EL-Amin Jumuah, CEO of Legendary Passionate Rebel LLC, Gives HHW an Exclusive Look at His Highly Anticipated 2020 Fall Collection

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, what city you’re from & the name of the Fashion and Lifestyle Brand you are the owner and creator of!

I’m EL-Amin Jumuah. Founder of Passionate Rebel LLC . Home of the Passionate Rebels. AKA -Mr. Passionate Rebel. We’re based out of Newark New Jersey and our brand represents a new lifestyle in fashion. Our brand uses fashion and entrepreneurship to influence people to follow their passion on various paths, establishing great values, and making a positive impact through fulfilling their purpose. Everything we do, we do with hustle and motivation.

El –Amin, explain to the readers what the message behind your mission “Rebel against Not Following Your Passion” means?

Our mission is to inspire people to tap into their passionate side and to do what they love. We aim to inspire people to find what it is that they love to do and to pursue that journey without fear. Rebelling against not finding your passion. That goes for both the educational aspect and personal side of life. If you look at our logo, Boogie the Bear, he’s meant to inspire people to graduate in their own life and to acquire more for themselves. Our entire collection was designed and created with the idea that following your passion will lead you to finding your purpose. The Passionate Rebel designs are meant to inspire people to do what they love. Our brand uses fashion to inspire people to tap into their entrepreneur side to do what it is that they love and to make a positive lasting impact in their communities through fulfilling their purpose.

So El –Amin, Passionate Rebel was established in 2014. Can you tell the readers did someone or something inspire you to create the brand in the first place?

Yes. It was inspired by survival. Throughout this journey of trying to find myself I became inspired to want more. After I completed school I was trying to find my passion and my purpose in life. At that time I was laid off. I had no income. Which in itself was a difficult thing because here I am laid off and I’m like you know, how am I going to survive? And so on while on this journey, I met and had conversations with many people who had expressed similar dreams, similar passions and also similar struggles. That really made me want to be more of an encourager. Be more of a positive influence. I wanted to inspire people to follow their own journey and to find their true passion. You know, I always say that it’s innate. Your purpose is within you. And with me, when I had no income it brought out the entrepreneur side of me. That is what really inspired me to create the brand that you see today. Passionate Rebel LLC.

Tell the readers about your logo and mascot Boogie the Bear and the newest Bear to the Passionate Rebel family, the first female to join your collection , Emma the Bear and what they represent?

Emma is new to the scene man! We are very excited for Emma. I think the thing with our logo is that we turned it into an actual mascot. The bear, our mascot is inspired from the essence of my own childhood. When I started the brand, I came into it with the mindset that I wanted Passionate Rebel to be multifaceted. I didn’t want us boxed in with that logo to just one fashion lane. I wanted the mission to be heard by people of all ages and all generations because the message transcends the same. I was like “You know if we can turn this Bear, the logo, into something real than this can really be popping.” You know we wanted to give today’s generation something similar to what we had when we were growing up. You know how we loved these characters as kids that brought joy to our lives? You know like Scooby Doo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

Well one of the primary things we wanted to do was to get in to the schools to share our story and mission with the younger generation. So when we turned the logo into our mascot Boogie and now we have Emma, it makes us relatable to kids because when we show up to the school with the full Boogie the Bear mascot outfit on, the kids are really excited and receptive to us. The mascot is something that brings joy. It’s something familiar to children. Everyone goes crazy for Boogie. They love taking pictures with Boogie the mascot no matter where he shows up. Schools, events, fundraisers, even during fashion week!

You’ve been recognized as a Hometown Hero because of your community outreach and the motivational speaking you do in the schools around New Jersey and the Tristate area. Passionate Rebel joined up with Community Access Unlimited Annual Youth Conference and even participates in career day. Can you tell the readers a bit about The Passionate Rebel Talks School Tour?

