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Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name , where you’re from & what you’re known for.

Alright , My name is ItsBizkit and I’m from Long Island. I’m known for being The BIGGEST BLOGGER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. I’m also the Host of REVOLT TV’s new show “Wow Dats Crzy” and I’m also the artist behind the fire new Single “ I made It”

You’re known in the hip hop industry as “ The Biggest Blogger in the World”, Instagram FINALLY verified you this past month & your new singles “ Uncle Biz in the Spot tonight” and “ I made It” have caught a lot of attention in a very short time. I guess it’s safe to say that It has been quite the month for Uncle Biz. Have you celebrated yet or will you?

I mean Honestly, I celebrate life every single day to the fullest. You know now that we are in this pandemic we can’t go out to party or to celebrate anything together, but I’m still finding a way to celebrate every day. Only now I’m just getting lit in the damn crib. But yeah we definitely still celebrating.

Where did the name Bizkit come from? Is Bizkit a persona? If so what’s the difference between him & the real you?

Ok, The name Bizkit was given to me from my father’s side of the family when I was younger. We use to go to North Carolina every summer and visit my grandparents and everyone else on my dad side of the family over there. On one of the trips heading out there, ya know with the long drive, we made a bunch of stops at different drive thru’s. You know like McDonalds, KFC, or whatever and they’d say “ Ok, your turn. So what do you want to order” and I’d always order the same thing, Biscuits. Then by the time we finally got to my grandmother’s house in North Carolina, you know her, my grandmother, she was already getting busy in the kitchen non- stop cooking like it was Thanksgiving. She asked the family what everyone wanted to eat and I told her I wanted her famous biscuits. Once I said that my brother in law Mike, he said “YOU KNOW, you look like a Biscuit” and I don’t know, it just stuck from there. I was like, I don’t know what, about 13 years old. Then I started doing my mixtapes, right around the time the culture recognized the internet and its powers, so I put the ITS in front of the Bizkit so I wouldn’t be confused with LIMP BIZKIT. And Bizkit isn’t a persona. I’m the same person. I mean I do gotta turn him down sometimes because he be getting too lit.

Which artist has been your biggest surprise supporter of your music and movement? Like DAMN, this rapper follows my ISH!!!!!!

I would have to say Drake. It was right around the time when he started following me on my Instagram. It was unexpected and you know when something comes at you when you least expect it, it’s always that much better. Drake showed me love over the past 3 years. I mean it was a surprise but then after getting to know him it wasn’t really a surprise because Drake is actually a really genuine dude. So yeah, I gotta go with Drake but now he’s one of the homies.

Tell our readers what has been your most viral moment or talked about blog to date?

Ah man! I have SO many. I mean we work and grind every single day. But I gotta say, man, when I put on this Newport outfit , maybe around this time last year, it went viral fast the first time I wore it. But then, Snoop dog reposted it recently and it kinda just took on a life of its own. The Newport outfit definitely broke the internet BUT I do gotta say that The Mink PINK definitely caught a moment. You know I put out the track called “I Made it” and in the song I say

“I always wanted to dance like Diddy/ Flow like HOV/Write Rhymes Like Nas/ With Both Eyes Closed/ I wanted Swag like Fab/ But I think I am/ Gonna Slide Through Harlem in the fur Pink Mink like Cam”

and you know everyone knows Cam from the Pink Mink so when I was doing the song I was like I gotta go get a pink mink coat for the video. What’s funny is the day I went to go pick up the coat, it was the same day that D’usse Palooza was being held at The Barclays Center and Um, Jim Jones and Cam was actually performing the event. As soon as I walked in the Barclays Center backstage, the first person I saw was actually Cam, and my camera guy was able to capture that very moment of running into Cam in my Pink Mink. So to have Cam, that made it viral. But That Newport outfit really broke the internet though.

You started out selling mixtapes in the streets to where you are today. What’s one thing you learned about the street hustle that still applies to the music industry today?

Never take no for an answer but at the same time there’s a thin line with being too aggressive. You don’t want to get yourself black balled before you can even get your foot in the door. You know 9 out of 10 of these artists come from the streets. When it comes to the politics in the industry, the bloggers, the execs and other industry cats you need to learn the approach and don’t take no for an answer. When you push your product, your brand, music, clothing line, whatever it is, if you really believe in it, just keep pushing it to its fullest potential that you can and others will start believing in you too.

