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Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, what city you rep & the name of the project you just dropped!

What’s up everybody! My name is Dubb Zero, also known as Zero. I’m a Hip Hop artist, song writer, creator, model and music mogul in the making. I was born in the Cape Verde Islands which is off the West Coast of Africa but I was raised in and rep Brockton, Massachusetts. I just dropped my latest project which is my second solo album called King Zero on July 13th and its available everywhere on all platforms now. It’s #ZeroSZN.

So Zero, there’s more to you than meets the eye. Can you explain to both me and the readers aside from being a solo artist, creator, songwriter and model what other accolades do you have up your sleeve?

Oh I am most definitely more than just a musician. Both myself and my team have created and continue to successfully grow the NewHitz Brand. Before I became a rapper , I got my start in music as a songwriter writing lyrics and music for other artists . Then shortly after I started writing lyrics for myself and then began creating my own music, finding my own sound and added my own twist as a Solo artist. My first love is writing actually. But I’m also one of the artists behind New England’s popular music groups -NewHitz ™ as well as one of the owners and creators of The NewHitz Brand which consistent of NewHitz Entertainment which is an Indi Record Label , Studio and Entertainment company based out of New England. I’m also one of the Co-creator and designers behind the New Hitz clothing Line.

So Zero, on July 13th you dropped your 2nd solo Album called King Zero. Your first single to drop off that album is called King Zero and has since taken the industry by storm. Zero, can you tell the readers about the creative process of that album and what we can expect from King Zero.

This album- King Zero is the 2nd solo album I put out but it’s the 5th project I have been a part of since I started making music.

The album has 8 tracks and I can honestly say this is my most versatile piece of work and the final outcome- this collection really shows how I don’t really belong to just one genre. This album is really authentic to me as an artists and I think the fans will hear, see and feel that too. I actually have created my own lane and don’t want to be boxed in. It’s kind of crazy because every track on this album is different from the one before it and is different than the one after it but the final product – the finished album is a collection of tracks that blend together perfectly and tell a story. The 8 tracks include: Dangerous, Celebrate, Right Here, Dantas, Life is Beautiful Interlude, Stars, Southside Love, and King Zero. With King Zero I wanted to show the world and fans that the only thing predictable about me is that I am a hardcore poet and lyricist and that I am unpredictable. As an artist I don’t exactly fit in one lane and so I created my own. You’ll hear it with this album. My vibe is a mix of hip hop, I’m R&B, soul, I mix zouk and I incorporated the island sound and culture of Cape Verde music which Kizomba and zouk. Kizomba music is rarely heard or seen here in the states and I bring that flavor.

Zero you mentioned that you were born in the Cape Verde Islands off the West Coast of Africa. You never forget your roots. You still go back to visit. So tell the readers a bit about the culture of Cape Verde’s music and you being a musician there. Also tell the readers some more about Kizomba music.

Well to be honest, Cape Verde is probably one of the most beautiful islands in West Africa and maybe even the world. Coco, the sand is like powder and the water is so clear. It’s so beautiful but like a hidden gem. People don’t realize how amazing it is because we don’t really hear about it much in the news. The music and Hip Hop scene over there doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but we are hoping to change that. Kizomba is the most popular style and genre of music and is influenced by Caribbean sounds.

Kizomba has a lot of soul. It a mix of Caribbean, its slower, percussions, electric sounds, but with an R&B type of twist. The hip hop artists use the music platform to be social activists and bring light to the hardships, the society there, their struggles and the consequences of it all. It’s a whole vibe. I feel that I am the best of both worlds because I bring that Cape Verdian island flavor with hip hop, R&B, Zouk and have created my own sound .I’ve traveled to Cape Verde not only to visit but to perform there! I have a fan base there that I love to go back for. I performed with Akon actually in Cape Verde which was an incredible experience; I filmed my music video out there and I have performed shows and other festivals. Even Fab did a video there. I love going back just for the fans, the energy and the whole culture .

Read more: http://m.digitaljournal.com/pr/4757392#ixzz6UnRbYi3

Where did you get the name Dubb Zero from? Did someone give it to you? Is zero a persona?

