IHateJulian Talks his Latest Singles “Nice To Meet You”, “Come Wit It” & More

Who are a few of your primary musical influences?

 A few of my musical influences are Jay-Z, he inspires all of my live performances, as I was younger I was in love with Fade To Black, and his MTV unplugged show/album. More currently I listen to a bunch of artists such as Key Glock, Kodak Black, Babyface Ray, as well as the legends Lil Wayne, J Cole, just to name a few

Can you describe how you approach your art in three words?

My approach to art in 3 words would be: Eclectic, Transparent, Flashy

Your latest singles “Nice To Meet You” and “Come Wit It” are some of the best tracks we’ve heard this year. For the visuals, how did you link up with Ricky and Trsh Mag?

I linked up with TrshMag last year, I was blown away by their quality and attention to detail on all of the content that they put out, so now we’re locked in for life. Ricky has been my close friend since middle school and I began my content creation journey with him, we’ve made hundreds of different visuals and videos together so that also is for life

What new records are you listening to right now?

New records im listening to right now are J Cole “The Off Season” , Key Glock & Young Dolph “Dum and Dummer 2”, Babyface Ray “Unfuckwitable”

Dream collab?

Dream Collab would be a song featuring Jay-Z and Biggie

What’s next? And where do you plan to be in five years?

What’s next is my new project “777” which is due to release this summer with new visuals to accompany the EP. In 5 Years I see myself a multi – millionaire and the Lucky Me brand elevated to the highest level

Shoutout to your new fans.

Shoutout to everyone that just got hip to IHateJulian, I have lots of content all over the web so catch up!





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