Cleveland Artist Finesse 216 Is Setting The Tone For a Big 2021

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Indie artist Finesse 216 is starting to gain momentum going into 2021. The Cleveland born artist dropped his debut project F.W.O in October (available on all platforms). With singles like “Finesse On The Block”, “Call Me Finesse”, and “How I Feel” (ft. BaeBae Savo) set the tone for a glimpse of what we can expect from him. 2020 has shown to be exactly what it symbolizes for the upcoming artist (Clear Vision). Finesse 216 and his team didn’t let the quarantine put a hold on their mission.

 Still traveling doing shows and promo.. the young artist showcased that he is a STAR!! His live performances is one you have to see to believe. Getting notions of acknowledgement from DJs such as DJ Svnny D, DJ Cali Royce, DJ Texas Trill, DJ Alamo, DJ Chill and DJ Wrightful.. he is making his stamp as one of Cleveland’s new generation great talents. He’s a very interesting artist, that’s versatile with a distinctive voice. Great wordplay? That’s an understatement.. this artist is intriguingly witty and humorous with his metaphors. 

His latest single “Off The Head” produced by Murdock Parker (video is set to drop soon) is the song the streets have chosen as one of their favorite songs from the artist. In the midst of releasing his debut project and shooting videos, he teamed up with producer Problum Child to put together a record that’s certain to last the test of time. In a recent interview with the artist this is what he had to say. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Just seeing different people reach certain levels. It ain’t no artist in particular.. but just um.. seeing people that’s not that good thrive in rapping and I’m like I can rap circles around him or her. Like this guy looking at his phone spitting his hardest s*** and I don’t even have to do that. So I think I get most my inspiration from people that’s trash but make it.. and I be like ok I can make something out of this if they did. Because it can happen, it’s possible I feel like. You know, it just inspire me like if they can do that with what they got.. imagine what I can do. 

What do you want the public to get out your music? 

Umm.. like Me!! I just want them to hear my music and understand me better as a person. You know, it helps me express myself in ways that I probably couldn’t in a normal conversation. I think music is a good way to get certain messages across to people. Like you can make a song about Social Injustice or Black on Black crime or any type of thing that happened to you in your life that you might not be comfortable with bringing up in a conversation. You put it in a song and it translate better. Whatever I’m not comfortable with talking about in a 1 on 1 conversation, I’ll probably put it in my music.. and that’ll be that. 

Top 5 artists you would want to work with? 

I mean it’s artists I want to work with, but artists that I think I’ll really make a good song.. I would say Young Thug, I ain’t saying he the best rapper but I think he the best music maker in the world right now. Uh.. I like Moneybagg Yo. I think me and him could do some back & forth type song, cause he thinks outside the box and incorporate the catchy current phrases in his music. He knows how to say things people like to hear and I think I’m good at that too. Of course I’m going to say Meek Mill because like man.. he the only one of those real type rappers that’s real but he can make a song song. Like he can make a good song. Um man.. G Herbo. I think we’ll make a good song. I like how his flow match his voice and I think I can match that. And last but definitely not least. J. Cole, because like he just on another level mentally and he’ll probably teach me some things in the midst of us doing the song. 

What producers would you want to work with? 

Hmmm. Aw this a good one I can.. can I pick.. I say maybe 3 cause I’ll be here saying 20 different.. I’m going have to say Mustard man.. Definitely got to go Mustard. Uh imma have to say Metro. I gotta say Metro Boomin.. he did that “Bad & Bougie”, when I heard that it was like a whole new door that open.. like ohhh you can rap on the beat that bounce like this? That man crazy. And last but not least it’s going to be weird but man. Scott Storch. I don’t know if he retired but if he ain’t retire I’ll definitely do something with Scott Storch. He got a distinctive sound. He did the “Lean Back”, the “Candy Shop”.. man.. yea them my 3. 

What has been the most important thing you learned so far about the industry? 

The most important thing I learned.. uh one thing I learned is it’s better to go at the same pace. Even if your pace is 50% out of 100, just keep going the same pace. Cause like what I do sometimes I’ll go 100, then I’ll go 20, then I’ll go 50, then I’ll go 0, then I’ll go 20 again. I figured out that you gotta stay at that steady pace. If you only got 50 just keep going 50 the whole time. A person that’s only going 50 will kill a person that’s only going 100, then go 20, then go 50. I learned you gotta be on your steady pace. Another thing I learned most rappers that’s in between really don’t make it. It’s always the guys that’s super doo doo it super raw but the people in between, the Luke warm type don’t really make it cause it’s so many people that’s like that. So you gotta be super raw or just be yourself. 

What sets you apart from your industry peers? 

I think my creativity, my creativity on stage, the way I interact with people, the type of things I say. The type things I say I don’t really hear other people say. So I’ll say my creativity overall. 

How important is performing on stage? 

That’s big man. That’s yo bag first of all. Second of all it’s an important part of everything cause you can make the sexiest booming type song but if it don’t translate in front of people that you want to buy the song, that you want to be your fans , if you can’t translate to them in they face I think you miss out. I think that’s important. Your song have to be able to translate on stage as well as in the studio or the radio or whatever. People won’t have a problem with coming to see you if your stuff translate. 

Top 5 artists that inspired you? 

Imma say J. Cole just because he seem like one of those dudes that don’t try too hard but it be hard. Plus at the same time he like aware of certain things other people not aware of and he put it in his music. I admire that he teaching and entertaining at the same time. That ain’t easy to do. So I’m definitely inspired by J. Cole. Man.. Pac. I have to say Pac though, cause overall his impact on all communities and in hip hop. I gotta say Jay-Z cause he showed that you can really rap and become a billionaire. Then like these other 2 spots can be.. like Eminem cause.. I’m not saying I’m like a Eminem fan but you know his story, his story is wild as hell. Um imma have to say 50 cent. Reason imma say 50 cent.. again I don’t think he one of the best rappers, but he was just able to create so much with what he was given.

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