“Justina Valentine Debuts Her Highly Anticipated Album Infrared and Is The Latest Female Rapper to Enter the World of Sync Licensing”

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from , how we all know you and the name of the project you’ve just dropped!

What’s Up Hip Hop Weekly! My name is Justina Valentine out of Passaic County, New Jersey. I’m a TV Personality and a Host. I’m most well known for being a cast member on MTV Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out and on MTV’s The Challenge. I’ve been the host of MTV’s After Show for The Jersey Shore and The Challenge on a bunch of different Seasons. I’ve hosted MTV’s TRL, Ex on The Beach and I’ve been on different digital shows like Basic to Bougie, Lip Lock and Justina Makes Over Your Man. My newest show I’m on is MTV’s Revenge Prank. I’m also a business owner and have an exclusive new boutique, JValentina Boutique. AND- I am a rapper, singer and songwriter. My brand new album Infrared is available now on all platforms.

Justina, Big congratulations on joining forces with Smash Coast music! You’ve made an exciting and bold business move that no other female artist on the East Coast has done during the pandemic or this year so congrats on that. SmashCoast is a lead Production Music Company placing music in a variety of media. Big Boss Moves- congrats!

WOW- really? That’s awesome! Thank you!! You know with everything going on right now, it’s really during times like this that as an artist, you have to think outside the box and as times are evolving, you evolve with it. But yes- Thank you. I’m excited to have made this move with Smash Coast Music and to see what we can make happen!

Justina, SCM has placed music in thousands of TV shows, commercials, films and brands. Their most notable placements have been the NFL Super Bowl, Burger King, Viacom, ABC, Nintendo, Nissan just to name a few. You’ve have had your music placed before in commercials and TV ads. What type of placements are you most looking forward to in the future?

I would love to have my music in all of it! All types of media- different film and television. I would Love for my music to be picked up for a TV series- like a Theme song. Whether it’s one of my already existing songs I have or something they want me to create specifically for a show. That would be bomb! Television Commercials, films and advertisements. See, like film for example? Film has broken a lot of records for certain artists, like when M.I.A had the song in Slum dog Millionaire? Paper Planes .A Big Film with a BIG Record would be awesome. Even commercials, they have super high visibility and exposure. I would love for the music to be placed across the board in different types of film and Television. As you’ve said, I have had my music in TV shows and commercials in the past. The thing is, for me, music is a passion of mine. I love writing my own music and creating. It’s my music so you really get to see me from a first person point of view.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Aside from big films, I would love to also do a big TV series . Something popular that’s big within the culture. You know for instance like a Power, a Snowfall or Deuce type of show. A Shameless type of series . Something with longevity. A TV series that can go on for multiple seasons with such a big fan base. What makes that cool is that while the series grows , you grow with it as an artist. Look, the theme song for Power -that joint was hitting right? Then when everyone changed it they wanted it back. People were going crazy.

Now that SmashCoast Music will be pitching your music, do you think as a musician –the networks, music production teams, and the rest of us will be surprised by your style and sound as an artist? Because you’re far more than a rapper. You’re a lyricist, a singer, a song writer. A Poet some would say! You have an amazing singing voice by the way. Can we except to hear more of that from you?

My music is really eclectic and versatile, I feel like I have music for any occasion and because it’s so eclectic, I can do so many different things. I think people will definitely be surprised to hear my different sounds and what I can do beyond rapping.


Justina you have 6 past projects- Route 80. Valentine . Red Velvet . Scarlet Letter . Feminem and Favorite Vibe. Each one different than the last. You are unpredictable as an artist. So can you tell the readers a little bit of what we can expect from your highly anticipated album?

This album is going to have a little bit of everything. It’s going to have a lot of rap and some songs that are just straight bars. Other songs will incorporate R&B and some fire melodies . I will definitely be giving you both singing and rapping on this new album. Some of my personal favorites are Strawberry Soda, Big Bag Energy, Love You Better, & Only Fans. I even included a Jersey club joint is Lucky You The reason I dropped that record because over the quarantine, Tik Tok took over. If you didn’t have a Tik Tok account you got one. I started Tik Tok in 2019. I now have 6 million Tik Tok followers. I mean my Tik Tok blew up. Recently, a list circulated of the top liked female rappers on TikTok and I was #2 under Lizzo. I was doing like little freestyles that are going viral and I’m like ok, let me create an actual record for Tik Tok so that’s what I did. Just the way that social media evolves, I’ m evolving with it. It’s definitely not gonna be one lane. My fans are eclectic too and that’s why I love them. I can be unpredictable and creative and my fans will rock with me no matter what.

