Joilson Melo Is Excited About His New Album ‘Genesis Mystery’

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Joilson Melo

Joilson Melo is an emerging indie artist with a sharp focus on Hip-Hop and Rock. Recently, he has launched the music album ‘Genesis Mystery’ with over 13 peppy tracks in it. For the Hip Hop listeners, Genesis Mystery will infuse a fresh zeal in them with its exciting tracks and phenomenal composition.

Everyone loves electronic music, but only a handful of persons walk the extra mile to turn their hobbies into a passion. With the release album, Genesis Mystery, electronic music was taken to an even higher level.

“These days, listeners are getting more attracted to electronic music. It has become part of the lives of many people across the globe. I have been passionate about Hip-Hop and Rock genres since my childhood. I am in love with these tracks. As an artist, I am glad that I’ve been able to give 13 refreshing tracks and tunes to my listeners and followers. They will certainly feel relaxed and rejuvenated after listening to my reinvigorating tracks,” Joilson Melo claimed.

Electronic music is essential to keep oneself motivated even with the gloomy scenes of desperation and devastation all around. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are losing hope and self-confidence. Listening to electronic music for a couple of hours makes them feel charged up and rejuvenated to take on the upcoming challenges of life.

The Album ‘Genesis Mystery’ was produced and recorded last year, but its release was postponed because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. This year, it has been globally released successfully and doing quite well among music lovers across the globe.

You can get a glimpse of all the tracks and their outstanding composition on various music streaming platforms like YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, and many more. Most of the tracks are related to the electronic genre, which has the elements of both Hip Hop and Rock.

13 Tracks of Genesis Mystery by Joilson Melo

Mystery, Power, and Drive Rock

Mystery, Summer

Start of Dance Party

Mystery, Pop Adventure Sentimental

Genesis Traps

Mysteries for Traps

Mysteries, War Game

Traps for infinity

Genesis Aggressiveness

Mysteries, Cinematographic

Mysteries, Hard Tech

Mystery, Inspiring Story Rock

Mystery, Grinder

The Overwhelming Craze of Hip Hop and Rock

After a hard day’s work, electronic music calms his soul and reinvigorates his mind. Listening to electronic music makes us feel relaxed and happy.

According to a statistical analysis by Statista, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock continue to be the most demanding musical genre on online musical streaming channels. They generate a combined share of over 32% of online streams on online musical platforms.

You who are passionate about electronic music, listen to this new album released by artist Joilson Melo, you will fall in love.





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