Los Angeles Artist Young Invent aka The Black Spanish Rock Star Chops It Up With HHW

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Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from.

Hey what’s up Hip hop weekly subscriber, I’m Los Angeles very own Young Invent aka The Black Spanish Rock Star.

Why did you start to do music?

I started music back in 2008 with my brother Doja RIP. I started off freestyling so people would always say I just be Inventing songs so we started making a business out of it.

When did you know that it was actually going to be your career?

I say after 2009 we did my mixtapes release party at Club Kress in Hollywood with major promoter BoJesse. It sold out and I actually performed in the middle of the crowd, it was insane. Everything changed after that night we did so many shows I was addicted to performing after that. 

If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

Jay-z man, he’s always been my ideal and I’ve always looked up to him and his longevity and always great at business plus he’s Biggie’s boy how you not go pick him. If not definitely Pitbull secondary.

What or who influences your music?

Man life influences my music a lot. My steppops is from Honduras and I’m from LA so I have a lot of Spanish influences and love for the culture which is why I do hip hop/Reggaeton music.

Has anyone helped you or guided you in getting your foot in the industry?

Yes definitely my brother Doja (RIP), project manager Martha, manager Xavier, Laura aka L1, Fatdad (RIP), Jules Of Rome the list goes on but my fans Inventors help get me further in my career.

How many projects have you released?
2 mixtapes “Money By Any Means” & “In My Own Words”and 1 EP”Soul On Display” although my singles “Mucho Fuego”, “Fanzintheks” and “Money” with Markel Writez is what got me popular.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on my next EP, I have a few features from all over the world so I’m excited haven’t gotten a name for it yet but I have recorded 2 great songs for it with Travel Gang, Diverse Official and Graciano Major.

What differentiates you from other artist?

I believe I’m different because I’m me, I’m not a character it’s my life I’m putting on these tracks so you get to know me personally. I travel the world a lot so you get to see that as well.

How can artist looking for a feature get in contact with you?

Everything is Young Invent from IG, FB, Twitter, Tumblr it’s all Young Invent so just add me send a message I’ll get at you or email me at younginventbooking@gmail.com and I’ll get it to my Management.

What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?

I just wanna increase my fan base and keep moving forward, hopefully be placed in the top 10 and help the next artist get to their platform.

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