Massachusetts Artist Moe D Drops New Single “Authentic” & Talks Exclusively with HHW About Evolving His Brand Amid the Pandemic

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Interview By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

What’s up Hip Hop Weekly! Thank you for having me. I go by the name Moe D. I’m an artist from Holyoke Massachusetts which is the western part of the state. I recently dropped my latest album Evolution and just released my newest single off that project – called Authentic. . Both are available everywhere now on all Platforms so make sure you go check them out!

Moe D! Your latest single Authentic off your album Evolution is currently going VIRAL! Tell the readers why you picked that as your first single. It seems you must have known it would be a winner?

Actually, the single- Authentic came to my mind in the studio one night. I just had this idea of what I wanted to do and knew that going in to it. So, I went to the studio and started making some beats. I knew that I wanted to make like that like old school 90’s – 2000’s hip-hop sound and vibe type of beat. I also knew when I started writing Authentic that I wanted the song to have a powerful message behind it. There are some subliminal and indirect things that I say in the lyrics that talk directly about my own evolution. But if you listen carefully, a lot of the things that I rap about are things that the fans can relate to. It’s the journey. Each of our trials, tribulations and triumphs are different for our own Evolution but we go through a lot of the same feelings. When I finished that song, I knew it made a powerful statement. I felt every word I wrote. I’ll be very honest, creating that song, writing the lyrics and putting it over the beat was an outlet for me. The fans and listeners seem to get it and they feel that energy in the song too because as you said its gone viral.

Lyrics from Authentic- “I’m looking for solutions-what’s thee confusion/ That-I-I got plannss/ Yeah-For the loved ones-all my Fam/ Why you walkin around-wit a dark cloud-on ya shoulda / You didn’t want help-Now your lost-told ya/To keep it real-and ride like a soldier/ I woke up-Folgers-out from the cold uh!/If it don’t challenge you-it won’t change you/crazy what your brain do-this here brain food/ Don’t-ever let em tame you/ Just Do You”

Authentic Music video


What’s the inspiration behind naming the album Evolution? Is there a subliminal meaning behind it?

Yes. During the pandemic, we’ve experienced so many changes. It’s that mentality that while we were going through this pandemic, we should have evolved or at least tried to. Some experienced changes in our careers, some in our personal life or family life. Some of us experienced all 3. Look at everything we are going through. It’s like we are in a revolution right now. The state of the world and the country are undergoing so many changes so quickly.. I felt that the name Evolution was perfect for the album because the message is that although we are all facing trying times, the message is that even though we are going through all these difficult changes, we are also evolving as people. Remembering where you come from while trusting the journey of where you are going. The Evolution will lead you exactly where you are meant to be.

Download the Album:

Moe D, is it safe to say this album in a snapshot of what you were feeling during the pandemic?

Good Question! Yes, because during the process of creating this album an even up until today, I’m evolving and changing myself as a person and as an artist. I’m always turning the page to a greater chapter in my career as a musician. I’m constantly working on being better and working harder. And this album shows and expresses my growth. I’ve spent the time during the pandemic trying to upgrade myself by evolving. Do you remember when Kobe Bryant changed his jersey from the number 8 to 24? By the way- Rest in Peace to Kobe Bryant. Well, Evolution essentially is me changing or upgrading my music jersey to the next stage of my life.


Moe D, The album artwork is unique and captivating. Tell the readers about the message behind the artwork.

This album cover is special because of the message behind it. As you can see, it starts with a baby walking outdoors, who then transforms into a little boy, then into a teenager and then he finally becomes a man. It’s the same little boy over time growing in the same environment and evolving with it. The art reflects the stages of the little kid’s life and if you notice his surroundings- the shrubs and trees are all overgrown which means the little boy although he has evolved remains planted in his roots


What can the fans expect from this album Evolution? How many tracks and what’s the vibe?

Evolution has 8 songs. Each one different than the last. The first thing you can expect is- originality. And ENERGY . This album really shows how versatile I can be and my newer style as an artist. Like I said, I’ve evolved as a person and an artist. It’s the more authentic version of me as an artist. And with this album, you’ll see that I’m not just boxed into one sound. It’s a very wide range of style and sound for me. I never want to box myself into that one sound or one genre of hip hop. I wanted to prove that I can rap on any type of beat while putting my own style to it. I am also bilingual and can rap on English or Spanish. There are some songs that have that newer tap/ hip hop sound, some old school hard core hip hop. We have some songs for the ladies, and something you can even dance to at the club. Each track is completely its own and different from the last. The album is unpredictable in many ways. The track list for this album is:

1. Highway to Heaven

2. Authentic

3. Feel Me

4. Comfortable

5. Nowadays

6. Evolution

7. Real is Rare

8. Vente Conmigo

Stream the album:

The thing that really makes you different as an artist is that you can rap in both English and Spanish. You are bilingual. You create music in both languages. Vente Conmigo is my favorite track on the album by the way!

