Brooklyn’s Very Own Multi – Platinum Producer JuJu on Da Beat Tops Billboard Charts with the Success of “Meet the Woo 2” & He’s Just Getting Started

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Interview By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from and what you are known for!

My name is JUJU ON A DA BEAT. I’m a Three Time Gold Certified Music Producer out of Brooklyn New York. Most people would know me for producing music for some of the biggest artists in NYC and throughout the Tristate. But- what I’m MOST known for my latest project – I am the producer on the single GET BACK which is off Pop Smoke’s Meet the Woo 2 Album.

Juju on Da Beat- Big Congratulations are in order! You recently became the first Hip Hop Producer from Brooklyn to go GOLD Certified 3 Times during 2020 for your production credits on Pop Smoke’s Meet The Woo 2 album. You produced the track- GET BACK which first debuted in Feb of 2020. RIAA-will be honoring you with a plaque for going Gold on that record in the next few weeks. Tell the readers about the success of that song.

When I created Get Back, I wanted to give the beat that Vintage Chicago drill feel. I knew I wanted to add a different vibe to that album altogether (Meet the Woo 2) yet still create a beat that was an authentic sound that the fans already loved Pop Smoke for. I think that’s why the fans loved it. When I heard the final version of GET BACK with the beats and the lyrics on it-it just hit different and the fans went wild with it. It ended up streaming crazy high numbers on the charts. It went viral on Tik Tok and then the fans started to make Tik Tok memes which generated an even bigger fan base. The success of Get Back for me as a producer –it’s surreal to say the least. It blew away on the Billboard Charts– peaking at #3 and also on Spotify. That charted to the moon in a sense (laughs) What’s interesting is- Travis barker went in on a tribute for Pop Smoke and there is a video of him going crazy on the drums to that song. I’m just super grateful to have been a part of his work and this album. Pop made such a lasting impact on the culture of Hip Hop that he is still influencing music today, even after his death. Rest in Peace to Pop Smoke. He changed the game of Rap Music for sure.

Juju on Da Beat- Get Back first charted on Billboard in August 2020. That record spent 3 weeks on the charts and peeked at #3! That is major! Tell the readers what went through your head when you found out that Get Back made it to the Billboard Charts.

WOW- I feel extremely blessed to say the least. To be the first producer out of Brooklyn to go Gold and to have been on this album -Meet the Woo 2- where the song and album itself have streamed so high is an incredible feeling and honor. When I had found out that it charted on billboard- the actual moment itself- my jaw literally dropped because the mixtape has such incredible talent and great producers on it. To see the song title up there on Billboard – it just hit me different. As a producer – that level of success is one that a producer can only dream about. I felt honored, humbled and grateful. Especially with its success on Tik Tok getting tons of messages from people doing dances and rapping lol. With all of the success that the song has had to find out it made it to Billboard- then charted for 3 weeks at #3 was like the icing on the cake. It’s a surreal feeling. I’m like damn it’s like that!

Juju- like we mentioned earlier- Get Back also went CRAZY viral on Tik Tok pulling in over 10 million Streams! It peaked on the trending page and the fans had even made up a viral dance routine to it. Why do you think the fans went SO crazy for this song in particular?

I think the fans went so crazy on Tik Tok with it and did the viral dance routines to it and singing because even though it’s a drill beat- it’s a very catchy drill beat and there is an energy behind it that clearly just makes you wanna go crazy and dance. LOL

JuJu on Da Beat – how did you come to connect with Pop Smoke to begin with and eventually earn a spot as producer on Meet the Woo 2 album? And what was the creative process like?

It all started with a vision I had in my mind. Or I should say a sound I had in mind (laughs). I knew what I wanted the beat to sound like and I kept creating until I was satisfied that I brought that vision to life and also that Pop would love it too. I played the melody over and over and I listened to it like a scientist in a lab, and continued to tweak it until I felt that the sound was perfect. After I finished it- I ended up passing it over to another producer and then from there Pop Smoke’s had a chance to hear it and decide if he wanted to use it or not. The final decision was up to Pop whether it would make it on that album. Next thing I know – this beat I worked so closely on- picking apart and putting back together multiple times- ended up making the cut for Track #3 on his Meet The Woo 2 album.

Stream Meet the Woo 2:

Stream Get Back :

Ok JUJU, aside from the legendary Pop Smoke, you have produced for some other pretty big names! Plug in some of your production credits for our readers!

Oh wow. Ok- let’s see. Aside from Pop Smoke, I’ve produced for Dream Doll , Maino, Rich Homie, Quan, Jim Jones, Titus , Rylo Rodriguez, OMB PEEZY, Trench Runner Poodie , Blackend Child, Jay Pharoah, and Rubi Rose!

You will be awarded a Platinum Plaque for producing Dream Doll’s song : SLAY ft Maino off of her “Life In Plastic” album. That track garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify alone and the album rose to #15 on the ITunes Charts. That track also appeared throughout Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop New York. Tell the readers about that hit.

Yes -I produced that single SLAY by DreamDoll ft.Maino. I’m not sure if it went gold but I know the song had hit 1 million streams on Spotify and I was awarded a plaque from Spotify and…… It was also featured on VH1 Love and Hip Season 8 – NY. When I heard it on Vh1 I was like “YO that’s my song”. I was so hyped up and seeing how people reacted to it on the show. It was included in Dream Doll’s promo at the club also. It was so crazy that moment… to hearing the music I helped create on TV. And it was at that exact moment that I had said to myself …”Man If I can do this …maybe I CAN really make a career out of this.”

