Brick Boy Artist Grenzy, Debuts The Highly Anticipated Comeback Album “Outcast”

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By Kim Coco

Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from & the name of the project you’re about to drop!

What’s up everybody! My name is Grenzy. That’s G-R-E-N-Z-Y. I’m from Buffalo, New York. Born and Raised. My Album “The Outcast” just dropped October 3rd so make sure you go check that out. Out officially on all platforms!

So Grenzy – Your Album Outcast has the industry talking! the first single off the album is Andale ft Samedude and Kev Mac. It was also on Struggle Mikes NXT UP album and went viral and even went to radio! Tell the readers why Andale is the first single?

Well I picked it because it was one of the first songs that I ever worked on with the other 2 youngest members of the Brick Boys. And it was one of the first songs that made us pop together as a trio. Andale is special to me because it shows how well the 3 of us work together even though we are all so different. I also wanted to put this one as the first single because it’s a collaboration of the three youngest members of the brick boys and although we are young, you can hear and feel our passion, our grind through the vibe of this track. Originally this song was released on Struggle Mikes UPNXT mixtape and it did really well so I had to re-release it on my own project – Outcast so the fans can start off with that. It gives them a taste of what I am about although the album itself it really unpredictable.

Grenzy, tell the readers a bit about the track list and style. Who is featured on this album with you?

This album shows how versatile I can be and my newer style, the more authentic me as an artist. There are 11 songs on Outcast. And with this album, you’ll see that I’m not just boxed into one sound. It’s a very wide range of style and sound for me as an artist. I am not trying to be the kind of artist that is boxed in genre. There are some songs that have that trap sound, some are more of that old school hard core hip hop. We have some songs where we talk to the ladies , and something you can dance to at the club. I wanted to prove that I can rap on any type of beat but put my own style to it and always set the tone. Each track is completely its own and different from the last. The track list and features on Outcast are:

1. Outcast

2. Riding wit me

3. Talk yo shit

4. Psycho

5. Fuck wit me now Ft JayOz

6. Goes around Ft Skillie vanille

7. Andale ft Samedude and Kev Mac

8. Totally Different Ft Kev Mac

9. Pay off the key

10. 24 hours Ft JayOz

11. Knockout

Who helped you put this album together?

It was the help of all the Brick Boys. Mainly Speedie. My Manager /Step Dad Pete. Struggle Mike of course. Everyone in the Brick Boys had a hand. It took a little while to put it together but I wanted to take my time and make sure I put out something good because I haven’t done anything in a minute. So I really took my time but some things are worth the wait right? This album is my comeback.

Why did you name this album Outcast?

Well, I’m the outcast. My whole life I have been the outcast from moving and changing schools. I was always the odd man out. I moved different sports teams a lot in highschool. Always moving around trying to find my place and so when I got to Bricks Boys and became the newest member I found this brotherly bond. I went from always being the outcast trying to fit in to something or someplace and now- officially becoming a member of Buffalo’s Brick Boys, I no longer feel like the outcast. I know a lot of people out there feel that way too . Like the outcast and so I wanted to preach that it was ok to be yourself and different. That eventually you’ll find your place. I always love a good underdog story

So Grenzy, you’re a member of Buffalo’s Legendary Brick Boys. You are one of the youngest member so do you feel you have to work harder?

Of course! I want to show to the OG’s that the young cats can do it as good as them but that is something that we will prove to them by showing them. They look out for us. They are there for us but the pressure to want to prove myself is what drives me to be a better artist.

Now that you are officially a member of the Brick Boys, tell the readers what the family dynamic is like? You guys work hard.

1. Definitely driven and determined. We have a drive like no other. And all support each other

2. Respectfully and good guys but if we need to get dirty we get dirty LOL.

3. Warm hearted and genuine. Everyone is a brother and like a family member.

4. We are loyal

What have you learned from the Brick Boy O.G.’s Speedie and Struggle Mike?

Well with Speedie I have learned that you have to be ready at any given time. You just have to be ready to work, and be prepared and on your toes- but READY at any given time. And with Struggle Mike, Man- he has taught me to keep hustling and to keep working. To be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.

Grenzy- you moved from Buffalo to Florida when you were 14, the same time that you started making music. Is that a coincidence?

I moved to Florida when I was 14, and was there for 2 years but then moved back to Buffalo. But within those 2 years, I feel in love with music and the sound and how music really was my outlet during those 2 years. Remember that I was an Outcast and music was my muse. That is when I really fell in love with music and how it could change or set a mood. And so that’s what sparked my interest in being an artist. Actually I started with the name Cage, but later on changed it because someone already had that name. Then I became Grenzy .

This isn’t your first project. Drop the name of the other projects you have been a part of for our readers so they can check those out too!

The Quick Introduction was my first project.

Then we have The Great Escape by Struggle Mike which got over 1 million streams and views. Viral!

The Wall – Struggle Mike and The NXT UP album.

I know you love performing. Tell the reader’s what it’s like performing live?

Oh the adrenaline rush is so crazy. I can’t even explain it. But the greatest thing is that when I step on the stage, people don’t expect what they are about to get from me. I’m like the least likely suspect so when I step on the stage, I feed off that energy from the crowd. It’s like I have a point to point and I go crazy. It’s that energy. I can’t wait to get back to performing.

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?


Describe the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


If you had the chance to make a hit record with any artist in the music industry, one dead & one alive who do you pick ?

Dead- Pop Smoke. I’m really vibing on his shit lately.

Alive- Machine Gunn Kelly

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Well in no particular order, I’m going to go with

1. Machine Gunn Kelly

2. Tupac

3. Lil Wayne

4. Andre 300

5. Da Baby

6. Montana 3000

You’re standing in front of 2 doors. The door to the left is to your Past and the door to the right is your Future. You get 24 hours behind one of those doors. Which door are you opening?

Damn, that’s a really hard one. I’m going to go with my future though.

Favorite New School Rapper

That’s easy! It’s Me! Grenzy

Grenzy!!! You have officially released your Album Outcast! Remind the readers where they can find the album and where we can find you on social media ? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations, interviews and all things Grenzy!

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New Album –Outcast Available Now for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – SoundCloud /TIDAL/ GooglePlay/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/Shazam/TikTok/ Deezer PlayMusic

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