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When Natasha steps in front of a group, large or small, to share her wisdom, you can bet that no one will leave that room unchanged. Natasha’s magnetic presence captures your attention before she even begins to speak. You also soon discover that you have encountered one of those who will move mountains to help you achieve your dreams. She applies her expansive skillset and tireless work ethic to every project she sets out to conquer, whether personal, for the community, or her clients. A creative professional and business enthusiast, Natasha Lee is a Visionary, Business Consultant, CEO of Make Your Dreams Come True, LLC, Founder of Being That Girl, and Lead Representation and Ambassadors for corporations globally. She has been featured on such prominent media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX News, Detroit News, Women Essence Magazine, Women Empowered, Enspire, Rolling Out, Detroit CEO, Sheen Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, Enspire Magazine, Live in the D, Source Magazine, Sister2Sister, The Female CEO, OnMogul, Michigan Chronicle, Michigan Citizen, Crain’s Detroit just to name a few.

Natasha attended Lawrence Technological University, where she pursued a career in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Management. She developed Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT Corp) as a BPO and Project Management firm in 2006, at 23 during a recession, after working in corporate America for nearly ten years, becoming the youngest and only African American woman to own a Call Center based in Michigan.

MYDCT has a long history of building solid businesses using a full complement of support services, including business development, project management, marketing, social media marketing, website design, graphic design, virtual and administrative assistance, call center services, and creating out-of-the-box solutions to increase business bottom lines. Her clients range in locations from the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe.

Natasha enjoys working with the for-profit sector and speaking and has a servant-heart. She is dedicated to lifting her community and those around her. From launching a successful Kidpreneur Program to providing unparalleled business and personal support, pro bono, to hundreds of women, Natasha always works to make the world a better place, even creating work environments for overlooked communities such as the visually impaired, where she taught them how to work from home and start their work from home businesses. Her widespread impact and immeasurable contributions are a testament to her character.

Natasha is currently serving Rohn’s Community Development Corporation, Former Vice President for Saving Her Elegance, and Board Member of NAACP Women of Color Entrepreneur Circle, which are both nonprofits geared toward assisting girls and women to make their mark in the world and assisting them in building self-esteem, life skills and recognizing the hidden gems in our world. Natasha was awarded an Honor Roll Award from the State of Michigan for her dedication to helping the Visually Impaired Community become self-employed while working at home. Natasha was honored as Walker’s Legacy Powerful 25 of Detroit, where she was recognized as a legendary women minority business owner in Detroit. Natasha was selected to become Walker’s Legacy Ambassador and an official partner of Wix. She was also awarded the Corps Magazine Diversity and Inclusion Award in 2019. Natasha was awarded Best Graphic Design Business by LinkedIn for three years consecutively.

In Natasha’s spare time, she launched a women’s empowerment firm and clothing brand, Being That Girl, in honor of her late mother Delores Stark’s alter ego. In 2019, it debuted in Macy’s Department Store in Michigan and Pittsburgh. Being That Girl was vetted by thousands of retailers and selected to participate in Macy’s small business retail program.

When Natasha is not building businesses, she’s creating community initiatives and solutions that will help the betterment of people globally! Including trade skills, stem programs, job opportunities, and community wealth building. Amid Covid19, Natasha created a plan to circulate PPE, Free Obituary Services, and a Parent Advocacy program to help parents pivot to virtual learning.

Ornamented with an ambitious and self-motivated personality, Natasha prefers to take the extra step in staying unique, embarking on new challenges, and surpassing targeted goals. She enjoys writing, reading, ministering, and spending quality time with family and friends in her free time. She enjoys being a mother servant of Jehovah, working closely with her community, laughing, and traveling with family and friends.

As the small business project creator, please tell us about the services you provide? What are the benefits for those that are participating?

Natasha: The Small Business Project is an endeavor created nearly five years ago. I started a project to help aspiring business owners launch their dreams through mentorship, coaching, and executing the business services needed to take their business dreams to the next level. Suppose it’s for start-ups or those wanting to drag their vision from their head. We are here to execute those dreams. We don’t talk; we do!

