DJ Danny Dee is the Harlem Show Stopper

Dj Danny Dee started out djing parties at a young age with his father. He was given the nickname “The Harlem Showstopper” by one of his closest friends early on. He then claimed the name and never looked back. Danny Dee reflects on a time when he got put on the turntables at a community event. “I was mixing and scratching like I’d never done before and the crowd was going wild”, he says. That was a staple moment in his mind that he would never forget. His biggest influence is his father who was a Calypso Dj. Danny Dee polished his craft on the earlier equipment, so this gives him an advantage over most of the newer djs.

Dj Danny Dee’s biggest accomplishments include co-producing the 2006 hit single “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Another accomplishment on his list is Dj’ing for Alicia Keys. Last but not least, Danny Dee became apart of the legendary Union Dj’s. His most recent project is a DMX tribute blend that you can find on his youtube channel. Dj Danny Dee is definitely dominating the scene. Look out for his up and coming events and projects.

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YouTube: DjDannyDeeTV
Instagram: @DJDannyDee1
TWITTER: @DjDannyDee1
Facebook: DJ Danny Dee ~ The Harlem ShowStopper

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