Meet LA Based Power 106 Street Team Member DejahBoo Whose Officially Launched Her Own Show In The Stu Podcast

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Interview By : Kim Coco @Kimcoco17

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of your podcast!

Hello Everyone! My name is Dejah, aka DejahBoo and I am the host of a new and upcoming podcast called “In The Stu”. I am originally from the Bay Area, but moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue my interest in the Entertainment/Music Industry. I started my career by interning at the biggest radio station in LA at Power 106 with DJ Felli Fel for his afternoon show. I interned with them for about a year, and was later hired onto the Street Team. Currently, I work at the radio on the Street Team and also run my podcast!

So DejahBoo, you are the creator and host of your LA based show entitled In the Stu Podcast. Tell the readers a bit about the concept of your show.

The podcast mainly focuses on upcoming artists, producers, songwriters, managers, engineers, etc. or anyone in the music industry that needs/wants help promoting their music. I’m expanding my podcast and opening it up for people who are actors/actresses, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc. If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in contact with me! I am open to everyone and anybody to be on the show. I am here to help you promote YOU.

Podcast IG Link:

Dejah, who has been your most memorable and viral guest on In the Stu to date?

This question is hard because of course Amadeus was my big break, however, my most memorable and viral guest that i’ve had so far was with ArmonieJay! That’s my girl. She is currently signed to DeSean Jackson’s label “Jaccpot” and showed LOTS of love when her video was posted on Youtube. I got a lot of followers and recognition after her interview!

What is one thing you learned from your interview with Amadeus?

Let me start off by saying interviewing Amadeus was a BLESSING! After our initial interview, we did 4 follow up interviews that were a Q & A style, on IG LIVE, for upcoming artists to ask any questions they wanted. This was a huge success for those who participated; I received nothing but good feedback. After doing the interview, Amadeus taught me to take a minute and realize all the amazing stuff that you’re doing now. He said in the interview, “always have goals, always focus on the future and where you want to go in life, but make sure you stop to appreciate where you are and what you’ve done.” I am really hard on myself and feel like I should be a lot farther in my career than where I am now, but I have to step back and look at all the accomplishments I have NOW! I am only 24 and live on my own in LA, I work at the #1 radio station in LA, I’ve created my own podcast. I am doing what people dream of doing and I have to give myself credit for that.

Amadeus Interview:

You are currently accepting submissions for guests on your podcast. What types of guests are you open to having and how can someone send a submission to be on your show?

Yes! I am always looking for new talent to be on my show. I’m literally open to having ANYONE! Upcoming artists, producers, songwriters, managers, engineers, etc. or anyone in the music industry that needs/wants help promoting their music, actors/actresses, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc. If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in contact with me! I am here to help promote YOU!

Submissions: or

You don’t just host your podcast. In addition to your own show you are part of the street team for LA’s famous Power 106 afternoon show. Tell the readers what you do at Power 106?

Initially, I was interning with DJ Felli Fel and just recently got hired to be on the Street Team. Basically, we are promoting the radio station at local events and concerts. While at these events that we host, we play games with customers and give them a chance to get free Power 106 gear or free tickets to the next upcoming concert! We also have a DJ with us that plays all the hottest new music!

Power 106 IG: Power 106 street team:

Every week you accept submissions for new music on your podcast and you hand pick the music you play every Friday. What’s interesting is all of the artists who submit their music to you also get their submissions sent over to Power 106 for a chance to have their record broken by DJ Felli Fel on his show. Tell the readers about your new music Friday and how they can submit their music to you for consideration?

Because I always get new music coming in, I decided to do a New Music Friday segment where I get on IG LIVE and play the top 10 songs I like and vibe out to them. This has been up for about 2 months now and people seem to enjoy them. To submit your music, go on my website,, and click contact us. Let me know whether you want your music played on New Music Friday or if you’d like an interview, or both! While on IG LIVE, friends and employees from Power 106 tune in and listen to the music. That is when your music could get brought to another person’s attention for more radio play. To be considered for new music Friday send submissions to:

You credit DJ Felli Fel for mentoring you. What have you have learned from interning for him?