Well, I am Boriqua- Puerto Rican and I will always pay homage to my roots. But YES! I’m bilingual and can rap in both English AND Spanish over any beat at any given time. A lot of the festivals and shows I have performed at were for and with my Boriqua fans.

Vente Conmigo:

Moe D, you also mixed, mastered and produced Evolution completely by yourself. You aren’t just an artist. There’s much more to you! Tell the readers about that.

Yes. I taught myself everything. I didn’t want to just stop at making music, I engineer, I also write music, mix, master, produce and distribute all of my projects on my own. I wanted to learn every single aspect of creating music and what goes into it. 100% everything you hear from me is original from my mind. I actually have 2 fully functioning studios in Holyoke Massachusetts that I work with other artists out of. During the pandemic I really worked on becoming more of a business mogul because my city does not have a lot of opportunities for musicians. That is part of the reason for my mission of growing my brand and even learning and buying real estate in my city. My plan is to expand to provide that opportunity for others. I also make beats and have all my work up on my official beat store. My mother actually saw my passion at a young age and got me my first studio. I owe a lot to her.

Moe D’s Beat Store:

Moe D, how can the artists in the Massachusetts area get the chance to work with you or book a session at your studio?

They can book a studio session by sending an email or DM me directly on Instagram.

Book Studio Session

Because you live in such a small city you seem to grind much harder. Part of the reason for your success is because you are so consistent. You have headlined at many different shows, concerts and even festivals evening opening for Charlie Cruz at the 2016 Boston Festival. Tell the readers about that!

Thank you! Well growing up in such a small town, I didn’t have the same opportunities that the big city kids had to go to different shows and concerts and put myself out there. So instead, when I would get invited to different house parties and battles around Holyoke I would perform. Any opportunity to perform I would jump right in. Eventually, I earned this reputation for being the artist in my hometown that would have the party going crazy while performing. I would try to bring that energy to a house party, College Campus Tours, House Parties, Block parties. I then started getting booked for shows and festivals. I’ve performed at the Puerto Rican Festival, The Boston Festival a few times. I’ve also performed college campus shows. Actually in 2016 I was booked for Boston Puerto Rican Festival just 48 hours before the show and at that show I had opened for Charlie Cruz and met legends like Miguel Coto. The energy of the crowd when I perform is like an adrenaline rush. I can’t wait for the world to open back up so I can get back on stage and perform again. That’s something I miss. All that energy from the people and the fans in the crowd.

Moe D Performs at The Boston Puerto Rican Festival:

You officially World Premiered the Music video for your single Nowadays. Tell the readers where they can check that video out!

Nowadays Music Video:

You also launched the newest collection to your brand. Tell the readers what we can shop for on your official online store.

Yes! A lot of my merch in the current collection is the artwork from Evolution. Right now I carry Hoodies, Tote bags, Tee shirts, Crop tops, A little bit of everything. For the ladies we have crop tops. Hoodies are unisex. But the line is different. Pop up shows. Things like that. There’s so much more in store. I’m going global.

Shop Evolution Collection:

How does your mom inspire you as an artist and person

You know my mother bought me my first studio. She came here from Puerto Rico to give her kids a better life and sacrificed so much of herself as a person to do that for my siblings and myself. My mother also believed in me and encouraged me with the music from day one. She was the first to buy me the Karaoke machine which really sparked my interest into the music scene. Now, as I get older my mother has become my inspiration to wanting to continuously evolve to be a better person. My mother is my motivation to be greater. I want to show her that her sacrifices for us, her kids, her family were never in vain.

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Michael Jackson, Frankie Ruiz, Cultura Profética, Sade, Lauren Hill.

If you could make a hit record with any artist in the industry- one artist Dead and one Alive , who do you pick?

Dead: Michael Jackson

Alive: DJ Khaled

Name something that you think that even if you had all the riches and fame in the world, Money will never buy.


Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


You’re Puerto Rican, so besides your mom who has the most authentic Puerto Rican food in your hometown?

El Rincón and Raices Restaurant

Name the next break out artist from your hometown?

Louie Lavoe

You are standing in front of 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind one door. Which door are you opening?


Moe D your new single Authentic is out now! Tell the readers what can we expect from you after the world opens back up? Q: Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, bookings, business inquiries and more interviews

I have more music and more videos are coming out soon like I said. Once the world opens back up, I hope to do more shows and live performances. You know- more interviews, more press, and more music on the radio. Maybe get on some features or get some features in the Latin Music Scene on my next album. I’m building my brand so producing beats for other artists, booking studio and listening sessions. I’m working on my Real Estate. I am coming out of this pandemic evolved much BIGGER and BETTER than anything you have seen before. But you will see and hear more of me. I’m trying to take this global!

Stream Moe D Music







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