Devon Wood of “Devon Jeweler” A Rags to Royalty Story

Devon Wood is not your average jeweler; perhaps the kind we think of when we see movies like Uncut Gems or 1988’s La Bottega Dell’Orefice. As a Navy veteran, Wood took the skills he learned in training back home to San Bernardino, hoping to transform his family’s burgeoning business into an industry staple. We often think of jewelry or any merchandise company in terms of sales expertise or presentation, but it’s not often that we associate the game with discipline. 

“For years, I didn’t party or go out. Boring life for sure, but the military mentality I had didn’t do well with civilians. Now, I have a multimillion-dollar business. My company evolved exponentially over the years after it began to gain momentum.”

 –Devon Jeweler

This mindset was instrumental in taking “King’s Jewelry” essentially from a mom-&-pop shop to an internationally known enterprise. Many other factors were at play, as well; Devon survived two recessions, absurd levels of inflation, and many fluctuations in the price of gold. “Back then, gold was around $255 an ounce—Now it’s around $1,850,” he explains. Not to mention, it was only after a successful mutual fund investment culminated in a $100,000-dollar inventory increase at age 33 that Devon was able to take things to the next level.

These figures are not to be taken lightly. It’s not like Devon had access to Dogecoin and could blindly double his money overnight. In the ’90s, every step required patience and determination—at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from our conversations. Afterall,  clieltele like Juelz Santana, OG Cuicide, and Cardi B don’t just drop by jewelry shops on any given Sunday… Like many other relationship dynamics within the entertainment world, there is a great deal of trust and mutual respect that goes into a successful transaction.

What separates ‘Devon Jeweler’ from your run-of-the-mill downtown gallery is not only the customer service, but the attention to detail. He also appears ready to admit when he doesn’t know something, allowing himself to learn and adapt when the time comes; there is no ego holding him back. Perhaps the Navy taught him that. Perhaps his parents did. Perhaps it was innate. Either way you cut the diamond, the results speak for themselves.

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