DJ Greenguy Makes His HHW Debut Sharing His Latest Single Players Club Feat Trap Barbie

HHW: Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from

DJ Greenguy: DJ Greenguy from Philly, currently living in LA.

HHW: When did you start to do music?

DJ Greenguy: I started music back in 1995, it was really fun to blend songs that went together and make mix tapes, I used to make 90 minute maxell tapes with songs I had on tape, record and CD to get a great tape to listen to in the car.  Getting beats that matched up together in a line for a great mix was a fun hobby which turned into a passion for making music.

HHW: Have you had another career that wasn’t in the music industry?

DJ Greenguy: A bunch of them, I did security from 05-08, I used to deliver pizza, and I do tech support now.

HHW: If you could get advice from any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

DJ Greenguy: I would want to get advise from Ice Cube because he seems like a deep thinker and a family man.  He raps a lot about areas in Inglewood and South Central which is where I stay at these days.  He’s a little older than me so he could teach me things about life that I would want to know.

HHW: What or who influences your music?

DJ Greenguy: Everyone who made me feel like an outcast, black sheep so to speak in my up bringing influenced me.  Being from the North East, and being up rooted to Virginia in the 90s was a hard move for me.  Most of my time in Virginia was depressing and challenging.  I was made to feel like a loser by my family and my entire neighborhood.  I started believing they were right and moved like I was a loser.  That’s how I ended up with a crowd I ended up smoking weed, hanging out late, vandalizing property, getting kicked out a whole school district, being sent to a military school and getting locked up.  These things made me become DJ Greenguy and music was the only place that accepted me.  Doing music was the only place I felt ok.  My friends that made music with me were the only people that made me feel accepted.

HHW: What’s the process of creating music for you?

I sometimes write a whole song in my brain while taking a walk or driving somewhere but don’t actually document it anywhere, just have it up in my mind.  Then I remember everything I had in mind and record it.  Other times I just freestyle.  It is painful for me to actually write down a song but when I do, I cross a lot of shit out and rewrite it to make it fit right.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

DJ Greenguy: I am a leader and not a follower.  I try hard to ignore the popular shit and just do me.  I am not trying to be the next MC Search or Eminem just because we have the same European ancestry, I really didn’t get accepted by the kids in school that had European ancestry so I don’t try to appeal to that.  I am not trying to appeal to any specific group either.  I was amazed when I got the report from AMP which is a Pandora reporting tool that I have over 900 listeners on my Pandora Channel and of that group 82% of them are women ages 25-32.  After that, I did change up my strategy and try to make songs that might be more appealing to my fan base, but still I am naturally against the grain and unorthodox.  I used a vocoder in my song Throw Down and also used a walkie talkie on there.  I use autotune on some my newer songs and still mix and put turntablism into my music.  I think of stuff that is meaningful when I put them into my concepts so when I freestyle its not out of thin air, it’s from something I’ve been obsessed about and been thinking about for weeks building up into the idea before putting it down on record.

HHW: Have you ever released an album?

DJ Greenguy: Yes, my first album was in stores in 2000.  Sam Goody, tower records, and a few other Mom & Pops stores had my CD.  I rebranded in 2005 and released my second album under another name on CD Baby.  In 2011, I released “Andromeda” album as part of my group Common Ground (Omega Redd, Va’Les and myself).  Then in 2013, I renamed my artist name again to what everyone knows me as today and released my first album as DJ Greenguy.  Then in 2017, I got with Liferdef Empire and released 3 albums since then with them “Triangulum” (2017) “Smoke Tree” (2018) and “DJ Greenguy presents: McKoman Doni N Friends” (2019) and released a second album in the same year under my own label called “DJ Greenguy Presents Common Ground S.O.A.z & Family” (2019).

HHW: Tell our readers what to look out for next from you

DJ Greenguy: Next is the “Thug Life Eternal” album (2020) which is exclusively available on Datpiff and Pandora right now.  It will be on all major stream platforms on Feb 26th.  Thug Life Eternal is approved by the Makaveli estate and has music by K-Lon the artist (from Makaveli records) as well as 2Pac aka Makaveli, Big Syke, Mophreme Shakur, DJ King Assassin, Bossolo, Reime Schemes, Chantly Jones, San Quinn and many more Outlaw Immortalz.

HHW: Are you currently on any tours or have any future shows booked?

DJ Greenguy: I am not and don’t plan to perform anytime soon.

HHW: How can promoters looking to book you get in contact with you?

DJ Greenguy: I’m open to it if the situation is right they can email me.

HHW: What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry

DJ Greenguy: I am really fulfilled.  I want to get peace and quiet.  My family is most important thing to me and the music industry can have itself.  I am not really asking for it to give me nothing in return.

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