DJ Felli Fel definitely taught me a lot while working alongside him. The two most important things I’ve learned is to be accurate with the information and to double check your resources to make sure its true and not fake news. One of my jobs was to do a write up on the latest hip hop news/gossip or important information that we can all talk about On Air; such as COVID-19 updates or what celebrities are coming out with a new album this week. One thing he HATES is giving wrong news or information to all of the listeners in Los Angeles. The second important thing I’ve learned is to always ask for help or advice because you never know what a person could do for you. Chris Brown is my favorite artist of all time and DJ Felli was almost able to get me backstage at Chris Brown’s most recent tour, IndiGOAT.

So Dejah, give us the inside scoop. Who have you met some pretty big name artists interning for DJ Felli Fel. Can you tell us who you have worked alongside with?

Working alongside DJ Felli Fel has DEFINITELY gotten me the inside scoop on a bunch of artists. We’ve done interviews with Nicki Minaj, Yella Beezy, Wolftyla, Sweet Taboo, Kamaiyah, Tylayaweh, Fabulous, Meg The Stallion, Fat Joe… that’s just to name a few. My top favorites were Fabulous and Meg The Stallion.

How did you get the name DejahBoo? Did someone give it to you? Is DejahBoo your alter ego?

DejahBoo is a childhood nickname my auntie gave me when I was little. Shes actually the only one who calls me that still till this day. Everytime I introduce myself, everyone is like “Dejah… like Dejah Vu?” and i’m always calling everyone boo so it just kind of clicked. While on air at Power 106, Felli would always call me DejahBoo as well. I can say that it is my alter ego and I classify myself as DejahBoo when I get all dressed up. I be feelin myself and this whole other person just comes out! lol.

DejahBoo your brand is growing quickly and you have been approached by different sponsors that are interested in getting placement on your podcast. Tell the readers who are interested in getting a sponsor spot on your show what types of brands you are interested in and how they can submit for consideration?

I currently dont have any sponsors but I am definitely looking. I am not picky for a sponsor, but If I could collab with anyone, I’d want to be sponsored by Hennessy, because all my hard earned money goes to them, and also Chris Brown’s clothing brand Black Pyramid. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, you can email

OK Dejah Rapid Trivia! One word Answers and no elaborating. Are you ready?

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


Who are the TOP 5 artists of all time dead or alive?

1. Chris Brown

2. Usher

3. Aliyah

4. Kehlani

5. Summer Walker

If you could interview any 5 people dead or alive who would you interview?

6. Chris Brown

7. Kehlani

8. Terrance J/Rocsi

9. Tupac

10. DaBaby

If you could interview one person that is dead who would it be and what would be the one question you ask them?

If I could interview one person that is dead, I’d interview Kobe Bryant. I am a basketball player and his passing was very hard on me. I truly looked up to him and his story coming up as the greatest basketball player of our time. One question I’d ask him would be… “Why Basketball?” We all know Kobe Bryant was all about soccer while he lived in Italy, so why didn’t he continue playing soccer when he came to the states?

Who do you think has had the best Talk Show of ALL TIME?

Its not really a talk show, but i LOVED 106 & Park! I would rush home everyday after school and be home by 3PM to watch the Top 10 countdown! Terrance J & Rocsi were my favorite hosts!

DejahBoo! Your HIGHLY ANTICIPATED podcast is out now! Tell the readers what can we expect from you after the world opens back up? Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, bookings, business inquiries and more interviews!

Once the world opens back up, I plan to have my first in person Showcase for artists that I’ve interviewed already. I’m currently in the works of making a virtual showcase for everyone! If you are interested, definitely hit me up and we can get you a slot!

Email Submissions:


Instagram: @inthestupodcast

YOUTUBE: “In The Stu Podcast”

Twitter: @inthestupodcast

Press / Media and Bookings:

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