Meet Kendrick Martinez: Miami’s Most Influential Millennial Marketing Guru

Brittany Burton

30 year old Kendrick Martinez is one of the most influential marketing guru’s of the decade. Born and raised in Liberty City in Miami, he is the CEO and founder of Hier Marketing, a social media marketing business that has cultivated the lives and brands of some of the worlds most influential people and businesses. With his clientele spanning from Fashion Nova, to Gary Vee, and Soulja Boy, he has established himself as the go to guy for organically growing social media accounts.

One thing about Martinez is that he has always been a jack of many trades. Having attended the University of Miami in which he obtained a Masters Degree in civil engineering, he began his career as an engineer in Miami. Simultaneously, he was coaching high school and college athletes allowing him to give back to the next generational of potential Olympian athletes. But what most may not know is that, Kendrick Martinez was a civil engineer, track coach, and professional track and field athlete all at the same time!

But 2016, everything changed. He quit his 9-5, stopped running professionally and no longer was coaching. The time for him to transition in to marketing had come. He took his savings, invested into social media marketing leading to the founding of Hier Marketing LLC. He has been able to garner a 25+ Million organic Instagram follower network over the course of 5 pages, helping companies, brands, and celebrities to organically achieve the ultimate status of being verified on social media. By being verified or having the “blue check”, makes a business/person credible on the internet to conduct business to the highest degree, with authentic intentions.

Outside of helping people get verified, Hier Marketing specializes in digital streaming marketing. Martinez and his team have been able to gain 10 million streams for clients via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Podcasts, and the Top 100 and Top 200 Billboard music charts. Having mastered the art or marketing, this Miami creative decided it was time for him to take a stab at recording his own music.

He recently released his first single to the public titled “Hier Vibez” and it is beyond fire. Released with no words, the beat creates a futuristic energy that can be felt throughout. If you are into unique sounds and high quality production, you will fall in love with Kendrick Martinez’ musical talent. With a successful media marketing company, new music on the way, and the world at his hands, he is already creating generational wealth for himself.

Get to know more about this media maven by visiting his official website here and by streaming his debut single “Hier Vibez“.

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