BeeDotKay Tags Rockie Fresh for Brand New Single “In A Minute”

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BeeDotKay Tags Rockie Fresh for Brand New Single “In A Minute”

BeeDotKay and Rockie Fresh are definitely in their bag and their “business” with their latest song, “In A Minute.” The track is a fiery anthem guaranteed to get you moving and singing along. The record is a little under three and a half minutes with powerful verses from BeeDotKay and Rockie Fresh. The song is a rich and melodic track that delivers on multiple levels. From the mesmerizing cadence of the hook to the powerful feeling you get from listening to the record and the strong lyrical content, “In A Minute” is a certified anthem. 

The record is an entertaining and boppy track with a fun and hypnotic melody that keeps audiences engaged. The song is about being up and on your tip, gearing up for what’s next. “In A Minute,” made during the pandemic, has a feeling of freedom that is very reminiscent of that feeling everyone had when restrictions were during the COVID-19 pandemic starting to lift. BeeDotKay used the pandemic to rewrite his journey and elevate himself in every way possible, starting with his music. 

“I wrote this song back in April,” BeeDotKay said in a recent interview. “I felt like the pandemic was wrapping up, and my soul was ready to get back outside to do stuff and see people. On top of that, I’m in such a stronger, more confident place in life. As a man, artist, teacher, father, all around. When I went into the pandemic, I felt like this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rewrite my life and really hone in on the things I felt like I was losing time for.”

BeeDotKay is a Southside of Chicago local who has been making music ever since he was a child. From his earliest days, making tracks and verses with his sister to executing fiery anthems and incredible melodies, BeeDotKay has refined and matured his sound. BeeDotKay’s sound is “multi-faceted with balanced duality.” He’s “educated, a gentleman, a spiritual man, but also has hood tendencies,” according to himself. His new music can be described as eclectic and refreshing.

BeeDotKay has been making waves with his diverse and “multi-faceted” sound, gearing up to drop a string of singles and visuals every month. The rapper is also set to release a project, The Orange Line EP, soon… so be sure to keep up with him.

Be sure to tap in with BeeDotKay Via Social Media, Twitter: @AyeBeeKay, Instagram: @BeeDotKay, and, to see when anything new is coming your way! 

Also, be sure to listen to BeeDotKay and Rockie Fresh latest single, “In A Minute,” out everywhere now! 

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