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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you dropped!

What’s up everybody! My name is Dom P. I’m from Buffalo, New York and I just dropped my dope project called Diamond in the Sky. My new single and its available everywhere. On all Platforms so make sure you go check that out.

So Dom P Big Congratulations are in Order! “Diamond in the Sky ” is your newest single which has been catching a ton of buzz since its release in July. Tell the readers a bit about the creative process behind that record. What inspired you to create that track in particular?

Well my creative process behind that record is that I needed to be inspired by the beat. It was me sitting in the studio listening to the beat. Over and over and over and if you listen to the song- it says Diamond in the Sky. I just recently moved from Buffalo NY and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and just listening to the song took me back home. It brought up a lot of memories and so in a way it’s my way of saying I will never forget my roots and where I came from. The record is doing really good and it’s taking off.

When did you start writing and creating music? Did someone or something in your life inspire you or spark your interest in the first place?

Actually around 5 maybe 6 years old my brothers and cousins would just rap around me. I was always around music, hip hop from a young kid and I liked it and took notice. When I was around maybe 13-14 years old my cousin was doing music and I really liked it. I liked what they were doing so I asked my cousin “Yo. Can I get a song?” and so they were like ok well go ahead and write. So I go and write and I’m trying to write things that sound cool. To be honest- The verse was not that good. Not up to par LOL but I tried. I’m not gonna lie they laughed at the record. But I did try. Ever since that one day though – It fueled my passion to write and get better at making music.

Dom P , you were born and raised in Buffalo NY and you also know I’m a lyric lover. On your track Diamonds in the sky you say: I’m connected with the Legends in my Towns yeah such and such, I never got to speak on names. I know you’ve built relationships with & have worked with many buffalo legends such as Benny the Butcher, the BSF Family and the Griselda Family. Without spilling too many secrets, can you tell the readers who you have worked with and how you came to connect with those guys?

Well I did records with El Camino from Buffalo, Benny The Butcher too. The whole staff really! Rick Hyde. DJ Shay. I got another secret in the bag but I’m not gonna tell y’all about that one yet. Im gonna keep it to myself . I have records produced by DJ Shay and Rick Hyde. I met those guys at the studio. I started booking all my sessions and spending all my time at the studio and they were there a lot too. They seen the work ethic. The grind. My passion. The drive. They seen everything and liked it and me. And we built our relationship from there.

You not only have worked with those guys, but you have went and toured with Benny the Butcher and The Whole BSF Family and the Griselda Family too. They actually invited you on their tours including The Butcher Coming Tour, Tana Talk 3 Tour, and The Plugs I Met Tour. Can you tell the readers a little bit about how that happened and especially about Tana Talk 3?

Crazy story actually. This story gives me a buzz when I tell it. Benny had a show one weekend. It was The Butcher’s Coming Tour. The first tour. We wanted to go to the show and scope it out to see how it is to be out as a headliner. We been moving around and doing shows for a while but we were never headliners. Being a headliner is a different energy. We go to Chicago. Benny tells us to come out and it’s on him. So we go out to the show and he gives us passes to the green room and everything is on him. Being an up and coming artist at the time, that was so dope to us that Benny got us. Then we went to his pop up shop that Saturday and he taught us how to handle working his merch. He wanted to us to learn that part of the business of touring too. Then he had a show the following day in Buffalo. Benny met us at the studio and took us to the show with him. I was thinking Wow. This is crazy. Benny got us. During that show I bumped into my friend Gus. Camera guy whose such a good dude. He told me and my crew that night not to be afraid to take advantage of opportunity. It blew my mind and as we left the show, Benny asked me and my crew to come to the after-party. At this time I was still a 9-5 guy. So I thanked Benny and told him I had to go to work in the morning and Benny said “You sure? You been with me all week you might as well stay with me”. And I’m like man, My guy just told me not to pass up any opportunities and so me and my crew go to the after-party. Benny came up to me that night and said I have an opportunity for you and your crew. He said “Can you get to Utah this Friday morning” because he has a show. He asked us to go. So we are thinking wow I have work in the morning, we all out of morning, and I can’t sleep but I’m thinking the whole week I want to figure out a way to get to the show and I keep keeping my guy in my head tell me Don’t pass up on any opportunities.” Benny wound up having a tour for 10 days starting from Utah all the way to LA. But we know if we could get to Utah that Friday, there was no turning around. And let me tell you- me and my crew hustled HARD for 3 days . But we got to Utah. And when I tell you we hustled. I mean WE HUSTLED HARD for 3 days straight but in the end we got there. We were down to pennies. We used rent. Rented Van. I’m not kidding. But we showed him how dedicated we were and made it to Utah. We drove all the way from Buffalo to Utah because we didn’t have a plane ticket but when we finally got to Utah, Benny was shocked to see us and couldn’t believe we got there. He could believe we drove that far. He tells us Well tonight I got something for yall just for doing that. He let us get tickets to perform show after show it opened my eyes as an artist as to what I need to do. Benny tilted his hat to me and crew and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

