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A man of many traits, Mark Spratley AKA SpratFool has grown a solidified brand, influence and business over the last seven years. At an early age of his career he has seen success on some of the highest levels while only continuing to grow and expand. From developing or introducing some of your favorite superstars, charting the billboards, solidifying major deals, his creative marketing, social media, throwing events with thousands of people, to propelling some of your favorite brands, he has seemingly done it all. Mark Spratley is a one stop shop that possesses the tools, resources and network to easily navigate multiple areas of the industry. Creating a name for himself hasn’t been hard as he not only runs a popular Twitter account (@SpratFool) but continues to create memorable moments, artists and events. You can credit the internet to his success, although he is not one to partake in clout like activities, Mark Spratley navigates social media at ease and has demonstrated time in and time out that he can create a buzz by just utilizing the computer, a phone and his network.
Sprat is a power to know as he continues to align the stars and defy the odds while showcasing a never ending hustle. A brilliant mind that seems to be one of the more creative individuals within the music world as he constantly develops new ideas, trends or ways of breaking an artist. 

Although we are already quite familiar, we took the time out below to help introduce Sprat while we also dug a little deeper and asked him some questions that we wanted the answers to. Check it out below.

HHW: Whether you worked with them on the label, management, publicity, marketing or pressed the button on the entire movement, you have had quite the success rate with artists. How do you find artists and what do you look for?

Mark Spratley:
Music may not be #1 to everyone these days but it still is for me. I like a unique tone. An artist that stands out to me vocally will always catch my attention. From there it’s what you bring to the table as a person, a character and artist. Do you have a story, a brand or unique style or is it something that can at least be developed?
An artist that is his/her own character is by far one of the greatest attributes. Your energy is everything. Some people have a star persona, some don’t. That’s not to say you have to be energetic, wild and reckless. Just be your best self and exert that into the world. 

How do I find artists? I come across music all the time whether it’s me digging around online, randomly coming across a record, word of mouth or someone else tuning me in.

HHW: Were you always as polished as you are now?

Mark Spratley:
Hell nah! haha. Many many lessons have been learned. My abilities were crazy when I came into the game but they were raw. I’m sure there was a lot of dumb shit I did along the way, situations I got myself in that I could have avoided or things I didn’t know. The point is to learn and move accordingly, I grew from that and am now sturdier than ever. I’m a machine now. 

The one thing I’ve always had was an ear for music and a hustle. You can always learn something new, not everyone has an ear for music or talent.

What is your relationship with Lud Foe like these days? Smooky Margielaa? You all made quite an impact for a few years.

Mark Spratley:
It’s been a few years for Foe and I. I’ve been connecting with Kid Wond3r more frequently lately, something may be brewing. There are a bunch of Lud Foe inspired artists out there right now. We paved the way for a few years. We certainly have a lot of unfinished business. For the people and Yaya.

Smooky was just a kid when we were working, literally. It’s been a few years since I’ve spoken or seen him though, not sure what he is up to. It’s all love for Smooky and I wish him nothing but success and blessings for real. 

HHW: You had Lud Foe certified “platinum in the streets”. Meaning you all were running up millions on platforms like WSHH, Youtube, SpinRilla, MyMixtapez, Datpiff, Live Mixtapes and more. Do you ever imagine if you all came with the force you have in the DSP era? 

Mark Spratley:
Can you imagine if we dropped in the DSP era?! It’s not something I think about often but lord, we would have had a handful of plaques hanging up on the wall. It was a different time in the rap game then, the blog era was beginning to transition out while platforms such as Spinrilla, MyMixtapez, DatPiff, WSHH, LiveMixtapes and Audiomack went crazy for hip hop and that particular type of music.

We were putting up MILLIONS on these platforms when few other rap artists were putting up those numbers besides the household names you all are acquainted with. We were steps ahead of a lot of these artists that are now solidified.

HHW: You helped connect Lil Baby and DaBaby for the first time. Something that has turned into a powerful duo as both have become massive stars. How did that come about?

Mark Spratley: I swear I be on to something! 
It was part of the campaign for “Baby Talk 5” and something that I thought would be a great move. At the time DaBaby was putting up hundreds of thousands and had the respect of many while Lil Baby was on his way to being a star. Both artists were moving heavily and people began to create a fake “beef” and noise out of both having the Baby name and who had it first etc.

DaBaby wanted that feature and saw the vision
I had the line to Lil Baby through previous work with him and my guy Rashad. I made the call, connected everyone together and eventually a record was made. That record was the remix to “Today” off of ‘Baby Talk 5’.

It’s crazy because Lil Baby began to grow like crazy around the time and QC wasn’t clearing records. That’s the reason why it’s not on DSP’s and just on certain platforms.

The plan was to shoot a video but schedules and delays didn’t permit that
Move forward in time and they’re making hit records together and both at the top of their field with Baby in their name. Crazy how things work and come to fruition.

