King Tahoe Talks Inspiration Behind New Single “Tell Me,” Ft. RnBAaron and Yasii

King Tahoe from East Oakland, California, delivers a soulful and emotional record with his new single, “Tell Me, “featuring RnbAaron, and Yasii. The song is full of sensual connections, sexual feelings, and pure admiration. The song is a flawless ballad about love and connecting with someone on an intimate level. His latest track is a melodic and sultry track that will “give you just what you want.” 

The song, which samples H-Town’s classic “Knockin Da Boots,” details explicit acts that King Tahoe wants to act out on his girl, but King cannot until he gets the okay for his girl to “tell [him]” what to do.

“I wrote it a few years ago when my boy ChappTheRapstar flipped the ‘Knockin Da Boots’ sample in my car, I couldn’t figure out how to make it right though until this year,” King Tahoe said. “Then, after I put verses down it just felt so R&B I had to add a few talented friends to the track so we could take it all the way there. After Yasii’s vocals came in with that incredible outro I knew I had to add some vocals then reach out to my Zeeky patna UglyMarco to play some keys on it. Shout out D.E.O on the mix too!”

Painting illustrative and seductive portraits of such vibrance and passion, it is evident that King Tahoe is one hell of a lyricist. From pouring honey on his partner’s back to “losing control” when he’s with her, King Tahoe transports his listeners to a seductive and sultry state with his new song, “Tell Me.” 

“This single is just about sensuality,” he said. “But I’m huge on consent, so if my partner wants me, I need them to ‘Tell Me.’”

The single is flawless and a fresh take on love and consent. The single like, all of King Tahoe’s discography, is rooted in love. Everything he releases and does is about love. The message he hopes people take away from his music is “to be yourself whatever that may be. You can be a slut. You can be a nerd. You can be a thug. You can be a King Tahoe fan, but whatever you do, do that sh*t with a passion.”

The track came together with that passion and some help from King Tahoe’s friends.

“I also want to provide opportunities for minorities like myself and help others achieve their goals,” King Tahoe said of his long term goals.

Be sure to tap in with King Tahoe Via social media @kingtahoe to keep up with him.

Check out King Tahoe’s latest single, “Tell Me,”  featuring RnbAaron & Yasii, below

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