Yes, it’s been a really big blessing to be able to educate and inspire the youth. We have traveled to many schools in the tristate including : The High School for Health Professions and Human Services, The Fearless Fun Festival, Rutgers University, N.J.I.T. , Bloomfield College, Georgian Court University just to name a few. The way I got into it was really from my own childhood. I’m a big hip hop fan. I use to idolize a lot of Hip Hop artists and their movements. Growing up I was a big fan of Jay-z, Roc-A-Fella Records, Diplomats and Ruff Ryders. Not only did I love the music but their movement was impactful. You know, I’m not a rapper so I couldn’t just go take their recipe because I’m not in that category. I’m not a hip hop artist but I am still a creator in the culture and I was trying to think of how I can create a similar kind of impact in same way that music does amongst the newer generation. You know when I go into the schools the kids could sense that we have similar likes and interests. Being relatable made it easier for me to speak to them. You know I only have 50 mins to talk to them in the schools. It’s about me educating them and sharing the Passionate Rebel mission in those 50 minutes. They recognize that I’m genuine. You also have to remember we are from the same neighborhood and so we have lived similar lives. Fashion has opened the door for a lot of kids to believe in themselves and to do these great things in the industry. They have big dreams and goals for themselves. For example, one student had mentioned she wanted to be a model. She was explaining that she was not sure where to begin because she didn’t have an agency. I told her “You don’t need an agency. You can take your I-phone out and start there by learning to take great pictures and put a portfolio together.” I also have to say we are the only fashion and lifestyle brand that gets invited to career and college day at the schools. The kids storm our tables. We are impacting the culture in a way other than music. Fashion is what opens the door for us to share the mission. I can’t guarantee the outcome of massive success and wealth for these kids but I can guarantee that I’ll connect the kids to what they are looking for and it’s up to them to follow their passion and chase their dreams. I’ve noticed that during these talks at the schools there is a lot of power in my words. That in itself is a real blessing

Passionate Rebel Talks School Tour Link https://www.passionaterebel.net/blog-1

El Amin- You are about to launch The Passionate Rebel Fall 2020 Skate Collection? Passionate Rebel is the first fashion and lifestyle brand to make that cross over to the skater lane. Tell the readers more about that and what we can expect?

Well we are about to launch The Passionate Rebel Boogie Skate Collection which is a totally new and unpredictable lane for us than we are used to doing. We are really excited about it. We just created our Skate Board Hoodies and the Passionate Rebel Skate Team Hoodies together. We will be launching the exclusive Passionate Rebel Boogie Skate Board Varsity Jacket as part of that collection too. See the Skate Board lane, it really transcends race so that’s why we wanted to do it. Outside of the regular sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, the kids who feel like outcast and who feel like they don’t fit in to those groups have created a tight community amongst each other with other skaters. What people don’t realize is that fashion between the Hip Hop and the skater culture are very much intertwined. Look at Vans. Nike Dunks for example. You’d be surprised at how similar they are. We also have just launched our exclusive custom design skate board in collaboration with a local artist by the name of Tim Post, who is related to Post Malone. We just wrapped up the photoshoot from the fall collection with men’s Skateboard model, Zach Stier which included the custom skate board and the new PR Skate tee. Really no other Fashion Brand is doing what we are doing. Passionate Rebel decided to take the leap into the skateboard lane and just wait till you see what we came up with. We are about to take it over. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

El Amin- Tell the readers what else can we expect from the Launch of the Fall 2020 Passionate Rebel Collection. Can I get an inside sneak peek?

Like I said we didn’t want to box ourselves in because the message behind our mission is in the fashion. We launched The Black Excellence tee. That was really inspired by getting people to recognize what’s going on around us. Within the community I am trying to share the message of highlighting positive accomplishments amongst each other that contribute to the growth of the community. In this day and age it’s hard to find positive reinforcement or positive stories that highlight successful people in the community. Knowing that, I wanted to use this message to recreate a positive perspective for the black community. You now a lot of times, certain careers and jobs get overlooked and downplayed. Sometimes kids will idolize figures like Lebron James because of his high status but they often don’t hold someone like a school teacher in the same regard. Kids tend to equate success with power and money but the thing is, respect is measured by the impact you make. Not so much by the dollar amount you generate. But it all comes down to your definition and your outlook on success.

