[HHW Interview] BSF Artist Young World Makes His HHW Debut

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By : KimCoco

Introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know your name and where you’re from.

It’s Your Boy Young World Man from Buffalo New York. Queens City!

Where did the name Young World Come From? Is Young World a persona? If so, what’s the difference between him & the real you?

The name Young World actually came from a producer named Kidd Kold. I met him when I was a kid. He became my mentor very early on in my career. He’s like a Buffalo Legend but ever since I met him he just started calling me that and it kinda stuck. I guess because of my content, ya know because of my music. I always talk about wanting to be an inspiration, a figure trying to talk to the younger generation. The youth. But still to this day, I really don’t know why he gave me that name. And the only difference between the real me and Young World is that Young World is able to express everything that I’m feeling inside that I don’t say outloud. Through my lyrics and the music.

SO Big Congratulations are in order! You were just officially signed to Benny the Butchers New Global Label Deal with the Black Sopranos Family. The Youngest member! Some have even said that you are the Secret Weapon that BSF is getting ready to unleash. Tell our readers who discovered your talent and how did you come to connect with Benny & the rest of the guys in “The Family”

So, I was discovered actually by City Boy whose Benny’s right hand man. I’m from Buffalo New York and ya know, I’ve been doing my thing for a while there and in the music scene. I actually own a studio in Buffalo so I would have clients coming in and out all the time. But one day l had a friend call me up saying “Yo, can I come use your studio for a video. Ya know, For a video shoot.” So I told him yeah come through.

It wound up being Conway. His video shoot . So Conway came to the studio and City Boy was there. While they were shooting the video, I was doing my thing with my own music and City Boy heard it. He was trying to figure out whose music it was. He found out it was me and so he pulled me to the side and was like “Yo, I wanna rock with you. But, I can show you better than I can tell you so he brought me out on Tour which was actually “The Plugs I Met Tour” last year and since then we have been growing ever since.

Your new single On My Way was just released and already has become a massive Sensation. You also just officially released the video to that record.In that video you and BSF are essentially celebrating your initiation into “The Family as a Made Man”. Bring us back to the day that you actually signed on the dotted line. What went through your head? And tell the readers, did you actually get that BSF backpack full of money and the new diamond chain like we saw in that video?

Yeah that’s a fact. Everything you saw in the music video was real. We was really celebrating that day. Yeah, I got the chain and the money. But the one thing about me is, I have a hustlers mentality so when I got the backpack of money, I told Benny “ I rather you take that Bag back and invest it in me because what I want to do is turn that Bag into Millions”. Because honestly, even if I did take the money, that’s exactly what I would have done. I would have taken it and invested it back into myself. The day I signed though, I was just feeling like, super proud. It was a really proud moment for me. I actually shed a few tears because I worked really hard for it. You know, I’ve been doing this since I’m a kid. Almost 10 years already and at that moment, I just felt like now I can really show the world what I’m capable of.

If you were given the opportunity to collaborate on one song with any artist, dead or alive who would it be?

Wow! Only 1 Collaboration. That’s gonna be hard to pick but….

Ok let’s do Top 3

Ok. Well the 3 artists I pick are each of a different genre because Young World is very versatile.

1. I would do a Pop Record with Michael Jackson because he is the King of Pop

2. I would do an R&B record with Chris Brown

3. And last but not least I would do a Hip Hop record with DMX

Young World, when was the first time you ever picked up a pen and paper to write? And did something, someone or some type of event in your life inspire you to begin writing in the first place?

So when I was younger, I grew up in the inner city but I moved out to the suburbs early on and you know, that came with its own battles within itself. And- I didn’t really have a lot of friends because I had left them back in the city. So really, the only outlet I had was writing. I would just write poetry to express how I was feeling, which came natural to me. I don’t really even know where it came from to be honest. Musically though, as a young kid I played a lot of different instruments. A lot of people don’t know that about me. I related to and studied music since I was a kid. Like since second grade I was already playing instruments and writing. But when I moved out to the suburbs, I didn’t have anyone to talk to so that’s when I really started to write, sort of like a little glimpse into my mind or my journal. But back when I was in middle school, I was on punishment and my dad had given me this beat machine that was like from the 90s. It wasn’t like today where you have a hard drive. It only held 100 beats. So I took that machine and I deleted whatever was on it and within that same night I had created 100 of my own beats.100 songs. In that night. But I was a poet first and that’s how I expressed myself. I added my poetry to the Rhythm and began creating songs.

The culture of BSF seems very similar to that of an Old School Italian Family. Just like the series Sopranos some would say. How would you describe the culture of BSF for our readers. AND_- Do you guys all go sit down and have dinner once a month to catch up on family business like they do in Goodfella’s?

We do that more than once a month. We do that almost everyday! We actually call it “The Making the Band House” because we actually all live under the same roof here in ATL. We wake up to music, go to sleep to music and BSF is constantly working and creating. You can probably hear music now in the background. We have 3 studios in the house and every one of us is always creating something. It’s a constant work environment .We all live together, eat together, chop it up about business so the culture of our family, Black Soprano Family is a tight one. Respect, Honor and Loyalty.

