Buffalo, New York Rapper Busy B Love Masters The Art of Versatility, Talks Upcoming Album

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Determined to be heard, Buffalo, NY rapper Busy B Love is more than just love songs. His versatility lends him the ability to connect with music lovers across various different genres including, rap, country and even rock! From the melodic lover boy type songs to hard-hitting street anthems, he can switch things up effortlessly which he has displayed through his albums “Love is Pain” and most recently “VersaStyle”. 

In anticipation for his next album “Love is Pain 2” Our host Radio ReddRoxx caught up with Busy B Love to talk his journey in music thus far and what to expect in the coming months.

REDDROXX: Thank you for sitting down with me! When did you realize you had a love for music?

BUSY B LOVE: Really my whole life, I feel like I always have had a special connection to music, I don’t know what it is about it that intrigues me so much but it always drew me in.  I feel like music takes me to a total different place and mind state.  In middle school, I always loved music class but I never took my time to invest into learning more about music, I was a lot more into sports at that time. I didn’t really get into making music until high school though when I was put in chorus not by choice, but I ended up doing chorus all four years and really fell in love with singing. My junior year we actually participated in a national competition at Hershey Park where we took home 1st place.

RR: So you kind of fell in love with singing on accident, that’s a great example of the saying “everything happens for a reason”! That also explains why you have such great versatility. It seems you have a knack for making deep and emotional music, is it derived from personal experiences?

B: Absolutely. Everything in my music is my personal life experiences, music is my escape from a lot of things and my main way of expressing myself and getting things off of my chest.  I feel I have always had a difficult time expressing my emotions growing up, I never knew how to process stuff really and everything would just build up into anger. I was sick of being that way, in a lot of ways I think music really saved me.  I hope when people listen to my music they can feel the pain and realness in my voice because my music is 100 percent ME.   

RR: I think that’s the case for a lot of people with using music as an escape. It’s especially helpfully when you can also use the actual art of creating music as that escape as well. Speaking of, your album “Love is Pain” was well received and shined light on you and your music, how would you best describe the album and what’s your favorites on it?

B:  The best way to describe “Love is Pain” is my introduction, not only onto the music scene but into my true self. I struggled my whole life with anger issues, anxiety and depression, this was my way of breaking out of that.  That album really showcases how love in many ways can be painful…from losing a loved one to death or prison all the way to relationship troubles. All the songs on that album will always hold a special place in my heart, but my top 3 on there is “Defying the Odds”, “Gut Feeling’”  and “Without You”.

RR: Thank you for sharing your struggles. Mental health is still a tabu topic in our culture so I love to see people, especially men sharing their experiences on the topic. It seems like you have a pretty strong knowledge of self and what you’re looking to accomplish with your music so what lessons have you learned about the music business in making this album if any?

B: The biggest thing I learned is just to be myself. In many cases people try to appeal them self to others by being what they are not. In my opinion if you can’t like me for ME I don’t really need you as a fan, follower, or supporter. The music business is overweighed by people who play characters and act how they are told by other people, I will never become one of those types and I will always be unapologetically ME. Of course, I would love to be mainstream one day, have my name known by everyone but not at the cost of losing myself and my happiness, I will always put that first.  I will feel more rewarded helping hundreds of people by being myself than reaching the audience of millions and not be able to speak to them the way I want to.

RR: That’s real and admirable! So, let’s talk about your second album, “VersaStyle” I like the name by the way, I’m assuming it’s pretty self-explanatory?

B: Yes, the name is self-explanatory with my little twist on it.  So “ VersaStyle “ is exactly what you would expect it to be,  it’s me showing my versatility in many different styles of music.  This album has everything from my typical emotional melodic sound to Pop, Country and even a Rock song.  This was really just me pushing my boundaries, to see what I could do with all these different styles, and I love the way it turned out. I would say it’s more like mixtape than an album when I look at it now but overall, I had a lot of fun making it.  

RR: Wow, how many hip hop artists can say they made a rock song? Lol That’s amazing. What made you want to do an album that encompassed so many different genres?