HHW: You are from New Jersey and let it be known often. Is being from New Jersey something you take pride in? Do you ever see yourself moving back? Why did you move?

Mark Spratley: Jersey is on my back, literally. Born and raised in New Jersey and that is something I definitely take pride in. 
Moving back? Not at the moment, I was debating moving to NY/NJ when moving out of Atlanta. I like what is brewing in Jersey right now. In the future I’d like to have another place in NY/NJ. I think it would be ideal to have a place in LA, NY/NJ and Atlanta to move more efficiently. 

I moved because it was time to branch out and see a whole network that I never saw much face to face. I recommend that for everybody wherever you are from. Beyond that, I did a whole lot in and for New Jersey. My last straw was my Jersey Vs. Everyone event that got canceled by the Newark police a few days before the actual event. New Jersey police weren’t allowing anyone to have hip hop events around that time especially with particular artists. I had everyone from Jersey coming out on that show, the buzz was crazy, they didn’t like that and tried every excuse to cancel it. I was tired of the BS, the snow, rain and more so I moved to LA.

I definitely plan on coming back out to Jersey more that I’m settled back in LA now. I have some plans that I still want to bring to fruition that I have had on my mind for years. At this point, just be on the lookout as some of that will be coming soon.

HHW: Can you talk to us about the current scene of music and hip hop in New Jersey? Who are some artists that are heating up or on your radar out of the Garden State?

Mark Spratley: Jersey is going up right now. Something is brewing. It’s dope to see a lot of new talent starting to gain some buzz and create more respect for the state. There is a lot of talent right now starting to gain traction or find their sound.
Coi Leray is UP
Fatboy is working
Of course, shout out to Jersey. Surf, Ars, Retch, Fetty Wap.
Free Albee Al
070Shake and Mir Fontane are always up to something
A lot of new talent is out there to:
BandmanrillDaidoughTone StithNBDYT RoseLVNDVN3BreezyChuckyBundlesTorchhZay FlamezFuccdatGunheadSin TTB90RackssCookie KawaiiOnlyJahmez

I’m leaving out a bunch of artists but if you are working and putting on for the state, shout out to you. I’m always down to hear some artists out of Jersey, feel free to get at me.

HHW: Coi Leray has blown up and become a star. We dug deep and found her on your radar plenty of times years back in multiple interviews and articles. What did you see in Coi Leray? Did you work with her?

Mark Spratley: Coi was definitely on my radar. When I first heard G.A.N. that record had me hype. She was unique and mad energetic.
I was interested in bringing her on board at one point but I had so much going on at the time I didn’t even pursue it like I should have. We had some communication back and forth, more so us just showing love. I remember going around LA bumping G.A.N. asking people if they were vibing to the record when the world didn’t really know her. It was all love for real, she was from Jersey and I messed with the sound. 

We never worked. I used to just show support on certain platforms and blogs, had her trending on Audiomack for her first time ever etc.

Shoutout to Coi though.

HHW: What was your relationship with Albee Al?

Mark Spratley: That’s the guy. I managed Albee for a bit, those ‘Michael Myers Back’ and ‘Ten Toes Down’ days. I still bump Albee Al on the regular, definitely missing his energy.
There was a moment in time you couldn’t be outside for more than two minutes without a car driving by in the Jersey City area bumping Albee Al.
Free him for real!

HHW: Nikko Lafre was an early artist of yours that you took from just a name and developed into an emerging star. What ever happened to Nikko Lafre?

Mark Spratley:
I’m not sure where he is or what Nikko is up to. But man we set the trend for so many on the digital media side of things and were running laps around some of these artists that are now at the forefront. There is no doubt about it that Nikko would be one of the larger artists out today with the momentum we had, his sound and the machine I provided. Crap most of the team went on to succeed heavily!
I don’t know if it was because he was my first breakout artist or just the success we had but that particular run will always be memorable. Everything was clicking and the stars were aligning, we were a machine. We had countless records on the top 5 billboard emerging artists chart and were going absolutely crazy. Our team was a dream team from the in-house producers (Lee On The Beat, K Beatz, Jabarrie, Johnny Rain), to Drew Love (Now “They”) and Johnny Rain smashing hooks for us, myself handling the business and Nikko Lafre doing what he did best. We set the trend for Minnesota hands down and certainly helped put on some names that came along with us. It was Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins rookie year and we had the support from the entire Minnesota Timberwolves squad. We were making sh*t happen!
Unfortunately it came a time where Nikko and I didn’t see eye to eye shortly after the release of “Troubled Soul: Blame The City”. Success is crazy and not everyone knows how to properly maneuver with it. 
At the end of the day, if you choose to be around me, the only thing I demand from you is respect and loyalty. We were all young as hell though.
That was literally one of my first artists so it was also a learning moment as we were breaking new barriers and opening new doors so early in our careers. Of course I was doing my thing with a few other groups and artists already but this was something different, he was really blowing up and forming into a star.
I’m sure there was a bunch we both needed to learn.
I still see people asking, “What happened to Nikko Lafre?” and still bumping his music. At the end of the day, we’re grown now and what we got into is nothing that can’t be rectified or repaired.
Honestly no one has heard from him as I still see Drew Love around and talk to Lee at times.

