Meet One Such Youthful and Promising Ability of the Music World – Martin Huu Nguyen.

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Martin Huu Nguyen

Exciting audience members with his one of a kind music sense and ability is an rising hotshot of the music world, Martin Huu Nguyen.

Music is a dormant craftsmanship that main favored individuals can seek after. Where in different fields, individuals develop for themselves, however music is the main business that contacts the spirit of millions of crowds. Music is viewed as probably the best treatment for individuals to defeat pressure, pours satisfaction, and emphatically influences their lives. Music has various forms and classifications that engages crowds. The music business has given numerous diamonds an ideal stage to investigate their ability at their best. Meet one such youthful and promising ability of the music world – Martin Huu Nguyen.

Martin Huu Nguyen is a rising artist from  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In early September of 2019 he founded a company called Bless By The Best LLC DBA #Noexcuse to help At-Risk Youth and to give them mentorship and better coping skills instead of taking the wrong path.  

His two songs are currently defined by a revisitation of traditional hip-hop and R+B conventions; Martin Huu Nguyen embraces the world of knocking 808s and the growl and punch of creative instrumentals alongside the polished gloss of his trademark croon. “Do You Think About Me Still” dropped January 13th 2022 with over 70,000k views on YouTube.

To hear more from Martin Huu Nguyen and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:





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24 thoughts on “Meet One Such Youthful and Promising Ability of the Music World – Martin Huu Nguyen.

  1. Omg I went to school with him and I’m so proud of him believing in himself! Congratulations! His Music is definitely one that’s going to be making headlines in the next couple of years if not it seems he is already getting attention!

  2. I saw him through the T.V show he’s starring in in Minneapolis, Minnesota “Is It Real The Show” and ever since then I’ve been keeping an eye on him. He is someone you don’t want to take your eyes off of and the fact that he produces his own music/writes and sings is remarkably an outstanding and talented individual! We are rooting for you Martin! So proud! Nicholas would be so proud of you too if he was still here with us! RIP

  3. I knew he was going to do some special! I’m proud of you Martin! I saw & heard you on the radio station krsm 98.9FM The Fly Subject and your song was playing! It’s so catchy and crazy good! Rooting for you!

  4. It’s so good to see him chasing his dreams and not being afraid to work hard and reach out and make those connections.When he first started out his videos would only get 28 views but he didn’t let that stop him.

  5. When he first started out his videos would only get 28 views but he didn’t let that stop him.

  6. I’ve known Martin for 11 years, he has always been the driven, hardworking, talented guy he is today and his craft is a testament to that.

  7. I met Martin when we were casting for the show “Is it real” a few months ago, he was super easy going and very passionate about his music. I love that he’s supporting At-Risk Youth through mentorship and better coping skills and I look forward to seeing him on the show and checking out more of his music! This is dope keep it up!!

  8. Martin. Known this young man since he was a pre teen. To see him grow and change into the person he is today. Is someone to look up too. He’s versatile with his music.
    He keeps going. He’s ambitious. Motivated and with the shits. Wouldn’t play with him. He’s all about it. He’s already evolved so quick In music. You can tell it’s his passion. Keep a look out for him.

  9. He has a nice vibe and is genuine, his music is so great I literally watched him come from a small platform to a bigger platform he deserves this attention.

  10. I met this young man about 5 years ago, at what I wouldn’t call his “High Point”. Even at that time I could see the shine this young man had. I love those that take life and mold it to suit their dream. This young man puts his heart into everything he does. Keep shining, keep growing and stay in that spirit of gratitude.
    Fun AF to watch you grow young man. You are a great example of hard work and discipline opening doors. Mind/Body/Spirit. Be blessed…

  11. I’m super proud of you. You’ve been wanting this come up for a long time. Your dedication and hard work for years has been paying Off keep doing what you’re doing!!!! I support the success!!!

  12. It has been a great experience watching Martin’s growth over the years. I met him when he was just a kid, him hanging out with my little brother. He’s faced so much adversity but persevered through it all. I’ve always been intrigued with music so when I found out Martin was following his path as an artist it was nice and shocking hearing him for the first time, I’m like “man he sounds great”. He definitely has it. I’m PROUD to see you doing what you love and prospering through. Salute to you Martin.

  13. I’ve known Martin since he was young kid, hanging out with my little brother all through middle/highschool. It has been great seeing his growth over the years. He’s faced a lot of adversity and persevered through it all. When I first heard him on a track I was like “wow he definitely got it”. Im PROUD to see him following his passion and taking control of all he’s destined to do. Salute to you Martin!

  14. I met Martin Nguyen in Nail tech school and strait outa the gate he was super friendly and helpful with my studies, but more than that he was humorous and quite the fun character to be around. He made me want to come to the school and when he shared his music with me I really saw talent in his work!

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