Dub Zero comes from and is inspired by being named after Michael Jordan. The great basketball player of all time .At first I wanted my artist name to reflect something of greatness and power like Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is not only a great athlete and entrepreneur but he is also a combination of all things influential with brands, business and marketing so he is more than just the greatest basketball player out there. Jordan is one of the most marketed sports figures in history.

In 2005 he released the Jordan Dubb Zeros which were the first ever pair of Jordan’s to mix all of the 4 best Jordan’s into one. They are a hybrid collection of the greatest and most timeless Jordan’s. The Air Jordan Dub Zeros combine different parts of almost all Original – Retro Air Jordan’s. And just like me , a collection of all greatness that is more than just an artist. And I think that is what makes me different. I don’t settle for average. I spice things up and give different vibes, I am building this brand and have created my own style because I am here to leave my mark of greatness. That is where Dubb Zero comes from and I am the same person all the time except Zero thrives off the energy and the music and really gets lit when it time to perform.

So, Zero, Tell the readers who discovered your talent? How old were you and did someone or some type of event in your life inspire you to start writing in the first place?

Oh Yeah most definitely. As a teenager, 15 years old, I went after school one day while my mother was at work to the record store. Let’s say my mother was a little strict you know? But, I went one day after school and bought the Nas Illmatic album. Remember when you use to be able to walk into a store and buy an album or a record? Like a Disc? Or a CD at a Tape World, or a Coconuts? A Sam Goody type store? Well, I bought the album, went home and walked straight into my basement, pulled the plastic off and put it in the tape player and listened to the entire album. The whole thing from start to finish that day. I even pulled out the little booklet and read the lyrics. Every single word from the front of the album to back. That album changed my life and outlook on music. Everything from the cover art to the metaphors, just the words. The flow of the rhymes. The message behind that body of work but the lyricism. The lyrics and the writing from the Illmatic Album really is what started my passion and sparked the creative in me to want to write. Because don’t forget, I was a writer, a poet first. I love writing. Writing was and is my outlet ever since I was younger. Even today, that album is still a timeless collection of work. But I’ve been doing music since 2008 and started as a songwriter for other artists and as much as I loved it , I wanted more and decided to write for myself and so I transitioned into making my own music and soon became a rapper, An artist.

King Zero isn’t your first project. You have put out other projects. Drop the names of those so the readers can check those out too!

Well King Zero is my latest but I have also put out Black Dinero , Mr. Zero “The Beantown Bomber”, Greatness in the Making in 2011, and Trending Topic in 2010. https://www.reverbnation.com/dubbzero/songs

You’ve been making music since 2017 but really have been grinding since 2018. You have even added music entrepreneur to your accolades. Some have even called you a rising music mogul in the making. You mentioned earlier that you are one of the Founders and Creators of the Indi Label & Entertainment Company NewHitzTM. Tell the readers what does New Hitz Entertainment offer the artist?

That’s a good question. Yes, I am one of the owners and creators of The NewHitz Brand and a part of that is NewHitz ENT. An Indi Record Label , complete with an in house full production music Studio and Entertainment company based out of New England. We are really different because of how we are structured and what we offer. We are really a one stop shop for all things music. We offer things like music production, studio time, song writing, we make beats, produce, mix and master music. We even offer our artists Press & media exposure, management, artist brand consultations, Artist Development where you can even meet with an A&R or manager from our team in the studio and have a listening session with feedback from one of our professionals to help develop you and put you out there to the music industry and be seen. Stand out. We even have a full top of the line marketing team and publicist.

We do everything from getting radio placement, TV and Film Placements and even set up interviews with the media.

We have directors for your music videos with full on videography and a cinematography team. And all our stuff is super high end. We have all of the necessary means to scout and lock in super exclusive locations for filming. And we may very well be taking NewHitz Ent and our love and Mission of music overseas in the near future to Cape Verde South Africa. We see how important exposure is, management and promo teams are. The media is not shining the light and that is something is my future plans with NewHitz. To bring it overseas and help build the hip hop industry and artists there.


