[Watch] Frank Vanegas Drops Music Video “Free Fall”

Royal Bey

On April 9, 2020, Frank Vanegas released the video to his hit record, “Free Fall,” a song that is filled with raw harmonies, emotions and depth.  Queens-based artist, Frank Vanegas, just released yet again, a remarkable song titled “Free Fall”. Overflown with creativity, the Colombian American Hip-Hop artist continues to […]

R&B Singer LeVelle Shares New Single “Why”

HHW Staff

LeVelle, aka LB, is an R&B/Neo-Soul artist and songwriter from Kansas City. He has a dedication and drive for his music career. The development of his unique style is a result of his musical influences and life experiences. Growing up in a talented musical family meant LB was always surrounded […]

Stream California Purp’s New EP ‘No Days Off’

HHW Staff

Once Purp puts his pen to the pad, he does what he wants. He finds his own lane and rides solo in it. From “Scrape It Up” all the way to “Benihana”, No Days Off is truly a head banger. With features including Ovious McFly, Huff da Author, and Latoya Wilson, he had no option except to prevail on every beat. They […]

Infamous Thierry Releases New Single “Buss Down”

Royal Bey

Cameron Thierry, popularly known as Infamous Thierry, has continued his pursuit of seemingly disrupting the music industry with the release of thought-provoking yet entertaining works as he drops “Buss Down.” The talented artist is looking to build on the success of “Projects and “I Remember,” which have helped him to […]

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