HDC Duo Talks Romance in Their New Single “Drunken Love”

From lunchtime music making in high school to sharing a ‘mirror-like’ love story as adults, HDC is a duo like no other. Most recently, they have released their latest single “Drunken Love” which recounts their very similar romantic ventures with the people that they love.

HDC, standing for “Hijo de la Chingada” loosely translates to worthless kids, a term that the duo, Jose Gutierrez who goes by Joezee and Israel Ruiz who goes by Short, are trying to put in a more positive light. “We’re not just the worthless kids that everyone thinks comes from a small town. We’ve really got the voice that we’re trying to get heard.”

The duo started making music together while in high school. They would not get to see each other until lunch where they would sit together and make music. “We’d always both be doing music but separately. So in lunch, when we would hang out, we would kind of be to the side and just freestyling or singing beats.”

Short’s reason for getting into music is due to his long term interest in writing. “I’ve liked music ever since I was a little kid. It’s always been my passion. I’ve always been writing lyrics even though they didn’t make sense when I was younger, but in my head I was writing like the best lyrics! I was also always writing out other rappers’ lyrics that I was hearing. I would act like I was performing them.”

The song “Drunken Love” is a particularly cool track. With the fusion of English and Spanish as well as the easy and fun sound of the music, it’s a great track to pick up this summer. “It’s the type of song that you can cruise to with a special person, or just cruise to at night.”

They went on to explain the meaning of the song more deeply. “It talks about our past relationships and how we dealt with them and just how we felt throughout the process of it all. It talks about love. We both ended up meeting our partners at parties exactly how the song says. So we kind of mirrored our lives in the same way and then we wrote a song about it.”

HDC’s reason for making music is currently very based around their families and their personal relationships. The music that they have released so far is all based around their relationships and how things play out. “It’s all sort of like the same story, basically like a part, like the next one right after ”Drunken Love,” it kind of explained the aftermath of a relationship. And the second song after that one actually explained life while in the relationship. So it’s all kind of like a full circle if you listen to what we have out now.”

Check out HDC’s latest release here as well as their Instagram accounts for more music and information on the group.

https://www.instagram.com/joseeg_hdc/ https://www.instagram.com/israel_hdc/ https://www.instagram.com/official_hdc/

Drunken Love 

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