Buffalo NY Artist Same Dude Debuts First Solo Album Proving Why You Should Never Judge a Book By its Cover

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’re about to drop!

What’s up everybody! It’s Same Dude out of Buffalo, NY. I just dropped my album Same Dude 10/2/2020. Its available on all platforms now so make sure you go check it out.

So, Same Dude, the fans are anticipating the release of your first ever solo album entitled Same Dude on 10/2/2020. I saw the track list and the features on this album. It’s pretty legendary. Tell the readers who we can expect to hear on this one with you.

Yeah! Thank you! The Same Dude album has 7 tracks and features with a few legends in Buffalo. Aside from me the fans can expect to hear Kev Mac whose also a fellow Brick Boy, 38Spesh, Benny the Butcher and even Speedie the Icon- the main producer.

Track List

1. I Might

2. Watch Me Move

3. Back to Me- Ft. Kev.mac

4. To Be Continued Interlude

5. Like Woah”

6. Get High- Ft.38Spesh

7. The Struggle Ft. Benny the Butcher and Speedie Da icon


https://music.apple.com/us/album/same-dude/1534284790 https://soundcloud.com/sameduderep716/times-up

Same Dude, who helped put this album together? Plug in the team you worked with.

I actually had a few people who helped with this one. Struggle Mike of course helped with this one. Brick Boy Speedie the Icon helped produce it. Big Shout out to Speedie for helping me put the Same Dude album together. Also, Kev Mac helped me with some of the songs by putting his creative 2 sense in it.

Same Dude you dropped your first single Watch me Move off this album back in August. Tell the readers why you picked that as the first single. You knew it would go viral I assume?

Well I picked Watch Me Move as the first single because it has a different sound than people are used to hearing from me. It’s more of a drill record. It’s kind of crazy because I really fell in love with the whole Drill Music Movement and sound when I went out to NYC. I felt inspired after visiting NYC so that’s really why I wanted to release that one first. It also shows that as an artist, I am not stuck in just one genre. I am not boxed into just one single lane or sound. I knew people wouldn’t expect that sound from me and I wanted to put out something different. And stay creative, unpredictable and versatile.

Watch me Move Music Video: https://youtu.be/Xwr7vbHNXC0

Where did you get the name Same Dude from? Did someone give it to you? And Is Same Dude a persona?

Actually, back in 2016 I put out a song called Same Dude. I got it from there. I really liked the persona around it because it felt fitting. My whole life people have told me that no matter what I have been through and no matter what life throws at me, the good, the bad and the ugly, I have ALWAYS remained – The Same Dude. That’s really what inspired the name. And no, Same Dude isn’t a persona. It’s me and I’ll always remain who I am and be the Same Dude.

So Same Dude, you are one of the youngest members of Buffalo’s Legendary Brick Boys. Can you describe the culture of the Brick Boys for the readers?

The Brick Boys are so diverse. We have so many different types of people and different sounds. All of the talent and artists with the Brick Boys are from Buffalo and we don’t just let anyone in. You have to believe in this thing, this movement that we are trying to create. I would say the culture of the Brick Boys though is like a family. We are brotherhood . Every single person who is a Brick Boys has Heart, Dedication, Style, Talent, Hustle but most importantly we uphold Loyalty. No matter what we are loyal to one another.

Do you feel you have more to prove being that you’re one of the younger members?

I definitely feel that I have a little more to prove being one of the youngest. Although I am not THE youngest. Kev Mac holds that title (Laughs). I feel like age is really just a number because at the end of the day I try to work just as hard and grind just as hard for my craft and my music. I put the work in so that i can earn that respect and not just be known as one of the youngest. But yeah, sometimes I feel the pressure of having to prove myself a little more.

What have you learned from Speedie the Icon and Struggle Mike?

Well, I’ve learned a lot from Speedie in the last 2 or so years that I know him. One important thing Speedie has taught me is patience. He taught me never get ahead of myself and if I have patience everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to, the right place and right time.