HHW: A lot of people say they’re a PR, publicist, digital marketing expert and much more these days. How do you feel when someone says “They do what you do”?

Mark Spratley:
A lot of people say they “do what I do” but live a completely different lifestyle. 
I’m a humble individual so I let a lot of it slide but come on now, you don’t do what I do. I think deep down many know that and they know my resume, but it is also my fault for not capturing everything and highlighting a bit more of what I do. I can be my own worst publicist.
People remember the names that I brought to them and broke though. I still get hit up every week about some of the artists or someone hitting me with the “Do you remember” haha.
I do well for myself. My resume is very sturdy. I’ve single handedly transformed artists and brands, not just hop on when they’re buzzing, get them a few blogs, a freestyle or bring them to some events. I create audiences, a fan base, sonically pleasing music, a structure, foundation, relationships, a narrative, story, attention, awareness, moments and so much more.
I do all of this for artists at ground zero. I rarely come on board after an artist is already buzzing heavily like plenty others do including these labels. If an artist has a buzz and influence already, it’s literally just a lay up to get anything done. I’m putting people on to new music and parting the damn sea for new artists. Starting with just an idea and turning it into reality. That takes a different type of machine.

I’ve been blessed to be apart and behind many memorable moments from all aspects of the industry. 

HHW: You’ve hinted at dropping your own records and projects from various artists. Is that something we can expect in the near future?

Mark Spratley: I’m flooding all 2022, I’ll probably be dropping at least one single prior to the new year.
My vault is deep, but I definitely want to create more. I tend to be a perfectionist as well, which doesn’t help. I’ve got to find some time to get back in the studio though and really piece together these projects and records.
Expect something soon. My guarantee all 2022.

HHW: Who would you like to collaborate or A&R for on a project/record?

Mark Spratley:
Project wise at the moment: DaBaby would be dope, I’m familiar with his sound and know where I can help power up the situation even more. I got to A&R an entire DDG project soon. I think we need some more heat from K Camp. I also think we need another classic Jeremih project.
Skooly is someone I’ve always wanted to help align the stars for ever since I heard Blac Jon Gotti. Bro is talented and deserves so much more. It would be dope to get something together with him.
There’s a bunch of new and young talent that I’d love to help construct and connect dots for project and record wise. It just has to make sense. If you are seeing this and think I can help your situation, let me know.
I like challenges though. I like bringing stuff together that you wouldn’t expect. I like songs that are sonically timeless. So as far as records, you can expect versatility from me across the board.

HHW: Who are some artists currently in heavy rotation on “SpratFool” playlist?

Mark Spratley:
Lil Durk, Future, Lil Baby, Jeremih, Tory Lanez, K Camp and Meek has been my mood lately.
Kay Flock going up
Jackboy been turning up
Sleepy Hallow
DDG of course
BIG30, Majornine, Stunna Gambino, Pressa, Chief Keef.
Albee Al and Lud Foe are always on my playlist as they fit certain moods
Curren$y has been dropping heavily

There are a lot of artists I’m enjoying right now, a lot of new acts as well. I would definitely suggest tapping in with my New Day, New Wave playlist on Spotify to really get a gist of what’s on my current playlist. I bump that playlist on the regular.

HHW: We saw Gabe from Power 105.1/iHeartMedia “On The Radar” podcast had listed you as the “Architect” for his interview with Kay Flock, B. Lovee and Dougz. How did that come about and what did he mean?

Mark Spratley: I like the sound of that for real, “Architect”. That was just a quick dot I connected. It’s dope that the interview was included in the “Before They Were Famous” episode. Gabe just mentioned to me that the interview is officially history now. That was the first time Kay Flock, B.Lovee and Dougz were all in the same room in the same interview.

I got put on to Kay Flock and B.Lovee very early. Fast forward a bit, I was talking to some of their people around the time and laying up some looks. I had just set up an interview for Curly Savv and Dah Dah with Gabe. Told him Kay Flock and B.Lovee were gearing up for a takeover and Bronx Drill was about to rise up, he heard the names around, we made it happen.

Both of them are on their grind right now. Shouts to them.

Name: Mark Spratley

Alias: Sprat, SpratFool

From: New Jersey

Currently: Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia

Company Name: Starting FiveSocial Media: @SpratFool @Starting_5ive

Website: –

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