Dmb Swerv Makes His Hip Hop Weekly Debut With New Single “Tighten Up”

Rapper Dmb Swerv was born and raised in the South-Central neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. While growing up, he knew early on that he had a pure passion and love for his craft, music. A few years later, Swerv was considered a troubled teen who was weathering the storm of life’s challenges. Swerv’s grew up in a single parent home and his mother batted a drug addiction, which led to him being faced with more adversity, but deep down he always knew he had to rise above his circumstances in order to reach a different reality.

While in the care of his grandmother, Swerv landed himself in a juvenile detention center, where he became interested in a music class that the facility offered. Tragedy quickly turned triumph, as Swerv realized he had not only a love for this thing called music, but it was an undeniable talent. Real recognize real and with only a year under his belt, Swerv has garnered the attention of several mainstream platforms and is soon to take the industry by storm.

Swerv’s lyrical content serves fans raw and uncut, clearly described stories of his struggle in the streets and thus far in the industry. His tracks consist of lyrical content which is deemed authentic, real and is predicted to ultimately stand the test of time. Indeed he has a story to tell.

Connect with Swerv via Instagram @dmbswerv and stream Dmb Swerv‘s “Tighten Up” below.

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