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By Kim Coco

Hey Struggle Mike! Welcome back Hip Hop Weekly! Introduce yourself to our readers that haven’t met you before! Let them know your name and where you’re from and the name of your music production studio!

What’s up Hip Hop Weekly! I’m Struggle Mike out of Buffalo NY. The South Side to be exact. I am the owner and CEO of The Struggle Recording Studio right here in Buffalo NY. We are located at 1770 Seneca St, Buffalo NY 14210.

Struggle Mike, The Struggle Clothing & Recording Studio is a major cultural staple in your city. Tell the readers about your studio

The Struggle Record Studio started out as a clothing store that over time I expanded to also include a barbershop and an in house music studio. The thing that makes my store different is that I combine art, entertainment and culture all under one roof. I also carry sell my exclusive line, Struggle716 clothing for the artist.

Struggle Mike, you have recently spent time rebranding your music studio and have finally relaunched it! Tell the readers what does Struggle Studio offer the artist?

At Struggle Studio we have everything for the artist all under one roof. We are a fully functioning music production studio where I executively produce and oversee all of the projects. I help the artist with every aspect of creating their album, EP, Mixtape and singles. Even if they want to come in and practice and get comfortable behind the mic and recording, I rent the studio out for that as well.

At Struggle Music Studio we also have an in house producer and engineer who will mix and master the music, we create custom beats for the artist. We also can help with the cover art, songwriting, and music placement. We offer a multitude of services aside from recording. Struggle Studio offers educational programming, consultations, podcast and voice over recording. We also have an in house fully equipped top of the line video, film and photography team who will help build your social media and multimedia video content.

Struggle Mike, in addition to all of that, you also have converted your store into a small event space to host private events such as listening parties, album release parties and even interviews.

Yes, we have done all of that and had small private events. The Studio has a camera team and film production team for music videos too. We film behind the scenes photos and can work with the artist for their photoshoots. We have had creators rent out the studio to film their podcast and models come for photoshoots. I also direct and produce music videos myself and also coordinate and secure location and set for filming based on the artist’s creative vision. I have exotic car rentals since I belong to the Nokturnal Car Club which is a worldwide custom low rider car club. When artists are looking for rides for videos & film I rent my collection of cars. I also secure features and can bring out the same artist for the filming of the video. Once the project is done we offer more than recording the music. That’s what makes Struggle Studio so different. We also offer marketing campaigns, promo and help push the music to mainstream radio, play listing, interviews, publications and all types of marketing campaigns. I also secure features for artists on projects.

Struggle Mike, you’ve also worked with over 500 local artists out of Buffalo at the studio, Who has come to work and made music at your studio?

Heem, El Camino, Boat, Flexxy, Mars, Rick Hyde, Benny the Butcher, Duffel Bag Hottie. All of the Brick Boys- Kev Mac, Grenzy, Same Dude, Speedie the Icon, Stretch. In just a short time we’ve recorded over 500 tracks not only for us but for a lot of different local artists.

Recently, One of your artists out of your new management company Struggle Cartel –Buffalo Rapper Kev Mac recorded “Pila de Botella” featuring Dominican Rapper Dixson Waz. You coordinated that whole music video even flying him out to Buffalo and the song was recorded in your studio too.

I coordinated everything down to flying him out to Buffalo to the Studio to film the music video in person, locking in the location, coordinated the film crew. Video is dope by the way , make sure you check that out Pila de Botella

Music Video:

You are running a contest this month where artists have a chance to win studio time among other prizes. Tell the readers about that and how they can participate.

Yes, I am giving away 3 prizes to 3 artists. The 3 winners get studio time among other cool prizes. The artists can enter by simply emailing their info and they will be submitted into the drawing. The deadline is Black Friday.

To submit for a chance to win studio session at Struggle Studio:

How can artists interested in working with you book a session at Struggle Studio or any of your other services? Where can our readers find you on social media. Plug yourself in so we know how to contact you for all things Struggle Mike and Struggle Studio! or they can email me directly, DM or stop in the store.

Best way to Reach me is through Instagram DM or just call the store (716) 800-7350 but for my socials…..

Instagram: @StruggleMike716


Facebook: Struggle Clothing Fashion & Footwear


Official Struggle Clothing Online Boutique:

Struggle Clothing, Recording Studio & Barber Shop located at – 1770 Seneca Street Buffalo NY

To Book Studio Sessions, video production, Low rider car rentals – @StruggleMike on Instagram Struggle Clothing Records:

Stream music Struggle Mikes Music:

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