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Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

My name is LjPix I’m from the Carolina region small city called Orangeburg in South Carolina to be exact. The project I recently dropped is called “Still Country”

So LjPix you named the project “Still Country” what is the meaning behind the title?

The title came about when I realized I’ve been away from home for a while and I hear the saying “it isn’t where you from it’s where you at” which I believe is true but that origin story always holds more weight because it started your growth. So I felt that I’m still at heart that country boy, still at heart that kid that was always seeking a better way, still that hungry survivor that wants most out of life, still country.

How would you describe the vibe on this album?

The vibe is definitely 2000’s it’s energy throughout something you can throw on and just turnup and in a deeper way it’s paying homage to my Favs of the 2000’s

Do you have any features or guest producers on the project?

The project feature count was supposed to be higher but since it’s my first drop I kept it smaller but I do have Bankheads own Parlae which is a member of DFB he’s on my single “Flagrant” and I also have the talented Tony Amante which is on my track titled “DAWG”. As far as production Gmadeitpop made an amazing contribution to the album and internet sensation Young Asko. Also making an appearance is DG beatz he’s dope as well.

Tell the readers which song will be the first single off that album?

Flagrant of course it’s already getting global attention. The follow up is looking like my song titled “Matters” which is a black empowerment song with the social injustice situations. It also has a riding out type of vibe. I think that one or “DAWG”

Have you released any other projects besides “Still Country”

I released a few singles but no studio albums

What inspired you to get involved with music?

With hip-hop it started with my bro rapping some song he made called “Freestyle king” it was good for that time and I was amazed at how he made the rhymes make sense while keeping a fluent flow. Since then I’ve been writing and mastering my flow.

Has anyone helped you get your foot in the door?

Honestly my team they been motivating me to keep going.

What do you expect to get out of the music industry?

I expect to become the best version of me as an artist and compete with who ever that top dog is.

You get the chance to collaborate on a song and make a hit record with any 2 rappers, one dead, one alive, who would it be?

Dead I’ll go with Biggie he’s still relevant and he is lyrical and sellable to all crowds so he’d make one helluva hit lol.

Alive I’d say Meek Mill because he has that flow and vibe that makes you want to elevate lyrically and boost your mindset on a song

If you had a chance to record with any producer, who would it be?

I think I’d love to work with Pharrell his creativity is unmatched and he’s so diverse.

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Awww man here we go no order but, Lil Wayne, Pac, Drake, T.I, Jay Z

What’s next for LjPix?

I’m currently working on my next project so I plan to make a lot of noise the end of 2020 but 2021 I’m coming for the awards , remember you heard it here first on Hip Hop Weekly!

Tell our readers who they can reach you, let them know where they can stream the album.

You can follow me on IG @iamdjkaotic and on twitter @ljpix

The Album is available on all platforms just search “LjPix” and boom you tuned in.

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"Still Country" out now Link in Bio #Blessed

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