exact and I’m the newest rising drill artist out of the city.

Beno, First- A VERY BIG Congratulations are in order. Something major happened for you recently in your career and you’re about to make the announcement for the readers. So Beno, without further ado, please tell the readers what is the big announcement you’re about to make. DRUMROLL PLEASE…….

(laughs) I’m the first official artist out of Fivio’s Foreignside Records.

And you have gone VIRAL ever since. Tell the Hip Hop Weekly readers a bit about how you came to connect with Fivio Foreign.

You know regular kids in the community of East Flastbush- the 90’s growing up together we developed this loyal bond over the years. Day one’s.

So Beno, Now that you have become the very first artist out of Foreignside Records, what is something that you have learned from Fivio

I’ve learned to take my time, to know what I want, what I really want to do and to do it right.

Quote from Fivio Foreign on Beno “Let’s GO. Let’s Keep Goin Viral. MOVIE!!”

Earlier this year you dropped your 6 track EP entitled – Fully Active. Your latest single off that EP Side2Side has gone viral! Tell the readers why you picked Side2Sideto debut as your latest. You must have known it was a winner I assume.

Hell yeah, I knew it was a winner and I was also capitalizing off the dances we were doing. Everybody that dances to drill and (does the Woo walk) swings their hips from side to side. So I knew it was the one. Plus that record is a whole vibe and gets the fans going wild.

Side2Side Music Video:

Stream the song:

Beno these last few months you have gone viral like we said. DJ Wallah broke your record on Shade45, you opened alongside Brooklyn’s very own Live Like Davis at DJ Drewski’s show, you’ve headlined at The Cloud 9 Brooklyn Drill concert with Fivio and some other major drill artists, filmed a documentary and you even shut the city down while making your latest music video I Tell Her This just to name a few. The whole NYC and tristate has gone crazy for you. Tell the readers about some of your other viral moments these past few weeks.

Yeah. Crazy! Big Shout out to DJ Wallah for breaking that Side2Side record on shade 45. DJ Drewski too, shout out to him for breaking the I Tell Her record on Hot 97 recently. Another viral moment for me was when I met you (laughs) and Nas at the Spicy Music Video Shoot. Another moment for me was when I filmed part of the Brooklyn Drill Documentary for Hip Hop Weekly. That was dope. I also performed for Norega recently. Shout out to Def Jam. Remember that? Another viral moment or the BIGGEST viral moment I would say was on my birthday. I was dealing with so much and going through it and no one really knew because I was focused and in work mode. That was the same night that we shut the city down filming the video for I Tell Her. Sony came out, A&R’s came out, radio Djs, other artists. People were curious so they turned out. That was a really great birthday. I forgot that I was going through all that stuff.

I Tell Her Music Video:

So how are you dealing with fame so quickly?

I don’t really like fame much but – I was always powerful in my neighborhood so I guess I know what it’s like to have people watching me and to have those eyes on me. I knew what it could come with. But – I’m grateful for it. I feel blessed to have been given this type of opportunity after everything I have been through. One thing about me though is I will never let fame change me. I’m always gonna be me. And I don’t take none of this shit for granted.

Beno, tell the readers a bit about your current EP Fully Active. It’s one of the biggest projects of the year. What can the fans expect from this album.

This EP is a S-U-C-C-E-S-S! It’s one of those quick EPS that I like put together with my own sound and I did my own thing. Everything everybody’s doing now feels stretched. Nobody’s fucking with me right now. Like these other rappers ain’t doing what I’m doing. It’s like “OK! OK! Make room! Here comes OT 9 Beno. Make room for the new kid on the block!”

Fully Active EP Tracklist:

1. Side 2 Side

2. Smatho

3. Woo Love

4. Boom

5. Mimi Pt 2

6. The Spot

Download the EP:

You know I’m a lyric lover so I have to ask- Track #5- Mimi Pt 2. Who or what is Mimi?

(Laughs) Mimi is the corner store. You know you got the dope boy shit going without sayin’ too much but we in the store. Mimi is a lifestyle. Like the corner market, the mini market. Meet me by the Mimi.

Tell us about your next album GROWTH. What can the fans expect from it. I heard a rumor your next album has some dope features on it.

Growth is like – That right there- the GROWTH album, it’s from the heart and soul. I’m gonna show them Growth and it’s gonna speak for itself how versatile I am and also who I been working with. The album will show my growth but I still kept it real drilly drilly for them, Ya feel me? I’m gonna talk a little different and the fans are gonna be surprised I’m sure like “damn Beno can do this too”. It’s a different vibe but it’s still me. I write all of my own stuff.

Beno, you say Growth is from the Heart and Soul. So Is it safe to say you wear your heart on your sleeve when you make music?

