Meet Music Industry Exec & Radio Promoter Kelvin “GP Radio” Santiago

When it comes to people to know in the industry, Kelvin “GP Radio” Santiago is definitely among the top of the list. Over a span of 15 years, GP has worked with everyone from Jason Derulo to Tory Lanez.

He began his career when he partnered with New York rapper and former high school classmate Mims for the 2007 song “This is Why I’m Hot” which hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100, and currently has over 18 million Youtube views. Shortly after GP began building his relationships with DJ’s when he went on tour with Mims and Method Man.

That first record I worked (Mims, “Hot”) generated $18 million dollars and went #1 on almost every chart you can think of. After that, they hired me on retainer at Universal then other labels started calling for me to work their records,” Santiago says of his earlier days. “The first time I went on the road with Mims and Method Man, I learned how to build relationships with DJs. I never thought it was a job but then it all just kind of fell in my lap.

– Kelvin “GP Radio” Santiago

Currently, GP manages Roc Nation‘s DJ Bodega Flee, as well as Afro-Latina artist Melii, and was responsible for brokering the deal between Melii and Adidas Ivy Park when Beyonce used Melii’s “Icey” single in their Icy Park 2021 campaign. GP also handled all the promotion for Boxer/Rapper Jake Paul‘s latest tracks “Park South Freestyle“, “Fresh Outta London” and “23“.

GP is most well known for his work with Tory Lanez and has broken all his hit records over the past 5 years including “Talk to Me“, “Broke in a Minute,” “Jerry Sprunger” and his latest single “Feels” featuring Chris Brown. He originally came up with the ideas which helped trail blaze Tory’s last few albums Daystar, Loner and Playboy reach the top of the charts.

They say it is difficult to find industry executives that are equated with integrity, sincerity, drive and loyalty, but over the past 15 years Kelvin “GP Radio” Santiago has developed a reputation for just that. His Dominican roots gives him the ultimate advantage, placing him at the intersection of the Hip-Hop and Latin market. As far as definitions go, Santiago’s titles are flaunting. Director of radio, booking agent, artist manager, and overall conduit between DJs and the music. Connect with GP and follow his journey via Instagram @gp_radio.

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