That is what the Black Excellence Line is designed around. We also have in the collection The District 14 Champion Edition Cap and the Passionate Rebel Academy Varsity Jacket. We just added the Passionate Rebel Skate Boogie Collection which I had mentioned earlier. We are currently revamping the entire girl’s line. Sharonda, our COO is leading the new design for the collection. We hope that Emma will be the staple to lead the way for the girl’s line. We are definitely revamping the Passionate Rebel Girls hoodies and sweat suits that we are putting our own style and twist on. Our concept and design for the girls is really original and has never been done before, like a jumper. We have our own prints and patterns but we are looking to create something totally new as far as the design goes for females. The readers will have to wait to see what’s in store when it officially launches. Passionate Rebel will be putting out an announcement soon seeking submissions for models with the ladies line. We also will be re -stocking the unisex beanies which sold out completely within the first 2 weeks.

SHOP: https://www.passionaterebel.net/

The Passionate Rebel Brand has grown beyond fashion! That’s what makes you the wildcard in the industry. You have created and added more than clothes to the brand. Tell us what else can we expect to see as part of the Passionate Rebel Lifestyle and Fashion Brand?

What’s crazy is that we didn’t have any major funding and we are independent. When we talk about the fashion, there are so many avenues that we are getting into now. I’m so critical of myself because I’m always looking into what I can do to grow and build more to grow further. The COO always says to me “You’ve got to look at how far we have come. We are self- made. We have come such a long way from doing varsity jackets.” And she is right. But we are consistent. When I first started, I was using unemployment checks to create a lot of these things. It went from me printing an image on a tee shirt to thinking how can I expand this brand and stay afloat once this unemployment runs out. And wow, fast forward to 6 years later. The current collection is versatile and stays growing. We have come a long way from those Bomber jackets and hoodies. We have the Passionate Rebel Chain now. We have the very First Passionate Rebel Puzzle. We wanted to put it together as a part of our package for the kids. We just published our first book called “Passionate Rebels Are …” We are actually creating the hard cover now. It’s basically a book of Boogie the Bears Principles. The book highlights 20 of his principles that aides in developing the characteristics of young people. Our book “Passionate Rebels Are…” is available now on Lulu.com

Passionate Rebels Jigsaw Puzzle: https://www.createjigsawpuzzles.com/sell/marketplace/passionate-rebels.html

Passionate Rebels Are Book: https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/warith-jumuah-and-rachel-elliott/passionate-rebels-are/ebook/product-nmj2gr.html

Passionate Rebel has given back to the community in countless ways. The Brand has worked with Community Access Unlimited, children that have disabilities and at risk youth. You’ve raised awareness for Breast Cancer with your Launch of the Rebel against Breast Cancer Hoodie and the Passionate Rebel Supports Autism Tee. You’ve given part of the proceeds generated from the sales to both foundations. You have sponsored and participated in many back to school events alongside some pretty famous and influential Hip Hop artists! Some would say you’re returning your blessings. Tell the readers about those organizations and events you have been involved with and why those causes?

I grew up with my mother and father who instilled in us young about giving back. My religion is Islam and my parents always taught us about returning our blessings and giving back to others while growing your community and society. Find your place in society and grow with your purpose. Growing up, I idolized a lot of hip hop crews that had made an impact on the world and the culture. That inspired me to give back in my own way and impact the world by creating my own movement. But in order to do that, it had to be in culmination with giving back too. I feel like in these times it’s needed. But why those causes? Well, the breast cancer walk . My aunt, she passed away from breast cancer. My grandfather passed away from cancer and my father was diagnosed with cancer years ago and beat it. In order to support them and to feel like I was doing something I had to find ways to contribute to that and raise money and awareness by getting involved. I feel like actions are way bigger than words. As far as the autism cause. One of my best friends Essence and I went to Morgan State together and she brought her daughter Alleyah to music class one particular day. During that music class, I was singing and playing with the baby and from that day on, her daughter Alleyah and I developed a really great bond. Essence actually wound up asking me if I wanted to be Alleyah’s Godfather. That was such a dope thing and a blessing. As Alleyah got older, she was diagnosed with autism. And so that cause and the mission is close to me because of my God daughter. She is such a beautiful girl and is so smart. I just wanted to do things aside from the cool fashion. Again it goes back to my family’s foundation of giving back. And as far as the community events, we really had no idea at how much of an impact we would have.

You mentioned that you’ve worked with some pretty influential and major Hip Hop Artists in the community for Back to School events. Tell the readers which Hip Hop Artists you have worked with!

