Hip Hop Weekly Interview With Mistah F.A.B.

HHW Staff

Oakland rapper, entrepreneur, and activist Mistah F.A.B. shares how he turned a successful rap career into a thriving business . He shares his biggest influences and what it truly means to hustle. Fabby goes into detail about culture and why it’s so important to be actively part of the solution.

Hip Hop Weekly Exclusive DC Young Fly Interview

HHW Staff

Mr. GL sat to sit down with Dc Young Fly​ for an exclusive, in depth interview about his rise to success, his passion for music, life in general. #hiphop #comedy #dcyoungfly #music #film #wildnout #trl #rap #rnb #entertainment #hollywood #atlanta #curbmusic BEPR Agency, LLC​ Rich The Director Supermillion Visuals​

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