Young MC Big Finny Is Ready To Do Big Things

HHW Staff

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts the rising talent Big Finny first got into the art of music when his neighbor kindly gave him a free drum set. Sparking his interest, the creative later got into making music digitally from scratch on GarageBand using his mother’s computer. From that moment, despite […]

Brandon Gleese Is Here to Take Over!

HHW Staff

Brandon Gleese music has a specialized mass appeal component and emotionally creates a distinct euphoria for listeners. Brandon Gleese has never doubted his destiny since birth as he knew he was born both an entertainer and bonafide star. Upon staring into his eyes, you immediately connect with his vision and […]

AJ Penta Let’s Loose On ‘Livin Free’

HHW Staff

Country rock artist AJ Penta has always had music come naturally to him. He started getting into music at the age of just 4 years old, utilizing his grandfather’s recording studio to learn how to play.  After grinding on his craft for years, AJ Penta released ‘Livin Free’ with Sony/Orchard and had the track featured across […]

Noah Lasalle Taking The Industry By Storm

HHW Staff

Noah Lasalle was born on 08/25/1997. Then growing up in Orlando he is an independent rap artist who writes his content purely by himself. In his songs, he freely expresses himself and his thoughts, allowing him to relate well with his audience. It also allows him to never run out […]

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