Those back to school events we really never expected to have had as much influence as we did. PHresher – a hip hop artist from Brooklyn is someone that we have worked with. He’s a cool brother. He hosted a back to school event in his hometown of East New York. His manager reached out and asked me to come and support by bringing Boogie the mascot out. Usually my nephew Najee dresses as Boogie the Bear. He has been our mascot from the start and because it was last minute he couldn’t make it that day so I dressed as Boogie instead. Well, it was about 100 degrees that day but I went out and was dressed as Boogie. No joke, it was about 1000 degrees. They had it inside of a recreation center and it was HOT. PHresher actually came over and was like “Here man. You alright in there? Here’s some water. I see you over there.” Another artist I have worked with was Jadakiss. My friend was having a back to school event and we went out and people really seen our movement. We had a table set up with books and pencils and book bags. Both Jadakiss and Biz Markie were there for that one. It was really dope because it showed me that the Passionate Rebel brand is making a positive impact in the culture the same way Hip Hop Music does in the community. El- Amin, Passionate Rebel has been featured on the runway during Fashion Week. Tell the readers about that experience.

When we did our first Fashion Week I had absolutely no idea what to expect or what I was in for. Remember I jumped head first into fashion without really having a background in it. We were a part of both 2018 and 2019 NYC Fashion Week. It was really exciting. We had 10 looks I believe at our first fashion show in Harlem. It was crazy to see what models go through first hand. They moved so quickly and the models and wardrobe were moving at such a fast pace, that the only thing that really helped me keep my composure was Sharonda, our COO. She came with her steamer and her A- Game. She kept things smooth and moving. It was a crazy yet amazing experience and also a learning one. We really put the work in as a team that day. On the runway our models wore the varsity jacket, the jean and denim look. We had the leather collection too. It was really dope because at the end of it Boogie came out and walked the runway. People actually came up to us and said usually the shows are so serious and bringing out Boogie was what made it fun. We were actually asked to do Paris Fashion week twice. The timing of it is crazy though because we are in the pandemic so everything is up in the air with scheduling. Readers will have to stay tuned for that announcement!

You talk a lot about the team and the inspiration behind Passionate Rebel. Who is the team that inspires the brand?

When I started the brand I really started it for my family. My cousin Sharonda Scott is the COO. We were raised together. She is my right hand in everything we do. Sharonda has been into fashion for almost 20 years now and she was the manager of the high end brand Madewell. She’s really a great stylist. Like super dope. She just has it in her. She would always say I really want to do this fashion thing and pursue my dreams but there aren’t many opportunities and open lanes. And so I said to her I’m going to create something, hopefully an opportunity for the whole family. Originally I wanted her as a stylist but she is so smart, so creative and so business minded that she deserved a greater role. I have my niece Najeeyah, who is also a stylist and who designs a lot of the Instagram boards for us when we go to festivals. She helps with everything on that end. Rachel Elliott, aka Ray West who got that nickname because of her love for Kanye West, is our graphic designer and she designed Emma as well as the website and she also did the illustration in the new book. We also have our brand ambassadors. Remi , whose been with us since 2014 and has worked with many influential artists and creators in the music industry. Another Ambassador is my cousin Hasson who is also our Brand Consultant. My cousin Emilie is President of Operations as well as Brand Ambassador. We also have my brother Rasheed who is our financial analyst. Monai is our community outreach coordinator and also a brand ambassador for the line. And my parents are major players and an inspiration. My mother in particular inspires and influences a lot of the thought that goes into the speeches at our public speaking events. My father and his morals, his perspectives influence the mission behind the brand. They are the ones who instilled in me the values and morals which lay the groundwork for our mission. My brothers Askia, Naeem, Rasheed and Malik, my nieces Ava, Saniyah, Najeeyah and Quadriyyah, my nephew Najee, my Godson Grant Webb and my Goddaughter Alleyah Destiny are really my motivation and inspiration in all that I do.

As the Passionate Rebel Fashion and Lifestyle Brand continues to grow, what can we expect from you when the world opens back up? Are you accepting interns and models? How about brand ambassadors? Tell the readers what can we expect after the world opens back up from Passionate Rebel ?