Please tell us about the Being That Girl Platform, what it is about? 

Natasha: Being That Girl celebrates and supports ALL women’s success, no matter who they are. My late mother, Delores Starks, was affectionately known for being that girl. She was also known for being bold, wearing bold red lips and her favorite fashion combinations were black and white. Hence, I designed the That Girl logo in honor of her. The brand also captivates her natural aura to celebrate and support others. 

My mother was known for her blunt honesty. Many say that I embody my mother’s same personality. Through this brand, I can create a legacy recognizing my appreciation for my mother, build leaders, collaborate with entrepreneurs, develop genuine sisterhoods and sell dope fashion! 

I designed the platform to celebrate and support women in business, fashion, media, sisterhood, collaborations, leadership, etc. More so recently, we launched a Being That Girl Collective, allowing us to collaborate with women globally to cross-sell our fashion, products, services, and media collaborations. The love is accurate, and it shows. Our partnerships stretch from the USA, UK, Japan, China, and Paris.

How have you and your businesses made an impact on people’s lives? 

Natasha: The number of lives that my business has impacted is truly unmeasured. I honestly don’t know how many lives, but I can tell you that impact has stretched through the USA, UK, India, Japan, China, Nigeria, Africa, and more. I receive constant messages of people reminding me of the influence I had on their life; people walk to me with beautiful stories of how I inspire them, people from all over the world. Although it’s been a journey of sixteen years of impact, the remarks ALWAYS surprise me and remind me that I am living my wildest dreams. Some people measure their success by the amount of money they have earned, while others measure their success by how many lives they have impacted. I am the latter.

How did the launch in Macy’s and creating partnerships globally come about?

Natasha: Macy’s created a marketplace for emerging fashion designers. My brand Being That Girl, made the final cut of the selection process; they loved the brand. Creating partnerships requires the ability to build genuine relationships with people, companies, and communities. Also, I only collaborate and partner with companies that genuinely align with your purpose. I also LOVE their company’s work culture or meaning, purpose, and company values. I don’t just partner with anyone for the sake of it. It has to mean something to me.

What projects are you currently working on? 

Natasha: I am currently working on film projects, from production to project management. I’m working on my very own Reality TV show. Interestingly, I believe the world will find it refreshing.

I can’t give too many details but subscribe to for news and updates. I’m also working on launching our Spring Collection, and I’m bringing the heat for Spring. I am also working to finalize our That Girl App and growing the Being That Girl Tribe.

Are you currently seeking help with your empire? If so, what type of help are you presently looking for? 

Natasha: We are currently seeking investors; please get in touch with me if you are looking for a seed company to help expand. We are hiring; we are searching for social media influencers, customer service representatives, Executives in Human Resources, Engineering, Software Development.

What else would you like for our readers to know about you? 

Natasha: I love being a mom to my sons Rashard, Nathan, and daughter Tia; they are my favorite people. I enjoy being an aunt to my many nieces and nephews, especially Olivia and Omari Lee.

What are you looking forward to in 2022? 

Natasha: I’m looking forward to a beautiful year of elevation, collaboration, partnerships, love, joy, traveling, and simply being alive. This year will be my most excellent year in business and influence. At the end of 2021, I received recognition alongside Oprah Winfrey and Jim Kwik as the Top 500 Global Influencers; whew, I cried because I admire them both so much. 

However, OPRAH, she is it; for years since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of meeting her, conversating with her; my goal would be to work with Oprah, which would be an honor, but I want to have a conversation with her, I want to know her, I want to tell her just how far she’s helped me come in this journey. Her example has proven to be beneficial to me. 

I must say to her Thank you; I must show her gratitude. THIS YEAR IT WILL HAPPEN. She doesn’t know I’m coming, but I do. You heard it first Hip Hop weekly. My dream to meet Oprah will come true THIS YEAR!

Keep up to date: @imthatgirlnatasha and @thatgirligaccount

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