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HHW: Greetings Nikki or should we call you Da God?

Nikki Phillip: (laughs) You can. Some call me Strawberry, Skittles Coco or Coco Ninja, Neffernikki, Empress, The Golden Child, Rap Model, Baby Boss, Queen, Black Quinn, or Princess, but most people know me as Nikki Phillip. These names were given to me by my tribe family and long-time supporters. I appreciate the love always.

HHW: So what do you do Nikki? 

Nikki Phillip: Well, I started out as a model that happened to be a celebrity makeup artist, freestyle poet and closet yogi and pole sport artist that I picked up when Covid hit for fun but I’m actually a CEO of my own company called NPTSTUDIO AKA The Nikki Phillip Transformation Studio ™ a platform created to give back to creative artist, makeup gurus, beauty tutorials, models,  runway coaching, custom designer merch, casting calls, photo shoots, stylists, spiritual healers, business Branding & personalized makeovers for cancer mental health and domestic abuse survivors!!! My company works as a sponsor with Senator Parker Hot 97 and Shatonia Amee once a year for the high school prom dress giveaway where we also offer complete makeovers with celebrity styling and all… just a way to inspire the youth.. I love the feeling I get when I see those big ass smiles… I feel all warm and mushy inside and shit lol… we create a whole red carpet experience for them… my mom ceo of Darlene’s Enterprises is an event planner who’s also a breast cancer survivor so I like got it honest… my grandma on my dads side owned two salons and my grandma on my moms side is a natural fashionista so I’m like built and born for this shit… literally!!! My moms went to modeling school so I went to Barbizon… if you really fucks with this you gotta get serious and do the work!!! Shiii when I enrolled I found out Halle Berry went there too so I knew I was on the right track!!! 

These are some of the things I had to learn along the way while working under the wings many mentors on my own due to having the door slammed in my face so many times… so I created my own lane… the competition is heavy so if you don’t have tuff skin you not really a go get dat fah!!! So I really started NPTSTUDIO specifically for the hungry people that have experienced the same walk as me… you gotta beat the odds by starting somewhere… it’s like I have the knowledge of being in front and behind the scenes so I figured I’d be the perfect one to do it… for me I had to be humble to walk through certain doors because nobody is trying to have you outshine them no matter how talented you think you are… shit happens… but it was all worth it… I overpaid my dues bruh… like I’ve been through it all and still was able to keep my integrity and authenticity but as Kim would say “ at the end of the day “ lol … sometimes your calling is truly bigger than you!

HHW: Who are some of your Admired artists off the top of your head?

Nikki Phillip: I would have to say.. as you can tell through my inspirations obviously ? lil Kim, Remy Ma, Papoose the whole damn Terror Squad, Jada Kiss, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, Erykah Badu, shiii … leflaur leflah eshkoshka Heltah Skeltah & the Fab 5, Jay z, Drake, Elephant man, Bahamadia, Lady of Rage, Onyx, Shabazz the Disciple , Queen Latifah, Swv, Immature, LL Cool J, Omarion, Roxanne Shante, Method Man, Odb, 50 Cent, Eminem, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar, Total, Ciara, Biggie, Pink, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, 112, Tupac, Mya & Tlc…

HHW: What are your top 2 movies of all time?

Nikki Phillip: Definitely, Scarface and Studio 54. What stood out to me was “the world is yours “ and “that’s so tacky!!!“ (laughs) Instant classics!! 

HHW: Nice. So how did the “Cut Di Shit“ single come about? 

Nikki Phillip: It was a freestyle that I did on live… it’s actually a lot longer as we were vibing for almost 2 hours… my cousin gave me some beats and we just spit off the dome… he crowned me one of the master of ceremonies that night as it was my first time freestyling but it felt right and I felt free… i thought that title was cool as my pops being a self taught Dj at the age of 9 by the name of Cut Master Juney D was well respected for his natural craft it felt like I was paying homage to him… ( he left this realm on Memorial Day btw ) 

I loved it so much I saved the live downloaded the vocals as an mp3 trimmed it and turned it into a music video… lol … that’s how my feature on “ Baby Naomi “ came about … my lyricist peoples Lyfe from Baltimore heard the freestyle and gave me a shot… it was supposed to just be the chorus that she wrote but as I started changing up a few words preferably adding baby in front of Naomi to pay homage to one of my favorite supermodels … I ended up writing a full damn verse… she was like yo let’s keep it!! BBB who jumped on the track as well heard my verse and was like “ yo add these one two thangs too … lol that’s the vibes you giving off right now!!! “ It was my first time writing and my first time in the booth… we actually never had it remastered because my peeps went back to Baltimore and we wanted to add one more touch to it… so what you hear online is just me fucking around with the snippet getting my feet wet but just like that “ cut di shit “ track I was really just having fun by living out one of my secret dreams trying something new with some beats in my cousins Lexus vibing out and it became a freaking single that people sing along too and really fucked wit… that’s why the audio sounds unmastered because I never actually went to the studio… lol my cousin mashiisa told me to just do it… because it comes so naturally that it’s like something I should definitely pursue… so I said shiii why not … it’s fun and I feel free when I’m doing it… I named the freestyle I did on live “ cut di shit “ because that’s what my trini family says when we are calling somebody on they bullshit or something is hilarious… it’s a family thing… it’s been in my family for over 70 years lol… just something we say when we all link that ended up going viral because it’s relatable … on some trini shit tho… gotta rep ya flag!!

HHW: So you’re a trini?

Nikki Phillip: Yes a trini 2 de bone mixed with Bajan French Indian Egyptian & Jewish … when I was younger I was told to turn the accent off because people couldn’t understand it but when I got around family they would say stop talking like a yankee and told me to never be ashamed of who I am or my culture and that it was disrespectful to our past present and future ancestors !!! and basically to cut di shit! Lol so that’s actually why you notice I’ll cut it off and on at times… it was constantly a battle growing up to please everyone… now I just don’t give a shit… it’s about what makes me happy during my human experience… I.e “ The Nikki Phillip Experience “ Documentary … so it comes out when it feels like coming out or if I’m really comfortable around you… it’s really a vibe thing…

HHW: Wow, so what should we expect next from you? 

Nikki Phillip: “Vanish Mode“ single coming soon! The rest is a fucking secret … shhhhh … lol!!! 

HHW: Where can we find your work?

Nikki Phillip: Check out my YouTube channel Nikki Phillip INTL TV 

my ig @nikkiphillip @nptstudio @nikkiphillipsoles @nikkiphillipnation lol I have a few more just look for the logo… and I guess you can google me under “ Nikki Phillip “ … Make sure you get the spelling correct because it may not pop up… I’ve been doing this industry thing silently for over 11 years… you’d be surprised who I’ve worked with and how much shit I’ve put up with and actually done… by myself… meaning no agent no manager no publicist no stylist no support team no investor and no machine… JUST “ source “ the grind word of mouth and the passion, so like that’s where the #NOFVCKSGIVEN term came from because I was like at this point I’m all I fucking got! … 

I’m to the point where I dos dis in meh sleep nah!!! Like. Get to know a real boss bitch! Lol!!

HHW: Any closing words?

Nikki Phillip: Shout out to my mentor JAIXAYE and oh yea

FREE FUCKING PHAROAH AKA KING NEZZAR!!! Da Real KeyFo!!! Villian $hit!!! 

P.s sometimes I have a #sophisticated potty mouth lol ? 

If you fucks wit me send that cash app donation $NPTSTUDIO …. CUT DI SHIT!!!! 

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