How Music Artist Ty’Liyah Monroe, AKA The Tatted Goddess, Unwinds Through Music And Ink

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Tattoos, since the early years, have served as a form of art and self-expression. Even today, it continues to be a way for people to create a canvas on a person’s skin. And for music artist Ty’Liyah Monroe, tattoos have become a way for her to commemorate events, but most importantly, unwind from life. 

From the usual to the important events of her life, Ty’Liyah gets tattoos to celebrate these. Presently, she has 132 tattoos on her skin and is now also known as “The Tatted Goddess.” 

It’s hard to miss Ty’Liyah when she walks into any room, and that’s not only because of her tattoos. She also exudes confidence and elegance with the way she dresses and moves. 

Finding Happiness In Ink 

Many things in life can cause frustration, which is why people find outlets where they can allow a moment of peace for themselves. And for Ty’Liyah, this comes from getting tattoos. She shared that whenever she’s going through a rough time, she gets a tattoo. 

Ty’Liyah remembers how good it felt when she got her first tattoo. Before that, she felt down and felt the need to get a tattoo. After getting inked, she felt relieved. 

From then, she knew what she had to do when things are looking dark. But most importantly, her tattoos have served as a reminder of what she went through, how she overcame them, and how far she came. 

Unwinding With Music 

Ty’Liyah, like many others, knows how music can be uplifting. This is why she enjoys listening to inspirational music whenever she feels stressed or burned out. 

She also takes time to watch motivational videos so she can remember why she started and continue to pursue the dream that she started. 

Her appreciation of music can be connected to her career as a music artist herself. She jumpstarted her career in the music industry as a video vixen while she was in Atlanta where she’s been living for the last 15 years. 

From then, she has been featured in several standout music videos such as Jeezy’s “1 Time,” Lil Baby’s “Boss B***h,” Young Dolph’s “Paranoid“, K Camp’s “Tatted Up,” Lil Duval’s “Be Happy“ featuring T.I., and Wiz Khalifa’s “Going Hard.” 

Ty’Liyah is also an official BelAire Champagne model and has made appearances on Black Ink, Love & Hip Hop, and even Kevin Hart’s movie “School Night.”

Now, she is working on her EP and newest single titled “phatty” as well as two short films and her brand “Versetël.”
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