FBG Duck’s Mom LaSheena Weekly Talks About Current Status On Son’s Murder Case, Putting Past Beefs Behind To End Violence And Road To Forgiveness.

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No parent should have to bury a child but for LaSheena Weekly she has had to do it 2 times. The mother to one of Chicago’s underground stars, FBG Duck, shares her journey of overcoming grief and using her voice to be the change needed in the city’s street violence. Duck, whose name is Carlton Weekly, first anniversary of his murder is a painful reminder that justice still hasn’t been fully served for his murder.

The rapper was gunned down on Chicago’s Gold Coast on August 4 at the age of 26-years-old. LaSheena, aka Momma Duck, believes her son was assassinated and that he knew he was in danger but stayed in that area because he knew if anything happens to him it would be recorded.

“I believe my son knew he was being followed and choose to stay in that area,” Momma Duck said. “Somebody has to know something. That is one of the most surveillance areas in the city. They even have cameras in the trees!”

Most of the details surrounding Duck’s murder have been publicized. Though Momma Duck is happy that the Chicago Police still has his case open and is working to find justice, the relationship between the police and Weeklys did not start great.

“They had our family on one side of the hospital while they were holding a press conference on the other side so we wouldn’t see it. They came to their conclusion on who my son was and what he was about. Someone in the crowd clapped when they announced the death of my son. When I saw the footage and heard these people clap…I said are you serious?”

Momma Duck follows up how disappointed she was to see the Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot’s choice of words and attitude towards her son. Labeling him as a “well-know gangbanger” on national TV and not acknowledging Duck as a father, uncle, son, and victim of gun violence.

Even experiencing grief and finding justice for her son, Momma Duck is using her profound voice to do her part to make sure no more mothers have to bury their children. With teaming up with Chicago Content Creator Drea O, she has teamed up with other fallen rappers Tooka, Lil Mister, and RayRay mothers to start the movement Mothers of Peace (M.O.P.). Together, they ask friends of their sons to stop the retaliation and try to end violence as a whole.

Momma Duck even extended an olive branch to Lil Durk’s father Big Durk, despite Durk dissing Duck after his death.

“Our conversation was simply what are we gonna do with our kids,” said Momma Duck. “And see what we can get our children to stop this violence.”

That has been the number one question in Chicago for decades. Many people blame drill music for the senseless killings. Others feel that the violence was happening before the popular art form. According to Momma Duck, who grew up in the projects and under the GD structure but says it is nothing like how it is now. She blames the city for knocking down the projects that creating the new era of violence. With that said, she voices that rappers need to stop doing the diss songs.

“It does nothing but hurt the mothers. If you want to respect my son stop dissing. If you want to do something for my son start up a fund for his children and family.”

When it comes to family, Momma Duck is the glue keeping all her grandchildren and children together. As the matriarch, her role to care over Duck and other deceased son Jermaine Robinson, also known as FBG Brick’s children. She also shares that she is doing a better job taking care of her mental health. As far as forgiveness, she has forgiven anybody who has disrespected her, her family, and even the people who killed her sons.

“My grandmother always told me that forgiveness is for yourself. I have forgiven the people who killed Duck as soon as he died.”

Check out full interview below.

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