Em Nacirema Brings the Vibes in “Timeless”

Growing up in Queens, Jamaica, Em Nacirema brings his unique sound to the music industry as he embarks on the journey to stardom. With lots of work in store for the year ahead, Nacirema is making moves during this calendar year. “Timeless” is the latest release from Nacirema, and it does not disappoint.

“Timeless” captures its listener’s attention from the very beginning when Em Nacirema lays down his beautiful vocals that dive into how timeless life is. You can feel the emotion Nacirema puts into the track as he speaks on his past experiences.

“Timeless” is a must-add to everyone’s chill playlist, as it sets the vibe right.

Stream Em Nacirema’s song “Timeless” on Spotify here.

Follow Em Nacirema on Instagram here.

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