Of course . I write all my own shit so I go by feelings ya know? And moods . If I’m a feeling a certain way or in a certain mood I don’t really be talking about it but I express it through music and through my voice and that’s how I pick my instrumentals.

Which is your deepest or most emotional song you have written and recorded to date?

Therapy. It’s gotta be Therapy. It’s not out yet. It’s actually the intro on the Growth Album.

OT Beno you have collaborated with G Herbo, No Love Punchy, Uncle Murda, Geno , T- Dot, Live Like Davis and Fivio just to name a few. Tell the readers who else you’ve collaborated with or have plans to collab with?

Yo- I’m not gonna say too much but I am gonna say – Shout out to DMX! My Bro China Mac! I aint gonna spill the beans ya know. They gotta stay tuned! The suspense is gonna kill y’all.

Even before signing to Foreignside Records, you were causing a stir in the city because you were winning different showcases and freestyle battles. Your biggest win to date was DJ Enuff’s showcase. Tell us about the shows you have been part of.

I have always consistently put on for myself and the city. I remember I did Webster Hall and that was probably one of my BEST performances to date. The crowd knew the words to the song. That shit was crazy. That was my best so far because the audience brought that energy to me on the stage.

Beno, you mentioned to me that you went through a few trials and tribulations to get to where you are today. You also expressed that all of the good and bad parts of your story where part of the journey that lead you to where you are today. Looking back, what is one thing that you wish you could have told your younger self?

Um- Don’t do dat! Do dat ! Just don’t do it (laughs)

The Foreignside Fountain is very close to your heart. Tell the Hip Hop Weekly Readers about that and the mission.

Our whole mission is based around peace, love and unity- CHANGE in the community. You know what I’m sayin? Even our community and foundation is helping in the prison systems because we are trying to spread the word to reduce slashing’s and cuttings, and the CO’s to stop killing us and to stop the violence. Our mission is to show our growth and that we are better than what y’all judged us off of. A lot of people think that because of our neighborhood and area that we are gonna make the same mistakes but that’s not the case. We are trying to show that we are nothing like that. There’s growth, we are better than that. That’s why I named my new album Growth. You know it’s like we know we can get that money, but now we want to make that change. How can we make that change? By changing ourselves. When we change ourselves we change others.

Foreignside Gives Back:

So- Rumor has it that the next Drill Artist to blow out the camp is Gino. True or False

Yeah yeah. Very True. The world isn’t ready for what’s about to happen with that. Gino’s up next.

You have a very big and supportive team. Plug the Team In!

Fivio obviously has supported since day one. Rell my manager, he has helped keep the engine running and keeps things in order so we can continue to go viral. Carmen my lawyer. Everyone with Foreignside records has supported me. All the fans.

“There’s no blueprint to what we do. We just wake up every single day knowing we gonna go viral!”– Riot Rell – Beno’s Manager


Let’s go!

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

It’s Drilly Drilly. We took it over. I’m gonna say it’s “new”.

Whose got the best Pizza in East Flatbush Brooklyn?

East Flatbush to the death- TONYS!

If you could make a hit record with an artist in the industry- one artist Dead and one Alive , who do you pick?

Dead: Stack Bundles or Tupac. Stacks said a lot of things I went through and resonated with me. And Tupac is more like an older brother type rapper. I cried over Dear Mama by Tupac by the way. I feel his shit.

Alive: Jay-z

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Ok well in no order

1. Stack Bundles

2. Tupac

3. Jay-z

4. Me

5. Fivio!

Name one thing you think that even with all the riches and fame in the world, Money will never buy?


If you could walk NYC & Paris Fashion week for one designer who do you pick?

McKintz is out of L.A. California, I think he’s Italian actually. Shit is dope

You walk down a long hallway and at the end you come to meet 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either day. Which door are you opening?

I’m going to my future.

Name your favorite non hip hop artist:

TLC – they are R&B. the Red Light special album. I love rock like Creed and Justin Timberlake, NYSync!

What does the OT in your name mean?

OT 9 Beno- Only The 9. I’m reppin my turf

OK – This part is called – Do you believe in? Yes or No responses only

Santa Clause- no

Aliens- yes

Big Foot-yes

Life after Death- yes

Ghosts- yes

Timing- absolutely

A Power Higher than you- yes

Miracles- Yes

Magic- Yes

Love at first site- Yes

Soulmates- Yes

OT 9 Beno- Do You Believe In Yourself? Yes

Thank you Beno for taking the time to talk to me and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine today! Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, more interviews, bookings and all things OT Beno!


Instagram: @Beno_8fs


Booking/Press/ Media/ Business Inquiries:

Foreignside Records: @OfficialForeignsideRecords

Foreignside Foundation: @ForeignsideFoundation

Music AVAILABLE NOW for download

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