Tell our readers 3 fun facts about you that we would never know otherwise.

1. Young World is left handed

2. Young world is legally blind in my left eye. I was born that way. It’s actually a condition called Amblyopia. There’s no surgery or anything to fix it either.

3. Third fact is- I’m a boxer. I wanted to be a professional boxer before making rap music. Actually my last fight was just last July. If I wasn’t rapping I would be boxing. The next Floyd Mayweather

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time?

Well in no particular order, I gotta go with:

1. Benny the Butcher

2. 50 cent

3. DMX

4. Chris Brown

5. Lil Wayne

Oh and ME! Young World. I’m always gonna be in my Top 5


Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in 1 word.


You’re from Buffalo, New York. So, you have to tell us. Who has the best pizza there?

Ohhhhhhh……I’m gonna go with this answer right here. La Nova’s! That’s my boy Tony Deniro Man. La Nova’s got it. But that’s funny because we always have this discussion a lot because we think Buffalo has the best food in the world. Actually I think National Geographic ranked us #3 for Food in the World.

Like we discussed earlier, BSF is one big family, who has really been your biggest mentor, your GO- TO for support? And do you feel you need to work harder since you’re the youngest member?

I think Benny. Benny is obviously in a position that I aspire to be in one day and I see a lot of myself in him and vice versa. I guess it’s because we can relate. I can talk to him about anything. He is like an older brother. It doesn’t have to be just about music. And yeah, I do feel that I need to prove myself more than the older guys but that’s ok because Young World is constantly working and I know they see that.

In 2018 you put out a song called “We the People” and it’s about your personal story of being a young black man in today’s society. It’s kind of ironic how history continues to repeat itself. In the song lyrics you say “System ain’t built for my people to thrive Least I can do is try keep us alive Momma was scared I look deep in her eyes She told be safe as she keep in the cries. Reality really be scaring her I hate that it really put fear in us Committed two crimes when I came on this earth I’m black and I live in America” So my question is- If you were given the opportunity to stand before the entire world, having the complete attention of all 8 billion human beings on this planet ; every color, ethnicity , religion, shape, size etc. What would you tell us about how we can fix the state of the world we are currently living in?

I would have so much to say but to break it down in a sentence or 2 what I would say is this: We all got here the same way and we all gonna leave this earth the same way. You know nothing really separates us but the color our skin color. All the other stuff we judge people on is very irrelevant because when we are gone from this earth, where did all this violence and killing get us? At the end of the day, we are all just human, we are the same. I don’t even know why we fight half the time. I would probably perform that song right there for the crowd. Because what I want to say, I can always express better through the music and the lyrics.

Can I ask you about your brother Young World?


Ok. On that same record “We the People” you say the following lyrics which stuck out to me: “My brother is gone he in heaven/ Been doing this shit since eleven/ 23 and it still is a blessing/ Where I’m headed it’s really no telling” What do you think your brother say if he were here today. If he were able to see what you have become?

Whenever I talk about my brother in my music, I’m actually talking about my boy. My closest friend. Demetrius Mack or D-Mack. I have this tattoo on my wrist that I got a few months ago for him. It’s a music note with angel wings in honor of him. We use to do music together and so I got this tattoo, so when I hold up the Mic when I’m performing, he’s right there with me and the crowd can see it. I feel like he would be super proud of me because he believed in me from the very beginning. One of the first. And remember I told you I had no friends when I moved out of the city, well he was my only friend. I think he would just be really proud.

There are rumors that although the torch has been passed to you by BSF, that Benny may be making room for just a handful of new artists. Is that true or false?

That’s true. Benny always has his eyes and ears open. Seeking new talent to add to BSF .We are a close family so whoever we welcome in, the artists, they not only have to vibe with us musically but more importantly, match our work ethic and they have to value and honor our family code of respect. That’s what’s most important.

Is Benny coming out with a Plugs 2 hoodie. The world is waiting. Can I get the exclusive Young World?

Wow. What’s crazy is that The Plugs I Met Hoodies were just part of an exclusive re launched. People really loved that hoodie which is why Benny re- launched them. The people asked for it. But put it this way, the Plugs I Met Hoodie is just the beginning of what’s to come. Benny has been working and cooking up some crazy ideas that will be released to the line this year. Stayed tuned though. I guess the world will see soon enough! You know I can’t go spilling all the family secrets

Does BSF have any new projects coming up that we can look out for?

Actually Yes, we have an upcoming project with DJ Drama that’s about to drop. It’s the Black Soprano Family EP. Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents: Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos that is set to be releasedsoon. Anyday now, look out for it because it’s dope.

Where can our readers find you on social media. Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things Young World.

Instagram: @Imyoungworld

Twitter: @ImYoungWorld

Facebook: Young World

YOUTUBE: @BlackSopranoFamily SUBSCRIBE

Instagram: @blacksopranofamilyrecords @Getbenny @BlackSopranoFamily

ON MY WAY Official Music Video

Benny the Butcher Official Store: https://bennythebutcherstore.com/

PLUGS I MET HOODIES & Limited Merch Releases Sold Exclusively at https://bennythebutcherstore.com/

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