Background Check With Ricky Rikkardo

No we are not talking about Ricky Ricardo from “I Love Lucy!” This is about the musician Ricky Rikkardo who created his name based off of the 1950s sitcom. Ricky is a native of Brooklyn, New  York who does not like to classify his genre of music. Recently, he released a single featuring Jim  Jones entitled Mona Lisa, and the song has gone seriously viral. With over 115,000 views on  YouTube, and similar numbers on direct streaming platforms, Ricky Rikkardo has really made his  name for himself with this single. The biggest crowd that Ricky has performed for is 5,000 people,  but when he released his new EP he expects, and hopes, the crowds to grow. He has been  working on artist development during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has a whole repertoire of music  which is just waiting to be released. He has worked with producers such as Khali Jah, Young Ak,  Zedd, Tefoma, Indigo, and Jxxtq, just to name a few. While Ricky Rikkardo is heating up, fans are  expecting billboard hits and more notoriety for the young musician.

Click this link to watch the new music video for Mona Lisa featuring Jim Jones.

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