Lil Twin Releases “Woman’s Worth” Ft. Blac Chyna While Preparing to Unveil More Music For This Summer

The majority of music artists today can agree that they’ve had a deep love and calling pertaining to their craft since childhood. Some can even pinpoint memories of when this love first began. For Lil Twin, he recalls rapping in the backseat of the car with his mother during his younger years. After writing his initial original song at the age of 8, he was determined to continue on his path of music. By 12 years old, he recorded for the first time. Blessing the stages of several talent shows proved to be a success that lead to his impeccable reputation during his school years. 

While growing up Lil Twin gravitated toward hip hop legends such as, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Meek Mill, NWA, Tupac, and Biggie to name a few. He was able to utilize the lessons learned from these mega stars and apply them to his own versatile approach to music. When listening to “Soufside Hector”, a project Lil Twin released in January 2020, fans were met with melodic sounds, catchy hooks, and witty wordplay. With his music career skyrocketing, Lil Twin is now in high demand. His most recent song, “Woman’s Worth” featured Blac Chyna in the official music video. It is no surprise that his audience was captivated by the romantic song and video. The visuals consist of intimate moments between the two, rose petals, and a cosmic chemistry. Reaching over 127 thousand views on YouTube makes it evident that Lil Twin is a success and the numbers continue to climb daily. 

Due to the outpour of support for “Soufside Hector”, Lil Twin is preparing to release “Soufside Hector II” along with “No Love Lost” in July of this summer. This eclectic artist will undoubtedly become one of the biggest names in the industry today. Lil Twin is striving to become one of the most influential artists in the industry and is looking forward to receiving recognition for his craft. He explained that his favorite part of being a music artist is the unknown; unaware of when the music will take off but confident it will. 

When asked what his secret to success is, Lil Twin responded, “The ultimate secret to success is consistency, planning with purpose, and ultimately being myself.” This is a term that is repeatedly mentioned when speaking with prominent artists such as Lil Twin; consistency. He has made is obvious that he possesses all of the star qualities necessary to take his career to the next level. Above all, he is genuinely passionate about music and it shows through his catalog. While his fans await his next release, be sure to stream his music, follow him on social media, and subscribe to his YouTube. 

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