Hitpapa Talks New Visual Feat. Emtee “I’ll Be There”

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When you’re told throughout your life that you have a gift, it’s your duty to share it with the world. Encouragement was life-changing for HITPAPA, who has achieved his ultimate dream of sharing his music with the world. Inspired by the iconic sounds of Michael Jackson, Trey Songz, and Wizkid, with the flavor of Nigeria, he’s curated a truly unique approach to music sure to heat up the mainstream. Hitpapa’s music is the essence of self-expression, reflecting his desires, hopes, and accomplishments in a medium anyone can connect with. After building a solid following in Africa, HITPAPA is ready to go global and bring Afrobeat to every corner of the world.

Melt into the sun-drenched summer beats of HITPAPA’s latest hit, “I’ll Be There.’‘ Capturing the heart and spirit of Afrobeat, the song offers tropical West African drums and easy-flowing lyrics that will have you moving to the rhythm. The song features Emtee, one of the most well-respected artists in Africa, bringing heat and intensity that pairs seamlessly with Hitpapa’s talent and creative artistry. The song is about being ready for a good time and seizing the day. Together, the duo star in a sultry music video shot in a penthouse full of stunning models as they pregame for a memorable night. The video exudes luxury and sexiness, perfectly pairing with the playful track.

What inspired you to want to begin pursuing a career in music?

Answer: Made a demo in 2014 and the reaction I got from the producer/engineer as well as family and friends made me give music my all.

What makes your music stand out among other hip-hop artists competing for a place in the industry?

Answer: I really feel like am going to be unique in my sound and deliverance. Passing positive messages while still having fun and letting people know what is going on in my life. Many artists just fake things now adays and say what they don’t even have an idea of. I write my own lyrics and will surely deliver it my own way.

Who were some of your musical idols growing up, and in what ways do their stylings shine through and shape your own musical creations?

Answer: Michael Jackson, Trey Songz, Boys 2 Men, Nelly, Don Moen, Bow wow, B2K, Usher…Just to mention a few. I also listened to some classical songs and home based music from the legendary Victor Uwaifo, Da Great King Sunny Ade and Legendary Fela Kuti.

Where did you find inspiration for “I’ll Be There”?

Answer: I was with someone they call Emtee the Hustler (Who is featured in the track) and found out after a little chit chat that he is really a hard working person. So I just decided to talk to every other hustlers out there that they gonna make it if they keep grinding and putting there faith in God. This life thing takes turns “Life na Turn by Turn” Keep hustling…

What message has been artfully incorporated into the song for listeners to take away from it?

Answer: Keep grinding and hoping for the best. Every dog gatz his/her day.

What was your experience collaborating with Emtee?

Answer: Fun and educating. We learnt from each other.

How did the two of you meet, and why did you decide to join forces for “I’ll Be There”?

 Answer: For me I wanted to work with him and since I came to South Africa I felt it was only right to introduce myself through a song done with one of There own fav artist that I also vibe with. The Energy was great and so why not, We just rocked to the beat while chilling.

What is going on in the “I’ll Be There” video?

 Answer: I invited emtee and some beautiful ladies to the crib and had fun.

What was it like shooting this visual?

Answer: Also mad fun and a lot of beautiful people with beautiful souls and energies.

When and what can Hitpapa fans and followers expect from you next?

Answers: More collabos and more Hitz. I vow to keep up to my name Hitpapa. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts to the world through your platform.

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