BWell after “Love is Pain” brought me in over 80-thousand streams, I really wanted to put something new out for my fans and see how they would react to me trying something so unorthodox.  “VersaStyle” didn’t do nearly as good as Love is Pain did,  but now when I look back on it I shouldn’t have expected it too.  One thing I can say is it brought the RockStar out of me, the me that will try anything. The ambitious, courageous, infectious character I am.  The intro song and my now leading streams song “RockStar” was totally made off the mood set by that album.  “RockStar” will forever be one of my favorite songs and I’m super excited to finally be able to announce that I am dropping a music video for it on April 30th on my YouTube @ Busy B Love 

RR: I commend you for being so courageous! Especially after seeing what was already working but still wanting to explore your creativity more and push the boundaries. Ultimately, do you feel like you were able to achieve the message you wanted to convey with VersaStyle?

B: I do. I believe I was able to show everyone I’m not just a one-dimensional artist and I’m able to be comfortable in doing multiple genres of music.  That being said, I am taking it back to my roots for this next project “ Love is Pain 2 “ but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty more genre blending songs already in the works.  

RR: Understood. Again, I commend you for betting on yourself and your talent. Congratulations on the next album! We’ll definitely dig into that in a moment. Before we wrap up on VersaStyle, describe the album in three words… 

B: Innovative, Artistic , Revolutionary 

RR: Awesome. If you could do anything over in your music career thus far, what would it be?

B: I wouldn’t change anything, there are things I wish would have went different, but I wouldn’t change anything I did personally.  I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and as long as I stay focused on my craft and making myself better everything else should fall in line.

RR: That’s dope. Who’s some of your musical influences?

B: Starting at a young age some of my influences ranged from guys like Nelly, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne all the way to Jagged Edge, Chris Brown, & even Jesse McCartney and Justin Bieber.  More recent influences are Lil Baby, Polo G, Kevin Gates, and Juice World

RR: Definitely some of my favorites on that list as well! Who would you take the opportunity to work with immediately if offered the chance and why?

B: Nelly, simply because he just has always been my favorite artist my whole life. His versatility is one of the main reasons I always liked him. I think we would make a great song if ever given the chance.  I could literally see us making any genre of song. 

RR: Great choice! I can see that collaboration for sure. So back to what you’re working on currently. You’re getting ready for the next album right?

B: Yes, currently I am going through all the final touches on “Love is Pain 2”, getting all the videos and what not set up. I plan on dropping the album sometime in October.  This is by far my best album yet, all the way from planning, production to execution. 

RR: So it sounds like the album will be highly anticipated!  Do you feel any pressure to make “Love is Pain” just as good as or better than the first?

B: Of course, but there is no doubt in my mind that it’s better. The production on this album will compete with any industry artist right now and I stand by that. I believe I have the best producer in the world in my bro Just Dre. 

RR: I know that’s right! I’m looking forward to hearing what you cooked up. As far as your next video, what can we expect for the visuals for “Rockstar”?

B: Full RockStar, it really embraces that aspect in this video. I wanted to make sure I shot this video in my hometown of Buffalo, New York as well, we take a lot of trips to get the best visuals as possible not only for myself but for all my OTB brothers, but for this one I needed to show case my city.  My brother RK really did his thing on the edits for this one and I’m very confident the fans will enjoy.  With that being said I want “RockStar” to become my most viewed video, at this time my highest viewed video is one that me and my brother Rolle did with Rick Hyde of B$F named “Lessons” which reached 18k views.  My goal is to reach 50k views on the video.  

RR: Dope! I’m sure it will do what it needs to. With all that you’ve experienced thus far, do you have any words of advice you’d like to give to other upcoming artists?

B: Just be yourself that’s my biggest message I could give to anybody not only artists.  

RR: Great advice! What would you like to say to those who’ve been supporting your music?

B: I appreciate it , it means more than you would ever be able to know.  I feel like the fan base and support system I have been able to grow are die hards and that means more to me than reaching the masses.  The fact that they believe in me just as much as I believe in myself is something really special.  

RR: Salute. How and where can we support your movement?

B: Follow me on all my socials @ Busy B Love, instagram @Busy_B_Love & for all the daily and behind the scenes stuff @Busy_B_Love_Vlogs, Make sure to check out my YouTube @ Busy B Love and don’t forget to hit the bell to be notified every time I post which you will find is very often, I like stay constant and keep my fan base happy !!!!




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