We want to do our first passionate rebel skateboard expo! We plan on having vendors, sponsors and great entertainment. We also want to have our first Passionate Rebel Gala where we honor people who are doing positive things in the community. We are preparing to release the book on various platforms and to book stores. We are still creating and growing. We are still designing and following through with our mission. Like I said we are still waiting to see the status of NYC and Paris Fashion Week and hope to participate. We are also seeking models for the Fall 2020 line which includes the Girls, Men’s and the Skateboard Line. New looks and new models are something also on our agenda. Submissions can be sent directly to the email provided. Being that we are growing so rapidly in both the business sense and direction of the brand, we are going to be accepting interns as well who want to grow with us and positively impact community. We are also looking to expand our brand ambassador program. We are open to different and unique artists that share our same philosophy, mission and uniqueness. We are looking even into expanding Boogie and Emma into a cartoon. We are also going to continue with our Passionate Rebel School Talk. We are interested in more community outreach programs, fundraisers and campaigns that reflect our mission. As you know with each campaign we join we release something exclusive from the line to go along with it and donate part of the proceeds. As of recently we have discussed the idea of working with kids and teens who are in the foster care system. We want to inspire them to follow their passion no matter what the situation. But we are open to growing with more campaigns and we will most certainly be making a comeback with our back to school events. The world may be slowed down but Passionate Rebel LLC. keeps growing and honestly the opportunities are endless. The long term goal is to work with investors but timing is everything and we want our brand to attract a genuine crowd. We want to get more celebs and artists on our runway for Fashion Week as well and so we have started to scout for that. The readers can subscribe to our website and stay up to date with our weekly newsletters of what is in the works for us. Despite the level of success we may achieve, Passionate Rebel remains committed, focused and passionate about continuing our mission. This is really just the beginning for us.

Submissions: https://www.passionaterebel.net/about

OK This is the FUN PART! Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Yes let’s do it.

What are 3 things you must always have in your closet?

1. My Black Varsity Passionate Rebel Jacket

2. Slacks – decorative slacks or khaki pants

3. Converses! Converse sneakers but they gotta be decorative

If you had the opportunity to have a discussion with anyone in the industry one dead and one alive, who do you pick and why?

Alive, Pharrell Williams. I would love to pick his brain about what he did and what it took to create the Billionaire Boys Club. That was a movement. Dead- I have to go with Nipsey Hussle. I’ve been a fan of his since the Proud to Pay Campaign. Nipsey pushed his brand as an entrepreneur and knew how to negotiate. Just to understand his formula. Even in death his brand and his mission is still very much alive.

Name one female and one male artist in the industry that you would love to dress?

Female – Teyana Taylor

Male- Dave East. I’d put a varsity jacket on Dave East! Karma 3 is probably one of my favorite projects right now. He gives me that Diplomat feeling.

Who do you think is the best dressed rapper?

OH LAWD! Come on now! How did I know you would ask that question? Come on! LOL… Fab. I gotta give it to Fab. He’s a trendsetter.

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in only 1 word!


Sum up the current state of Fashion in only 1 word!

Ok, just one word? Eclectic

Who are your favorite Designers?

1. Pharrell- Billionaire Boys Club

2. You may find this wild but I’m going to say Fubu.

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. Nas

2. DMX

3. Stylez P

4. Beanie Sigel

5. Cam’ron!

Name one thing that you think even with all the money & fame in the world, Money cannot buy?

Peace of Mind. Peace is my priority.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for more interviews, business inquiries, bookings, collaborations, submissions and all things Passionate Rebel!

“Rebel against not following your passion”

-Warith EL-Amin Jumu’ah

Website: www.passionaterebel.net

SHOP: https://www.passionaterebel.net/

Submissions: https://www.passionaterebel.net/about

Booking inquiries: Passionaterebelllc@gmail.com

Instagram: @passionaterebel

Facebook: passionaterebelllc

Passionate Rebels Jigsaw Puzzle: https://www.createjigsawpuzzles.com/sell/marketplace/passionate-rebels.html

Passionate Rebels Are Book: https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/warith-jumuah-and-rachel-elliott/passionate-rebels-are/ebook/product-nmj2gr.html

Skateboard designer: Tim post

IG: @therealtimpost




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