Bronx Rapper TDIMuzik Finds Purpose In Music And Helps Others To Do The Same

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By Redd Roxx

Bronx, New York rapper and actor TDIMuzik started as a battle rapper and honed his skills to be the artist he is today. Not only is he developing his own sound and career but he’s also lending a helping hand to other younger upcoming rappers as well. Our host Radio ReddRoxx sat down with TDIMuzik to talk about his own music and also how he’s helping to shape the musical landscape today. 

REDDROXX: Thank you very much for sitting down with me for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine! Please introduce yourself and let the readers know where you’re from

TDIMuzik: Thank y’all for having me I go by TDIMuzik and I’m from the Bronx NY.

RR: You’re very welcome! How’d you come up with your name? 

TDIM: My name is based off life experiences like I can’t play basketball and I can’t swing a baseball bat so I’m “Truly Defined In Muzik” (TDIMuzik).

RR: Makes sense! Talk a little about your upbringing in the Bronx and how you feel it has impacted your music. 

TDIM: My upbringing in the Bronx was interesting I was a child in the late 80s and 90s and I saw a lot both good and bad. It was on Hoe avenue in a pool room where I heard that first record that made me fall in love with Hip-Hop, Ice Cube “Wicked”.

RR: Yes! Definitely a tope record for sure. I can see how it made you fall in love with Hip-Hop. Since you’ve been In music, you’ve created quite the reputation for yourself especially as a battle rapper. What drew you to battle rap?

TDIM: Back in my era of rap late 90s early 2000s that’s how we got our respect. I was the guy people brought to me in hopes I lost then it got to a bigger level where they brought me to bigger names at the time. 

RR: Ok! So you was like the leader of battle rap in your area, that’s what’s up. How do you feel like battle rap shaped you as an artist? 

TDIM: I wouldn’t say it shaped me as an artist because both require two different types of work ethics. But as I grew older I developed an artist mentality and I like that I have to be creative in so many ways so the “artist class” is where I belong. 

RR: Respect! What do you feel like younger artists lack when it comes to music these days? 

TDIM: Creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the younger talent. There’s are some that’s cooking right now! But I feel it all sounds the same, everyone is following one blueprint to one sound. 

RR: There’s def a couple different waves that a lot of artists seem to be riding so I can see your point. Now It’s a passion of yours to bridge that gap, how are you doing so?

TDIM: Showing the younger artist how to tap in the “Boom Bap” style of rap also working with them more. I hate that some of the older fans critique their work and downplay it I think if they heard an artist of my caliber tap into this new sound it’ll make the older generation appreciate it more. 

RR: That’s dope! So basically, you’re like their big homie in music. I can dig it. You have a new project on the way, congrats! What type of vibes can we expect? 

TDIM: Yes, thank you. You can expect a little bit of everything, and I mean that! From a good record you can dance to that’ll shake the party up to that old New York gritty style of rap. 

RR: Love your versatility! Speaking of versatility, you’re an actor as well, are you currently working on any new acting projects in that realm? 

TDIM: Acting has been really slow since COVID but I love it, it’s a second passion of mine always looking to work whether it’s short films or web series I’m ready! 

RR: Cool, looking forward to seeing you on my TV soon hopefully! But if you had to choose one which do you like the most, rapping or acting? 

TDIM: Rap! Lol 

RR: Heardu! Lol. Back to the music then, who were some of your biggest musical influences?

TDIM: Rza, Ice Cube, Method Man, Krs One. 

RR: Cool. Who’s the top 5 artists in your playlist right now? 

TDIM: My playlist is wild lol anyone who knows me can vouch for that, but I listen to my Latin trap: Anuel, Gran Figura, Hip-Hop: Drake, Griselda, Sheff G.

RR: Seems like a well-rounded playlist to me! So far, I’m learning a lot about you, especially that you’re experienced and passionate about what you do. If you had a chance to re-do or relive any moment in your career so far, what would it be? 

TDIM: Working with the Ruff Ryder camp. I met so many great people there and I was so young, just wish I picked up more GEMS from my OGs.

RR: That makes sense and I could see why you would want to relive those moments. Fast-forward to today, who’s your dream collab?

TDIM: Drake.

RR: Bet! My favorite rapper lol I can see that! So who’s TDIMuzik outside of the music?

TDIM: A manager to other artists, producers etc. I’m always trying to give a helping hand guide people and show them what I’ve learned. 

RR: That’s what’s up! The game definitely needs someone like you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

TDIM: A lot more successful than I am today. I don’t know how but I’m always working and in this business there’s no telling which door may open first. 

RR: Speaking of other doors opening, do you have your hands in any other businesses or plan to?

TDIM: Selling my own Merch right now but I plan to get into producing my own online Hip-Hop shows and I would definitely like to learn the real estate business. 

RR: Good luck on all of your endeavors! Where can we support your movement and music? 

TDIM: Search TDIMuzik anywhere content is sure to pop up. 

RR: Awesome. Please leave other upcoming artists with a word of advice.

TDIM: Don’t count the haters count the supporters and don’t follow a route create one!

Please check out and support TDIMuzik on Youtube and Apple Music. You can also follow his movement on Instagram as well! 

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