Meet 8 Year Old Hafiz “The FUTURE” Parwani He’s Being Described as a Boxing Phenomenon & The Strongest Boy in the World

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By Kim Coco

What is your name and where you are from!

Hafiz “Future”: Looks at Dad. Dad translates while Hafiz smiles and says something to his dad.

Shokran (Dad): He says his name is Hafiz “The Future” Parwani . He is 8 years old. We live in Hamburg, Germany. I am his father. My name is Shokran Parwani. They call me SP. I am from Afghanistan and his mother, from Russia. Hafiz was born here in Germany and lives with me, my mother and my younger brother. We have been training together with boxing since he is 2 years old.

Future says something to his father.

SP (Dad): He said he wants to show why he will be The World Champion one day.

Shokran, tell us a bit about yourself? You are an undefeated boxing champion.

SP (Dad): My Name is Shokran Parwani. They call me SP for short. I am the father of Hafiz “THE FUTURE” Parwani. I have been training him since he is 2 years old. He is now 8 years old so a little over 6 years we train. I’m a professional boxer and have achieved many victories in my own career. I have 15 boxing matches with 15 victories and 12 knockouts in my career. I am currently undefeated. My Record is 15-0-0 (Win- Loss- Draw). We live in Hamburg, Germany now but I am from Kabul, Afghanistan. My Nationality is Afghan and when I fight, I fight for the people of Afghanistan and their freedom. I am undefeated in both Germany and in Afghanistan. I am the most famous boxer there. The whole media, country and even the president knows us. Hafiz is the most famous boy in the country. He was on ToloTv which is the biggest media and Voice of America .He is the biggest in the world and the country loves him. Hafiz is half Russian from his mother and the other half Afghan from me, his dad. He is living here with me. My mother and my brother lives here too. Hafiz has been training with me since he is baby. Since he is 2 years old. 6 years we are training now. He will be the World Champion one day. I know this.

Future and Shokran, you are coming to the U.S. soon to train. Shokran, you have trained here in the U.S. before. When are you both coming back to the US? And what is the plan when you get here?

Hafiz “Future”: Looks at Dad and Dad translates the question. Future smiles and responds quickly and appears very excited to talk about coming to the U.S. to train.

SP (Dad): He said we are coming very soon! We are coming soon. We will arrive and begin training in January 2021. He said he is very excited and cannot wait to travel to the United States and train with the best and get even better at boxing so he can show the world what he can do. He says he will make history as the youngest boxer in the world.

I have many friends in Las Vegas because I have traveled there to train before. I was in Las Vegas with my fight camp- City Athletic Boxing and Floyd Mayweather’s Dream Team and worked with many of the trainers. I have trained with the same trainer that Super Middle Weight champion of the World Caleb Plant has. Same coach Justin Gamber. In January 2021. We will be there in America. In Las Vegas, for training at the new year.

Future, you are in school? Tell me a little about school?

Hafiz “Future”: (Dad translates) He says something to dad

SP: He says he is 8 years old. He is in grade 3. He goes to school and loves to learn everything. We working now on his English and he is learning every day. He is getting better every day. He loves school but boxing the most.

What do you like about school?

Hafiz “Future”: (Dad translates) and Hafiz responds while smiling.

SP: He said he likes school very much because he loves to see his friends every day. He said his favorite part of going to school is playing with his friends, hanging out and getting to talk with them. You know, socialize and be around with his friends.

Hafiz, do you know that some are calling you a Boxing Phenomenon? They say you are a boy with a special gift.

Hafiz “Future”: (Dad is smiling and translating the question to Hafiz) Hafiz looks at dad while smiling and says something.

SP: He said he will be The World Champion One day. He wants to show the world what he can do. He is ready. He wants to show everyone why he is the youngest, the fastest and the strongest in the world. We are going to break the Guinness Book of World Records for that.

Hafiz, what kind of training do you do with your dad for Boxing?

Hafiz “Future”: (Dad translates) Hafiz listens and responds

SP: He says he trains his athletic and boxing skills with me his father. He says we train every day on sparring, jump rope, weights, we do back work out, ab workouts, muscle training. He also says he trains his mind. He trains his mind for quick reaction response, he trains his speed. We train with colored lights. Like blue lights, red blue and we put the 4-5 lights in front of him. They blink on and off quick and he must tap with his hands the lights. This trains the speed of his reaction response. The brain. This kind of training makes him faster and smarter than other children his age because when we train, we train the brain too. He is very smart.

Future is lifting 40 kg (88 lbs) Lifting 10 kg (22lbs) on each side and 20 kg (44 lbs) the bar on each side/ 40 kg (88 lbs) in total for lifting the bar. And 186 in 1 minute he can jump with the rope. That is his record. He is also sponsored by Twinzzlifestyle.

Who are some of your favorite boxers?

SP translates to Future and they discuss.


1. Mohammed Ali is the Greatest of All Time

2. Mike Tyson

3. Roy Jones JR. That is Futures Idol

4. Zab Judah

5. And Hafiz “The Future” Parwani

Tell me about Afghanistan, which is where you were born. You have a relief foundation set up there for the people of your country. You both seem to have a lot of pride and love when you talk about it.

SP : Yes, I have now The Shokran Parwani Foundation. This foundation is a relief fund to help the people of Afghanistan. It is to help the people in need there. Everyone, especially the children, to make their life better. For example, they had a flood in my city and we sent funds.

We sent rice, food, clothes, water, blankets, things for the kids, flashlights. You know things like that to help them during this time with the flood.

Is it similar to the Red Cross here in the U.S.?

SP: Yes exactly. This is very similar to my Foundation.

Future, if I come to Germany, your country, what is the best food to eat there?

Hafiz “Future”: (Dad translates) and Future is thinking about it . He laughs and says something to Dad.

SP : Hey says it’s special. Oh it is a very special dish. Rice with lamb. And the rice is very special. It’s rice from Afghanistan. It is called Kabuli. It is made with special rice called Basmati.

When you do not box what is your favorite things to do for fun or toy to play with?

Dad Translates to Future

SP: He says he loves his game boy. He loves playing the video game

Thank you both for talking to me! Is there anything you want to say before you go?

SP translates and they Discuss.

SP: He says he loves boxing and he will be the world champion. He says he loves his country and the people and that he wants the world to know his name. He is ready to show the world that he is about.

Future says something to his father

SP: He says thank you. He says to tell you that His father, me, is the number one Boxing Champion of the world and that he loves his father and family.

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