Buffalo Artist Busy B Love Makes His HHW Debut With An Exclusive Interview

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By : KimCoco

Introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know your name, where you’re from and the project your about to drop!

My names Busy b Love from Buffalo N.Y. & I’m about to release my album “Love is Pain” which is about to drop June 13th

So Where did the name Busy B Love come from? Is Busy B a persona? If so, what’s the difference between him & the real you?

I got the nick name Busy actually when I was in High School. I use to play basketball and during the games my boy Renee’s dad use to yell BUSY from the crowd to hype me up. I don’t know actually where he came up with that name . That’s a good question, but it just stuck .From there everyone started calling me Busy. But when I was younger, you know, growing up, everyone who knew me called me B- Love. So I kinda just put them both together and that’s how I came up with Busy B Love and I’d have to say No. It’s not really a persona. I mean, i Feel like it’s me. IT IS ME. I’m just able to express myself better through my music.

So your Album Love is Pain is about to Drop June 13, 2020. I listened to the whole album front to back & the lyrics seem really revealing like a snapshot into your personal journal. Where did you come up with the Album name & why?

Well at first, while I was working on my project I didn’t have a name in mind. I mean, I knew I wanted an album to have songs that fit together perfectly & that really showed who I am as an artist. So,I didn’t really focus so much on the Title as I did on the album. But I started throwing around a bunch of ideas with my boy Justin and we just came up with Love Is Pain. And Love is Pain just made sense because that’s really what’s it all about right?

So, B- Love, Tell the readers who discovered your talent? How old were you and did someone or some type of event in your life inspire you to start writing in the first place?

My talent? I don’t know. I’m not trying to sound cliché but I feel like I just woke up one day and felt inspired to do it. I just kind of said ok “I’m gonna go for it”

I started making music around a year ago. I was 20 years old because I’m 21 now. My boy Malik, Big Skii Bop, has been making music for a while. He’s actually the very first one to introduce me to the studio and I started going with him. I just really liked it. But at first, I started writing and I was doing it low key on my own. No one really even knew I was doing it because I didn’t tell anyone. But once I started writing and making music, rapping, everyone around me really showed me so much love and supported me But once it was out there, My Uncle Tony, Tony Deniro , whose the Creative Director of Benny the Butchers Black Soprano Family and one of Benny’s right hand guys pretty much took me under his wing. He became my mentor. He really is teaching me the ins and outs of the music industry from both the artist side and management side of things. And I feel like he really believes in me and what I’m doing. I’m thankful for Uncle Tony.

On your song Gut Feeling, you collaborate with Big Skii Bop. You say the following lyrics….“I put my all into these words I hope you feel em’/ I got a lot of scars now I’m searching for ways to Heal ‘em/ Sick of keeping my mouth shut hell nah ain’t trying seal ‘em/” So B- Love, What’s the inspiration behind that song and was it a team effort?

So Big Skii Bop and I had the song ready. I heard the beat and knew I loved it right away. I wrote my lyrics before we even got to the studio. I’m the type that likes to “feel” a beat, vibe to it. I have to feel it in order to be inspired to put words to it. That’s how it comes to me and I start writing. So when we got to the studio, I played the song . While I was recording my verse in the booth, Big Skii Bop was writing his part but then he just started freestyling. Just off my vibe from that song. That’s why it’s probably one of my favorite records on this album. Because me and him, we really vibed off eachother’s energy to create GUT FEELING. The inspiration behind it is basically me telling the world “I’m not going to hold back now. I’m going to just use this music, and rap how I feel. Now I’m going to let it all out. Honestly, music does that a lot for me. It helps me get my emotions out. I guess you can say that I’m shy in that sense. I’m the type to keep my emotions mostly to myself, but music gives me that outlet. Rather than holding what I feel in. Making music is therapeutic to me. I mean, that’s how I use it anyways. It’s my outlet. So it’s me telling the word it’s my time now and I’m not holding back now.

One of Your songs on the Album “Without You” is written about your grandfather. I know you lost him suddenly last year which I am very sorry to hear. The lyrics are really emotional to that record. Tell the readers about that song.

I found that beat and I knew exactly what I want to do with it. I knew immediately. The day I wrote it, I went to my grandfather’s grave site. It was actually the first time I was ever there. I think I was there for like 2 hours and I just started writing. It’s crazy because I when I wrote it, the lyrics came so easy to me. I was getting to say everything that I had not said before he had passed away. I felt like when I was sitting at his grave site writing, it was like he was right there next to me holding the pen with me. I then went to the studio that same exact night to record it. I had the whole entire studio in tears. My dad’s like my manager and he was there that night. Even my dad was tearing it.

If you had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with anyone in the music industry who do you pick and why?

Damn that’s such a hard one! I love the production side of it but I would have to say for a conversation…. I’m going to pick an artist. I’ve gotta go with Nelly. He was my favorite rapper growing up. My favorite. If you see in my video, I wear the band aid like he did. I’m not trying to copy him. I’m just trying to bring that part of the culture back. But yeah, I’m gotta go with Nelly.

Tell our readers 3 fun facts about you that we would never know otherwise.

1: I’m in the fire fighter academy. Working towards becoming a buffalo fire fighter

2: I was the chess team MVP my senior year & we had our best record in school history.

3: I actually have been with the same girl (who is now my fiancé) since the 8th grade. Shout out to my girl for standing by me for all these years though. She’s a real one.

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time?

Oh wow that’s a hard one but in no particular order….


50 cent

Kevin Gates

Benny the butcher

Polo g

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in 1 word.

Evolving! We are on the Rise. I think this is just the beginning. Hip Hop is going to take over and be the biggest genre because there are so many different lanes

You’re from Buffalo, New York and you’re Italian. So, you have to tell, who has the best Italian Restaurant out there?

Damn that’s tough. I gotta say La Nova’s. Uncle Tony Deniro’s spot La Nova’s.

What makes you the wildcard of the industry?

To be honest , I feel like I have my own sound that no one is doing at the moment. It’s a full mix up of hip hop, R&B & pop and maybe a little punk even. But that’s what’s unique about me, My sound is my own. I think after the fans hear the album they will understand Busy B Love and my lane. I’m unique, emotional and my sound is new, its fresh.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things Busy B Love!

Instagram: @busy_b_love

Facebook: Busy_b_love

YouTube: @Busy_b_love CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE!

Merch… keep a look out! Coming soon

New Album : Love is Pain RELEASE DATE 6/13/2020.

AVAILABLE NOW for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic- @busy_b_love

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