And Mike- well he taught me never to give up on my dreams and goals. That I need to put myself out there and show people who I am. He believes in me and feels that I have potential as long as I stay true to myself

Same Dude, your father is also your management with Same Dude Productions. Do you feel having your dad as your manager is harder as an artist? What have you learned from your father as an artist and as a man in general?

Having my dad as a manager has its ups and downs. Mostly because you always want to make your parents proud and there are times in this music industry when it seems like you can’t win, but having him as my manager is great because it’s like having someone in your corner no matter what happens.

I’ve learned a lot from my father, as an artist he has taught me to expand my horizons, and don’t be scared to branch out to new things. But as a man he has taught me to never stop doing what I truly believe in and love, not meaning just music but everything in life. He’s taught me to just be the best me in every single thing I do. To give it my all.

Same Dude isn’t your first project! Drop the name of the other projects you have been a part of for our readers so they can check those out too!

The Great Escape

The Wall

The NXT UP album

Just Speed

Struggle Mike Music Link: https://linktr.ee/Strugglemike

Same dude – You actually have a record out on Struggle Mikes Mixtape The Struggle that recently hit a million streams on Spotify Ft. Buffalos very own Benny the Butcher. That song went crazy on Spotify! The response was amazing. That song recently world premiered on Shade 45 with DJ Wallah. The city went crazy for it! Same dude, tell the readers what that moment was like for you when you heard your song on the radio for the very first time?

That moment was absolutely crazy. Humbling and so exciting. It was a Monday evening and DJ Wallah was playing his shade 45 set. I was home on my porch with all the people who have supported me from day one. I was with my girlfriend, my father and a few friends. It was the song “The Struggle”. I’ll never forget that moment. It’s almost indescribable the feeling.

You mentioned that you love performing and have performed at many different shows and venues! Which shows have you performed and who have you opened for?

I love performing. The adrenaline rush that I get from the crowd is what I feed off. I feed off that energy.

I did the Mohawk place in Buffalo, Battle at the Border 3 times at the Buffalo convention center.

The Music is Art Festival (X3) Beauf Leauve festival (X1) I also have worked with big buffalo artist including Rick Hyde, Benny the butcher, & 38 spesh. My team & I (Brickboys) also we’re just on a album dedicated to the younger rap scene in buffalo “Nxt Up”. I opened up for Rza last September . I opened up for Benny the Butcher in Ohio. Me and Grenzy were supposed to open for Fred the Godson but that didn’t happen. Rest in Peace to Fred the Godson.

What’s been your proudest moment to date as an artist?

My proudest moment to date is definitely Shade 45. I never thought I’d be on the radio that was such a surreal experience. I’m really proud of that

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Describe the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


If you had the chance to make a hit record with one artists who is dead and one alive who do you pick?

Dead- Pop Smoke

Alive- I have to go with Busta Rhymes

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. Pop smoke

2. Ghost face Killah

3. G Eazy

4. Benny the Butcher

5. Lil Wayne

Name one thing you think even with all the riches & fame in the world that money will never buy?

Most definitely going to say – Happiness. Money can buy a lot a things but it can never buy happiness.

Name another artist from your hometown that you feel is being overlooked right now?

Hmmm, that’s a good one but I got go with The Brick Boys.

Same Dude thank you for talking to us today! Your new album Same Dude is now available on ALL PLATFORMS! Tell the readers what we can expect from you after the world opens back up?

I have the music videos in the works. The videos are coming out soon like I said. Once the world opens back up you can expect to see me headlining more shows and doing more live performances. You know- more interviews, more press, and more music on the radio. More features. I am still making music every single day. I can’t wait to perform again. You will certainly be seeing and hearing more of me. Same dude and the Brick Boys are going global.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things Same Dude !





Same Dude Productions:


Brick Boys: https://instagram.com/brick_boys716?igshid=ze18ivkxdhmb

YouTube: – CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE! @Same Dude https://youtu.be/Xwr7vbHNXC0

Press/ Media & Booking Inquiries: SameDudeProductions@gmail.com

New Album: Same Dude – RELEASE DATE 10/2/2020 AVAILABLE NOW for download on ALL platforms Music:



Struggle Mike Music:



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