You are also one of the main artists that make up the popular New England music groups NewHitz™. Zero, tell the readers about New Hitz. Who is in the group and on the team?

Wow, the team is a family really and the reason we are successful is because we all have the same grind, vision and drive. The same goals and love of music. The team is made up of: Artist Mykel Forever who is a singer, song writer, producer, engineer and creator. Milk Man, an artist, producer, song writer and creator.Lisa Lopes- an Artist who is both a singer and songwriter. Also on the NEW HITZ team is Bruno who is a photographer, graphic designer , videographer, all things creative for photos, film , videos and cinematography. He is super creative with Video concepts. Then we have Savage who is all things marketing, promotion, press, and media. He really is the force that pushes the music to the press, the fans and builds a bigger audience base by providing these platforms. And there is Cee Jay Sena who has his own entity called Sena Vision and what he does is video, film, and is the creators of all things graphic design, songwriter, producer. He is a super affiliate.

You’ve worked alongside some pretty major artists besides Akon! Tell the readers about working with them and who else you have worked with? Any other big names up your sleeve in the future?

Oh yeah I have worked with some great artists like Meek Mill , Mario Akon, Troy Ave I have opened up for Akon, Meek Mill (MMG), Mario, Planet VI (Rock City), Cory Gunz (YMCMB), Teairra Marí , Roy Ave to name a few!

You’re currently one of the fashion rebels in the music industry. Your style is very much your own. You’ve even been approached by different brands to sponsor you. Describe your style in 3 words!

Wow. Just 3. Ok.

1. Swaggy

2. Fresh

3. Unpredictable

Best dressed rapper? Wow. I’m going to go with Nas. He is always fresh and has this swag in his energy. He has evolved with the times yet it still original. Timeless Swag.

So Zero I know you write your own music. Some have even said your lyrics are as smooth as butter on a beat. Do you or will you write for other artists if they are interested in working with you?

Definitely . I’ve been doing music since 2008 and started as a songwriter for other artists then transitioned into making my own music and never looked back. I am a poet first and tell a story through my lyrics. There is always meaning and a message behind my music and collection of work. When I write I wear my heart on my sleeve when writing my lyrics. Like a peek inside my a journal.

Zero – Describe the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!

Ok, just one word? Wow. Evolving

If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist in the music industry, dead or alive from any genre who do you pick?

Tupac definitely! He was a lyrical genius. A poet . Tupac can tell a whole story through his lyrics

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. Tupac

2. Nas

3. Biggie

4. Andre 300

5. Jay Z

So Zero your New Album King ZERO RELEASED on 7/13/2020! Tell the readers what can e expect from you after King Zero takes over the charts? What’s in store for you after the world opens back up?

The album is doing really good but I miss performing and getting that energy and excitement from the crowd. So I can’t wait for that first adrenaline rush to perform but I am thinking on more of the business end of organizing and throwing the shows. One the world opens up and I ready to take the music scene over by storm both nationally and internationally to Cape Verde and establish the first Full Service Entertainment company there with all of the same things we offer here in the states. Im pushing the first single and video for King Zero and the next step is radio, more interviews, more modeling , more songwriting. Building the Dubb Zero and New Hitz Brand even bigger and even better than before. Im ready for it though. Its ZeroSNZ!!!

Where can our readers find you on social media ? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things Dubb Zero ,King Zero and New Hitz

IG – @Zero_NewHitz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dubbzero

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zero_newhitz

Management – NewHitz : https://www.instagram.com/newhitz




New Album -King Zero Available Now for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – SoundCloud /TIDAL/ GooglePlay/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/Shazam/TikTok/ Deezer PlayMusic

New Album link

ITunes – https://music.apple.com/us/album/king-zero/1522868367




Dubb Zero Fan Page https://instagram.com/dubbzero_fanpage?igshid=1bvtad6unz7qz

Press Release: https://www.prunderground.com/enjoy-the-mix-of-multiple-music-styles-with-dubb-zeros-latest-album-king-zero/00197512/



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