Full Time All The Time: Mia Kodak Runs The Scene With a Full Time Job & Music Career

With a full time job as a pharmaceutical sales representative and a wholehearted passion for music, Mia Kodak is always doing something. Most recently, she has put out her latest single called “Take His Money.” This song shows her talent, skills and her fire as an artist willing to do anything to make her dreams come true.

New to the experience of making music, Kodak began her journey as a musician only 2 years ago. “I just started writing down my feelings and my thoughts, and I put that to a beat and it turned into a song. I wrote my first song and I thought ‘Okay, this sounds pretty good’ and I ended up writing the second song which turned out to be my first single, ‘All Summer.’ That was all the way back in 2018.”

She pulls her name from the experience of carrying around a Kodak camera growing up. “You would never see me without a camera, and one day people just started calling me Kodak. It just stuck from there. I liked it so I just rolled with it”

Kodak draws a great amount of influence from artists such as Tupac, Trina, Ashanti and Brandy. “I grew up listening to Tupac. I love Tupac. I love Trina. In my mind, she is like my best friend. I loved Ashanti growing up and Brandy, mainly because she was not only an artist but she was also an actress. Someone back then, she was young and black and she had the braids in her hair. I really looked up to her growing up. And same with Tupac, you can see him acting and still doing music. That was really incredible to see.”

With such a unique and versatile sound as Kodak’s, it is hard to give a specific description to encompass all of her music. “My sound is all over the place in a good way. I can come across very aggressive on a beat. I have this ability to be aggressive and then I’ve also got this ability to kind of tone it down a little bit and come into like this really sexy, sultry sound. It really varies, in the best kind of way.”

Kodak’s latest song, “Take His Money,” is a raw and edgy track that talks about some of her frustrations. “I really just got to take out my frustrations on the beat and that’s kind of what I did with ‘Take His Money.’ Somebody irritated me and I made a song about it. And I made it a catchy song, so it’s fun! It’s also a really empowering track for women. It goes with this whole women empowerment thing that we’re experiencing today with all these female artists which is amazing.”

Kodak’s main goal is to be an artist that people can relate to. “I want to become international. I want to be a household name and I want to be somebody that makes turn up music but also makes positive tracks. I just want to have a really big collection of music for everybody to be able to relate to. I want them to be able to say, ‘You know what, I can relate to her because she’s real’. I just want to make so many genres of music and just have people really relate to me. I think what’s important to me is to stay true to myself in that way.”

Check out Mia Kodak’s music and social media via the links listed below.



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