Meet Atlanta Hitmakers Founder/CEO Willie Millionaire

Atlanta is best known for birthing legendary artists, producing hit after hit, contributing to the music industry in a major way and Mr. Millionaire is no exception. I recently caught up with Atlanta Hitmakerz Founder/CEO Willie Millionaire to discuss his music motivations and southern sound, in addition to filling fans and aspiring artists in on what it takes to make it in the industry.

What inspired you to get into the industry?

I have always loved music, I don’t think that I was born to do anything else. I just love to entertain and really cant see myself doing anything else really so that coupled with the fact that I seen Micheal Jackson on motown 25 where he introduced the moonwalk, oh yea every since then I Wanted to be an entertainer.

What challenges did you overcome in life or while working in the industry?

I really haven’t had any Challenges, this is easy money to me because I love this.I took a long time studying and being groomed and brought up by music industry professionals who see the potential so they taught me about the pitfalls of the music business. Now being a father, thats a different story, you have to find a healthy balance between the two lifestyles so by day im a father and by night an entertainer. The real challenge is making great music that going to played the years and years to come. 

What advice would you give up and coming artists thats trying to make it in the industry?

The advice that i would give a new artist is OWN EVERYTHING!  Your going to make a LOT of money, you have to think long term. Save your money cause once your time in Hollywood is up the money will be the difference are you going to live in your mom basement or you own Mansion lol 

Any upcoming projects or albums?

I always got some new project going on! There is a new season of my video show Atlanta Hit Makers, THE #1 independent music video countdown in the WORLD. Im excited about the  launch of the NEW Atlanta Hit Makers, I am still looking for music videos to feature on the show so we are constantly looking for dope music videos. I have also started a label and I’m currently looking for new artist no matter the genre. I have a few records that im going to push out over the summer but im more into TV so Im want to develop a few shows for network tv.

The first single off the label is “She A Pro” which right now is charting on and is getting spins on several mainstream stations. It’s a summer time feel good track that makes the women want to dance. Also check out my new song BBW as well which has landed a couple of advertising placements.

Connect with Willie & Atlanta Hitmakerz:

Instagram: @atlanta_hit_makers | Twitter: @atl_hit_makers

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