Brionna Taylor Is Shaking Up The World of Entertainment & Journalism Her Way

Driune Santana

HHW: Introduce yourself for the readers who may not be familiar with who Brionna Taylor is?

Brionna: I am a multimedia journalist, producer, documentarian and talk show host! I originally started off my career by breaking different exclusive stories under the music and Hip-Hop banner. I love covering rising talents and people who are often seen, but are not given a platform to be heard in the manner in which they deserve.

My works have been featured in top magazines and publications including ESPN, D Magazine, Okayplayer, AfroPunk, and OZY. Among those features, my stories have been placed in magazines displayed in Barnes & Noble, popular newsstands, Kroger, and CVS. I also spent time working as a photographer for the Dallas Cowboys! 

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside some top Hollywood talent and companies including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Floyd Norman (Top Disney Animator), and Floyd Mayweather’s TMT Crew. In 2018, I launched and created my own talk show ‘E-Koh (pronounced echo), which aims to help bridge the gap between celebrities, rising talents, and locals. Through my career in multimedia storytelling, I have made it my mission to expose my generation to true journalism and storytelling in a fun and modern way.

HHW: How long have you worked in media?

Brionna: I’ve been working in media for 7 years. Being in my 20s, it’s often hard for people to believe. But I truly was in many ways involved in media and journalism since the age of four.

HHW: What attracted you to the media field?

Brionna: I’ve been attracted to the media and journalism since I was a kid. While other kids were watching Disney Channel, I was watching 60 Minutes and all the talk shows. I watched every talk show from The Oprah Winfrey Show and Jay Leno to Planet Groove on BET. I was the kid who looked up to both Barbara Walters and Arsenio Hall and admired their talk shows. It’s a part of my DNA. It’s my calling.

I’ve always been an old soul. People often ask me how long I’ve been in my career as a journalist and multimedia storyteller. I tell them my whole life. I have always observed and listened to the world around me. Around when I was 10-years-old, adults would always converse with me as though I were the same age as them. On many occasions, I even found myself interviewing and giving life advice to adults well into their thirties. I could tell by sharing their stories and having someone to really listen to them, it created a greater sense of healing and peace in their lives. This always stuck with me and played a major role in my career choice.

HHW: Who are some of your influencers in the media field?

Brionna: There are a lot of people who I respect and admire within the media field, but I truly influence myself. I’m all about originality and striving to make my own special imprint in the world of journalism and multimedia storytelling. More than anything it’s the people who inspire me, the everyday people. I always say we are all one conversation away from a completely changed life and one conversation away from completely changing someone else’s. So many people I’ve only talked to for just a brief moment have influenced and impacted my life and vision the most.

HHW: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and start your own show?

Brionna: Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to have my own talk show. Early on, I remember watching almost every talk show. However, I saw that the media often falls into a specific cycle where they only cover and showcase the same celebrities or stories. As a result, so many voices in society are left unheard. It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to have a big name to have a significant story. It’s not fair for so many demographics of people to be underrepresented in the media. I created my show E-Koh (pronounced echo) to help bridge the gap between celebrities, rising talents, and locals.

With ‘E-Koh, it is my aim to break the mold and bring something new to the industry. I want to help bring back true journalism and storytelling that’s past tabloid and gossip tv. My platform is here to help bring healing, inspire others, and take a deep inside look into these amazing individuals’ stories and art forms from a totally different perspective. A lot of the media and shows are beginning to fall into a specific blueprint that makes people feel disconnected and uninterested. We need that special feeling again and excitement. I really want to expose my generation, as well as others to true storytelling and bring forth a new vibe and platform.

HHW: Can you tell us a little about your talk show E-Koh and the meaning behind the name?

Brionna: E-Koh (pronounced echo) really stands for amplifying voices that deserve to be heard and making an everlasting impact.

E-Koh is a talk show that I created which aims to bridge the gap between celebrities, rising talents, and locals. I always say no story is ever too big nor too small to be heard. For me, E-Koh is all about flipping a switch on culture and aims to bring back the art of true storytelling and journalism. There are a lot of talented artists and individuals who don’t get the media attention they deserve so it is my goal to help shake up the industry and media world. On the show, I have had everyone from the legendary comedian Guy Torry, Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguards, Justin “Guitarslayer” Lyons the first Black K-Pop Sensation, multiple Grammy Award-Winning producers, and more. I am now further using my platform to help showcase rising artists.

HHW: How have you managed to continue filming your show during the pandemic?

Brionna: The great thing about the show is that it’s a multimedia banner. That’s the amazing thing about being a multimedia storyteller, I’m able to shift between different forms of storytelling and interviews. During the pandemic I began doing a lot of written stories on selected artists, personalities and talents. I even did a few zoom call interviews. But more than anything I also used that time that we had to social distance to start to design other elements of the show. I’m currently expanding and revisiting set design etc. I’m so excited for the guests I have booked for the upcoming months!

HHW: What is the best part about producing and hosting your own show?

Brionna: The best part about producing and hosting my own show is that it enables me to have freedom and control the content that my platform produces. It also allows me to stay true to my overall vision for myself and the show.

HHW: Where can our readers tune into your show and when do new episodes air?

Brionna: The show is officially launching late-summer/ early fall and will be available on all social media platforms. You can stay up to date about the show @ekoh_talkshow on Instagram and be looking out for the shows official launch campaign. I’m very excited for the show’s future!

HHW: How can those looking to make contact find you?

Brionna: I can be contacted via email at or my website at and via instagram at either Brionnat_ or ekoh_talkshow. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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