Juju on Da Beat -Take us back in time. Which is the first major song you ever produced? The big break record?

The first song I did that “broke me” was Maino – Miss Me. I produced that one with another producer– Myles. That was my first ever placement and then Dream Doll was my first song placed that I produced on my own. I made that beat with no headphones and no speakers at that time. I created it with just my laptop in the kitchen. I also a lot of other popular songs but I believe my biggest so far is Get Back by Pop Smoke – Meet the Woo 2. I have songs with other big name artists that haven’t dropped yet but at this moment in time Get Back is my biggest. I don’t even know how I could top that. You have to understand too- the industry isn’t easy, you have to network all the time because there is always a bigger vision when you work as a team the right way especially with big talent.

Juju- you have been making a name for yourself as a producer for a while now. In 2018 you won The Loudio Challenge which was a Beat Challenge and the Prize awarded was working with legendary Atlanta producer Zaytoven at Patchworks studio. Tell us about that

Yes. In 2017 I entered the contest with legendary producer Zaytoven and I was one of 3 top producers picked. The beat I made had 1.2 million plays on the challenge. I was like wow- I was just starting off making beats at that time so to have been selected and flown out to Atlanta for a meet n greet. To work with Zaytoven was an honor. He is a legend in the hip hop world. I am grateful for that experience and would love to eventually link with him again.

Which are some of your most famous records to hit the airwaves?

I mean pretty almost all of my songs hit the airwaves mostly all of them. Bruce Wayne was on shade 40 with DJ Whoo Kid. DJ Scram Jones and also DJ Clue Played it. DJ Self Power 105.1. Get back was on Hot 97 and 105.1. The rest was on streams and radio as well

Juju on Da Beat, you have worked alongside song major artists. Who have you collab with?

I have worked, collaborated and Been in the studio with Titus, True Life , Jay Pharaoh, Uncle Murddaa, A Boogie, Don Q. , Tory Lanez, DJ Clue also Jay Pharoah

Juju – how did you get the name Juju on Da Beat? Did someone give it to you?

It came from when I was a kid. People would call me Jume Juney Ju and then Juju so from there when I decided to do beats I said man I need a tag- they said well Juju on Da Beat you need a kid voice and that idea came from a friend of mine from Staten Island named Dom who produces as well. He is also an engineer so I went home did some research and found a dope kid tag

Juju how did you get into producing? What sparked your interest?

I always wanted to make beats but never did for some reason just always got distracted but what sparked it was one day I was driving with the family back home I heard a song on the radio with Dave east and I said- Wait I know that dude rapping with Dave east and I said bro I use to model with the dude back in 2007 till 2010 so I said man with that dude following his dream man so can I better late than never so next day I got up went and bought a midi keyboard and speakers -a Mac and that was that. I got introduced to studio one then switched to fm studio fruity loops I always had a ear for music growing up and played drums when I was younger

You have a very solid team of supporters. Plug in your team.

I always kept my circle small even though I have a big circle of people to back me up and that got my back and support me but my main supporters always been my family. No matter what they never talked behind my back or bad mouthed me they told me straight up when it was good or bad. My mom is my biggest supporter my fiance, my sister my brother Henry and James who is my brother and best friend for over 15 years also. Jae pryce who is a close friend of mine and brother also can’t forget e Rick from last laying records who always keep real with me and supports me and my boy Mitch who keep my head right and focused and never letting me quit and advising me to continue my father who always brags about me lol my niece nephew and my too precious kids especially my daughter who is a big fan of mine she so cute she also mimics me by wearing headphones and playing the keyboard and knows what’s hot and not. She actually picks the beats sometimes says that one lol my son also but he more curious about it. And some of my old label mates that supporter me as well

Who are you looking forward to working with in the future?

In 2021 I would like to work with Cardi b, Saweetie , Rubi rose , Migos, Da baby, Stunna Vegas, Mulatto, Gucci mane, Tory lanez, Jack Harlow, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Foogiano, Bad bunny, Bryant Myers , Brray, lil mosey, Yg, Dreamdoll, Ozuna


Let’s go!

Sum up the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


Tupac or Biggie?


If you could make a hit record with an artist in the industry- one artist Dead and one Alive , who do you pick?

Dead: Biggie

Alive: Da Baby

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Ok well in no order

Biggie, 2pac, JAY-Z, Drake, Eminem

Who are your Top 3 Producers of ALL time?

Timbaland, Mike Dean, Zaytoven

You walk down a long hallway and at the end you come to meet 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either door. Which door are you opening? The past or the Future?

I’m going to past bc there are some things that I would like to do again.

Juju on Da Beat. Congratulations on your success in 2020. I can only imagine what 2021 has in store for you. What can we expect from Juju on Da Beat in the future?

Well what everyone can expect from me in the future is evolving as music continues to change as time goes by but trying different genres of beats and having my own signature of style that everyone Will know it’s Juju on da beat did that beat and it’s just hits different!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine today! Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, more interviews, business/ booking inquiries and all things you?

Booking/Press/ Media/ Business Inquiries:

Instagram: @Juju_on_da_Beatz

YouTube: @JuJu Beats


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