“As a person and artist Dom P is the type that is super authentic and genuine. He’s a great guy! He always brings a dope vibe whenever he’s around. He’s a sponge, he soaks up all the game that he can. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from me or the big dogs like Benny, he’s humble and a scholar in his craft. Definitely essential tools you need to make it in this industry”- Young World

“Yea DomP he has a whole movement with him too. He’s from buffalo to so I think all us have that extra energy extra charge being from here just trying to make it out. He’s definitely a dedicated hard worker who knows what it takes. Him and his team shout out to them, they traveled the whole Country opening up for Benny at the Butchers Coming tour. I remember him saying traveling through one of the states they almost hit a big ass moose that was bigger then the van they were in. That was funny and crazy at same time. But just one view of what he went through sticking loyal to his plans and goals for this music game” – Tony Deniro

What’s something about the tour life that you love and something about touring that you can live without?

Oh wow. The best part is putting on for the fans. And the crowd. The energy you get from the crowd. One thing I can live without is that we are constantly moving and there is no program. You gotta be on your toes about moving around and going at any given time.

A big part of who you are as a person and artist is influenced by your family and upbringing. In the final scene of your “Diamond in the Sky” music video you surprise your mom with a check. You put it on the refrigerator with a magnet and surprise her. Mom’s excitement and the look on her face was everything. Tell the readers how your mother has influenced who you are as an artist?

Well my mom raised 3 kids on her own. Our dad wasn’t really there and my mom had a hard upbringing here but she raised 3 kids on her own while working 2 jobs and going to college. And she even hustled purses and clothes on the side and that showed me that if she can go that hard, I have to go even harder so I can give back to my mother all she has done for us. I have my own family but my mother has worked so hard and never gave up. But I will tell you actually that reaction you see in the video- her seeing the check and being surprised. It’s real and genuine. The reaction. The check was real.

“His diamond in the sky track is straight fire. Actually I bought his SOUL FOOD CD off his mom. I couldn’t link up with him to grab the CD and his mom dropped it off to the store” – Struggle Mike

Diamond in the sky isn’t your first project. You have a bunch of other solo mixtapes, a solo album and 1 group album. Drop the names of those projects so the readers can check those out too!

My first mixtape was called The Untold Story. My second one was Business Over Pleasure. Third was The Getaway. My first group album with my group Enlightenment is called The Foundation. We followed up with TRAP – (True Real And Presence). My latest project- Soul Food. Then I just came back from LA and was inspired over there and created Weed and Palm Trees

Dom P you’re also the owner and one of the creators of Trap Clothing. Can you tell the readers a bit about your exclusive high end street line? What can we expect in the future of the Brand?

It’s a clothing brand built off our album TRAP. We decided to make clothing influenced by the album and we saw that the clothes starting really taking off. It’s a whole brand. It’s music too. We started creating more and more and then created the Trap House with the flags coming down the house and people really rock with it. We ship and hand deliver all our merch.

So Dom P I know you write your own music, but do you or will you write for other artists if they are interested in working with you aside from Features?

Absolutely. I love writing and would ghost write for an artist if they wanted. I’m open for anything creative.

Dom P! Describe the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


If you had the chance to collaborate with any artists in the music industry, dead or alive from any genre who do you pick?

Damn this one is hard. I don’t even know why he came to my mind but I would have to throw it back and stay like Stevie Wonder or some shit. Stevie blows my mind when he sings and makes that keyboard cry.

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

I gotta go with:

1. My guy! Benny The Butcher

2. Jay-z

3. Alicia Keys

4. Stevie Wonder

5. Tupac

So tell the readers what we can expect from you after Diamond in the Sky takes over the charts? What’s in store after the world opens back up for Buffalos #1 rising Indi Artist Dom P?

Well my business partner Tina Harris and I started a record company called Enlightenment Entertainment LLC© which was incorporated in 2011 and we are continuing to grow that business and have plans to go further. Tina and Twin Two Times are my team and they put the same grind and passion behind me like me and we are going to keep Grinding hard. I got the official music video for Diamond in the Sky. I hope everyone enjoys the single and this is just the beginning. I already have a new project on the way that I have not picked a name yet with a really special person producing this project. But come check me out and I hope everyone likes what they hear and Big Thanks to you Kim Coco and Hip Hop Weekly for giving me this opportunity. Like my guy Gus said, Never pass up on an opportunity so thank you. Come check me out! Diamond in the Sky available now for Download on ALL PLATFORMS

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things Dom P.

Instagram @DarealDomP

Twitter @DarealDomP

Facebook @Dom.P

Features and Music Inquires: DomPendergrass@gmail.com

YOUTUBE: Enlightenment Ent

Management: Enlightenment Entertainment LLC

New Single: Diamond in The Sky Available for Download on All Platforms NOW!

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic-

Diamond In The Sky (Music Video)

Diamond In The Sky

https://music.apple.com/us/album/diamond-in-the-sky-single/1517318782 (Apple Link)

Soul Food https://music.apple.com/us/album/soul-food-lp/1483357167

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