If you could interview anyone face to face for one hour, dead or alive who would it be and why?

First I was thinking Drake, then I’m thinking Jay-Z but then ya know, Elliot Wilson did a great job doing both of those interviews. You know if I could sit down with any legend : Jay-z, 50 cent, Nas, Rakim, you know I’m from that era where you HAD to be nice to rap, so if I could interview anyone from that era, it would be them. I really dig the old school NYC artists like Ruff Riders, Wu- Tang ,Foxy Brown.

If you could give advice to any artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

I’d give it to ‘em all. I’d tell them “Stay close to the ones who started with you. You know sometimes you can blowup real fast and then everyone’s your best friend. Basically, your popping now and what happens if that dies down? You can still go back to your family and friends because they will always be there. So I would say stay close to family, friends and stay grounded. Don’t leave your day ones for the industry.

You give your opinion on some of these younger rappers as well as the OGs in your blogs, on your Revolt TV show, on the internet in general. Have any of them come at you or responded publicly or privately?

Yeah, I mean the thing about me is that I’m a blogger but because I go out to these events and concerts, shows, I’m backstage and in the scene so I’ve always been cautious because of the relationships I’ve built for myself in the industry. I’m not that guy that is about to air out anyone’s dirty laundry because I never needed to. I don’t have to do that to get views or traffic.

You actually have been credited as the ORIGINATOR of the word WASHED. Where did that even come from and how did you turn it into an entire Brand?

Washed is a clothing brand and a lifestyle. I basically started saying I’m washed 8 years ago after my first son was born. You know I have 3 kids now, 2 sons and a daughter. I’m Washed Man. You know I have kids now and I’m married, I have no groupies running all around me, I’m just chilling. Kinda like a basketball player who hung up his jersey. Around that time I was running around with my boy Chinx. Rest in Peace by the way to Chinx, that was really my boy and we were running around crazy at that time. You know he would call me to go out and I had a new baby. I’d be like “Nah man, I’m in the crib tonight man, I’m washed.” I then put the phrase on a shirt and people caught on to it. They related to it I guess and that was how Washed took it.

Sum up the Current state of Hip Hop in 1 word.

Washed & Lit. You know just like auto-tune or Brooklyn drill music, whatever people see winning in the culture at the time, in the moment, they tend to copy. They tend to ride the wave of what’s popping at the time and it becomes over saturated quick. The state of the culture is always up and down. I’ve influenced people myself but that doesn’t mean you gotta be a carbon copy. Wait. How’s that saying Go? “Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery” Even like me, Uncle Biz, I’m bringing the old New York feel back and I see that people are gravitating towards it. Like a blueprint

Tell our readers 3 fun facts about yourself that we would never know otherwise.

See the thing is everyone already knows about me because I put myself out there.

1) Everyone knows I’m washed

2) Everyone knows I have Kids and I’m washed

3) Everyone knows I’m the Biggest Blogger in the World

But I am afraid of heights. You’ll never see my ass jumping out of a plane.

Who are your TOP 5 Artists of ALL Time?

Jay-z, Nas, Biggie, Pac and I have to throw my boy Chinx in there. He is probably one of the like, the most talented Rappers I’ve ever seen. Chinx was my man.

Truth or Dare?


Do you still own the Famous Pink Mink Coat from the D’usse Palooza event that went viral?

I definitely still have the pink Mink and I definitely will bring it out for the special occasions. Shout out to my Boy Daniel Leathers, That’s like an $8,000 coat.

Which rappers have influenced your music and style?

I’m inspired by any of the old school NY cats. I’m really in the studio doing Biz and I’m just trying to be the best version of me. I’m speaking from my heart, my soul and from my pain and it will always be good as long as I put my all into it. Again I’m not trying to be a carbon copy. I’m just trying to bring that Old School Grimy New York Feel back.

Where can our readers find you on social media? Plug yourself in so we know how to find you for features, collaborations and all things Uncle Biz.

Media/Blog Site:

WASHED Apparel Shop:

Revolt.TV host of: “Wow Dats Crzy”

Instagram: @ItsBizkitt

TikTok: @ItsBizkit

Facebook: ItsBizkit


New Single: I MADE IT AVAILABLE NOW for download on the following platforms

Official Music Platforms – Soundcloud/ Amazon Music/ Itunes/ Spotify/ Apple Music/ YouTube Music/ iheartRadio/ Deezer PlayMusic- @ItsBizkit

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