King Palm Among Top 15 Cannabis Grinders For Sale Online in 2022

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If you want to pack your cannabis into a piece, joint, or pre-rolled cone, you’ll need to grind it up first. While it’s possible to do this by hand, having a cannabis grinder makes the process much easier. 

Marijuana grinders come in various styles and types, so it can be hard to pick your best option. There are two, three, and four-chamber grinders and less conventional choices like electric or plastic weed grinders.

Here are some of the top marijuana grinders on sale right now. With a wide variety of choices, you’re bound to find a plastic or metal grinder that’s best for you.

#15 – RAW Gripper Grinder

Do your hands ever slip while trying to use a marijuana grinder? The experts at RAW have developed a cannabis grinder that is easy to wrap your hands around for an easier grinding experience.

The RAW Gripper Grinder is made of hemp plastic, and each product is manufactured in the USA. The weed grinder is an organic tan color and is available at a very affordable price!

#14 – Natural Wood Grinder

RAW’s Natural Wood & Glass Storage Grinder is a higher-end item from the brand. It’s made from pressed wood that offers a natural look that shows you care about the quality of your bud.

It measures 65mm in diameter to fit a surprising amount of weed. The bottom part of this marijuana grinder is made with strong glass that won’t break or shatter, even if you carry it around in your bag or drop it in the middle of a smoke break.

#13 – Millstone Herb Grinder 63 mm

The Millstone Herb Grinder has a four-piece design, giving you control over how your bud is prepared. The solid aluminum body has sharp teeth that will grind your herbs to the perfect texture, and its magnetic lid will make sure that your cannabis never spills. 

Hate finding tools to clean your marijuana grinder? The metal grinder has a free scraper and brush built into the collection chamber to help you gather the last bit of dust from your stash.

#12 – Metal Black Grinder

King Palm is a versatile cannabis brand that offers pre rolled cones, palm wraps, smoking accessories, and more. They’re known for their natural products that get you high without additives.

You should never have to grind your cannabis by hand! The brand’s black metal weed grinder is extra portable, so you can throw it in your backpack and smoke whenever the mood strikes you.

This metal grinder is made from high-grade aluminum with sharp teeth. It has a three-chamber design that collects kief, so you can treat yourself to an extra potent joint whenever you want using King Palm’s palm wraps or cones.

#11 – 3-Piece Black Metal Grinder

The three-piece grinder lets you collect your marijuana to use in your favorite piece, bong, or joint. All of them come apart, so the marijuana grinder is very easy to clean.

You don’t have to worry about cannabis spilling using this metal grinder. It has grip grooves so that you can turn it easily and an extra strong magnetic lid so that it can come with you on the go!

Want to add some color to your cannabis lineup? This weed grinder comes in various shades to suit any stoner, including black, green, purple, red, or pink.

#10 – 3 Piece Metal Grinder

Looking for a metal grinder with great reviews? This product could be your new favorite cannabis grinder!

The SKROM marijuana grinder is three inches. That’s vital if you love to share your bud.

The grinder has 50 sharp teeth, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to achieve the ultimate texture you’ve only dreamed of. The grinding process feels incredibly smooth right after you close the lid!

#9 – Dragon Ball Grinder

Some people love to add sleek, black metal grinders to their smoking accessories collection, but what if you want to show off your love for DBZ with your cannabis smoking accessory collection?

The Dragon Ball Weed Grinder looks like the magic item from the anime Dragon Ball Z. It’s completely round, which makes it unique all on its own, too.

#8 – RAW 4 Piece Grinder

Have you ever wanted to create a marijuana grinder with all the specs you’re looking for? RAW’s got you covered!

Every piece of RAW’s four-piece cannabis grinder is designed to come apart quickly and easily, so you can completely customize your experience. You can use the built-in wrench in the top compartment to disassemble the device and put it together however you want!

This weed grinder also works hard to fluff your cannabis, so there aren’t any sticky clumps. When you put it in wrapping papers or pre-rolled cones, there will be room for air to flow, but not so much that your herb falls out while you’re trying to smoke.

#7 – Electric Grinder

Did you know that you don’t have to manually grind your herb? King Palm is revolutionizing the game with their premium Electric Cannabis Grinder!

When you use an electric marijuana grinder, you know that all of your bud is the same texture, making it much easier to roll it into joints. It only takes three to 15 seconds until all of your herb is completely ground and ready to go, depending on your texture preferences. 

This weed grinder can come on the road with you, as it’s extremely portable and charges using a USB-C cable. No matter where you are, you can kiss manual grinders goodbye!

#6 – Compact 4 Piece Metal Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredder takes their cannabis grinders very seriously, and this is one of their best!

Their team has perfected this compact marijuana grinder to include everything your average cannabis smoker wants. It’s made from medical-grade anodized aluminum and contains a strong, rare magnet in its lid.

Its revolutionary teeth design that’s one of a kind. Plus, it was made in the United States!

#5 – Cookies Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder has branded with the weed brand Cookies to create this perfect cannabis grinder!

This marijuana shredder is biodegradable and made from natural hemp. It comes in vibrant blue and red colors so your stash stands out from the rest. It’s also incredibly durable, so you’ll have it in your collection for years!

#4 – 4-Piece Sharp Stone Grinder

SharpStone specializes in cannabis grinders, so you can bet that their products are top notch.

The V2 Clear Top weed grinder lets you see your product as it’s being processed so you know when it’s ready to smoke or vape. This is especially helpful for beginners who haven’t gotten into a grinding routine.

This metal grinder is made of exceptional materials and comes with cleaning brushes, so you can ensure that your cannabis grinder lasts a long time!

#3 – 4-Piece Metal And Smooth Grinder

The King Palm Mars Grinder will take you on a trip into outer space, where you can enjoy your perfectly-ground cannabis in their signature pre-rolled cones!

It’s a lightweight marijuana grinder that feels futuristic, completely smooth, and sleek in your hand. The magnetic top ensures that your bud is safe and sound, no matter where you store it.

This cannabis grinder features a unique illustration of an astronaut and a Martian and also comes in various colors, including green, blue, purple, and red. You won’t be able to wait to show it off to your stoner friends!

#2 – Hand Cranked Metal Grinder

Sharp Stone strikes again with this great metal grinder!

This marijuana grinder is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum rod, and its heavy duty hand crank mechanism makes grinding easy and fun! It’s anodized for a smooth finish, so you know you won’t find any smudge marks or wear and tear on your metal grinder.

The cannabis grinder’s diamond cutting blades will finish the job perfectly every time. Plus, it has a high-quality acrylic glass top so you can watch your weed grind and pick your favorite texture!

#1 – 100 mm XL Weed Grinder

When it comes to cannabis products, it never hurts to go back to the basics!

If you’re looking for the ultimate grinder, whether you’re a pro or a beginner in the cannabis world, King Palm has you covered. It’s a two-piece cannabis grinder that easily cuts through your herb perfectly every time. 

The company crafts this marijuana grinder using anodized aluminum with a ceramic coating, making it extremely durable. The metal grinder also has a large capacity, enough for an eighth of cannabis. This herb grinder brand was also highlighted for its high-quality grinders for sale on Marijuana Times. Dispensaries or smoke shops should check out their pre-rolled cones bulk options for sale.

Grinding your cannabis is a fine art. Picking one or more of these cannabis grinders will ensure you’re always smoking weed with the best grind you’ve ever tried. Their rolling trays are also highly recommended and of high quality. Enjoy!

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