Louisiana Artist Lil One Da Ryder Talks Breaking Barriers, New Music & More

HHW Staff

Hip Hop Weekly Radio Correspondent Sheba Songz, sits down one -on-one with Reserve, Louisiana’s on- the rise artist “Lil One Da Ryder” to catch the story behind his trailblazing career. From breaking the barriers of being from a small town and building a solid fanbase, to working with industry’s top artists such as Young Thug, Too Short, Lil Boosie and more, Lil One Da Ryder has set the tone with his catchy club banging hooks and profound flow. Speaking his truth on how influencers can change the narrative for the youth’s destructive path within the community, Lil One Da Ryder gives his solution as to how his voice and platform can contribute to change. The recording artist has no plans on keeping his fans waiting after dropping projects like “Fresh and Thuggin pt.1 & 2”, “Get Out The Way”, and “Rolling”. According to Lil One Da Ryder, more singles are on the way and “We Outside” music will be in full effect as life transforms back to what we know of, prior to 2020. 


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