Click for iNFRARED Album Pre-Save Link (Spotify, Apple Music, Etc.)

Justina- I’m a lyric lover and one of my most favorite tracks by you is Just. On that record you say:

Dear future self

I’m a decade deep

I been grindin 10 years and they still don’t mention me?

What are they stupid?

Do they not hear me on these tracks?

I know it’s not a lot of girls, but why didn’t they pick me?

I mean it’s clear no one does what I do

I sing, I rap, and I write my own shit too

Justina, you may very well be one of the Best Female Lyricist and writers in the game. Why do you think people overlook that?

I really don’t know, it’s not for a lack of skill or quality music. The definition of “Infrared” is a light SO bright that it is not visible to the human eye. I named the album this because I can relate. I was the first female ever to spit a REAL freestyle, completely unwritten, on Sway’s 5 FINGERS OF DEATH. The fans went crazy for it but still received little mainstream recognition lol. I dunno why, maybe it’s because of the way I look. Also, I’ve been on TV for the past few years and EVERYONE knows me as Justina Valentine from TV, not necessarily Justina Valentine, the artist. Over the years, whether you like me or not, the music has taken on it’s own life. My music has made its way through the mud, poked its head out the ground and with over a quarter million monthly Spotify listeners, we’re getting there whether they like it or not. During this whole quarantine I’ve worked hard to create music and content. Consistency is key.

“Just” Music Video:

Sway’s 5 Fingers of Death:

You have partnered before with some major brands. McDonalds, Subway, Maybelline, Mountain Dew, Wendy’s, Coors Light (2016 Indie Spotlight Artist campaign went amazing!) Zaful, Kove. Tell the readers what are some types of brands that you would love to collab with in the future and even make music for?

I would definitely say my hair is a major part of my brand, so Revlon Holla at Me! Manic Panic- all that. A hair brand collab would be cool. I also love lip gloss. Like Fenty. RiRi Holla at Me!

Justina you just recently launched your clothing line J. Valentina Boutique. Tell the readers about that.

Yes, over quarantine we launched my store. J. Valentina Boutique.

We have pieces that I love and hand -picked myself. We carry swimwear, clothing, shades and accessories.

Shop the Collection: www.jvalentinaboutique.com

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Let’s do it

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word.


If you could walk Fashion Week for one Designer who did you pick!

Oh Moschino! They are really funky and edgy.

If you could do a Verzuz battle one male rapper who do you pick?

Chris Webby

Whose got the best pizza in Passiac County New Jersey?

Master Pizza on Main Ave- https://www.masterpizzaofclifton.com/

Who do you think are TOP 5 female rappers of all time?

Of all time? Shit! Does it have it be in order?

No any order.

Ok here we go. Lil Kim, Da Brat, Niki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Cardi B , Remy , Foxy Brown, and Missy Elliot. Oh shit. Was that more than 5?

If you were given the opportunity to make a hit record with any artists in the music industry : one dead, one alive. Who do you pick?

Dead- Tupac

Alive- Drake

What is one thing that you think even with all the riches and fame- money could still never buy?

Real love

You walk to the end of a hallway and there are 2 doors. The door to your left goes to your past and the door to the right goes to your future. You get 24 hours behind either door and 1 key. Which door are you picking?


If you could sit with anyone in the music industry for 1 hour on a bench- and ask them anything who do you pick?

Jay Z

Justina Valentine, Thank you for sitting down with Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and Congratulations once again on Teaming up with SmashCoast Music and the upcoming debut of your newest Album Infrared. Where can our readers find you on social music?

Download the Album! Infrared:


Website: JustinaValentine.com

IG: @JustinaValentine

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@justinavalentine

Twitter: @JustinaMusic

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/JustinaValentine

J. Valentina Boutique : http://jvalentinaboutique.com/

For Booking/Inquiries: Justinamanagement@gmail.com

SmashCoast Music: https://smashcoast.com/

Clean versions will also be available for licensing purposes and all inquiries can be sent to info@smashcoast.com

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